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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Featured Cars

1200U 320 hp Gold Coast screamer. Faster in the 1/4 mile with 4.11 gears, slower with 3.90 gears.



New look with top-mount turbo
9029.jpgAlbum 9029

7000rpm side stepping the clutch gets the quickest 60ft times.
7847.jpgAlbum 78477613.jpgAlbum 7613 7626.jpgAlbum 76267620.jpgAlbum 7620


Silvia dash cluster
8208.jpgAlbum 8208

Sparco seats and racing harness
8207.jpgAlbum 8207


you see this one in the flesh and its an awesome ute. had a geez at it at maccas on the last cruise, and it is indeed one of the nicest ive seen

nice rims
7846.jpgAlbum 7846 7619.jpgAlbum click to view 7618.jpgAlbum click to view 7617.jpgAlbum click to view 7615.jpgAlbum click to view

Hard lid
7616.jpgAlbum 7616 7614.jpgAlbum click to view 7612.jpgAlbum click to view 5528.jpgAlbum click to view


After achieving 320 hp, Beatty decided to tub it. BW78 rear handles the torque.
12570.jpgAlbum 12570 12614.jpgAlbum 12614

235/60R15 M/T Drag Radials (26" tall) on WELD Pro Star rims
12569.jpgAlbum 12569 9607.jpgAlbum 9607 10793.jpgAlbum click to view 11610.jpgAlbum click to view 9577.jpgAlbum click to view 9576.jpgAlbum click to view

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