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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Datsun B210

Datsun-Nissan South Africa produced specials based on the Sunny Excellent B210 series, marketed as 140Z and 160Z. These were coupe-only with special tape stripes applied.


Datsun 140Z


John Conchie, former racing driver and renowned tuning specialist, first came to prominence as co-founder of Alconi Developments in Johannesburg in 1964. He was instrumental in the development of a succession of special models for several South African motor manufacturers, including Renault 8 Alconi, Fiat 1500 OTS, Fiat 124/125 Scorpion, Datsun 1600 SSS Zero and Datsun 140Z.


The 140Z was model number KPB210(GKQ) thus offered only in Coupe (K) form, was equipped with the L14 carbureted engine, manual transmission, and marketed as the DATSUN 140Z.

140Z ID Plate
11952.jpgAlbum 11952

According to this plate, the 140Z was manufactured by Nissan Tokyo, but assembled by Datsun-Nissan South Africa. They may have received partially assembled units from Japan, and completed them, or they may have gotten CKD (Completely Knocked Down) sets and fully assembled them right in South Africa. At some point in time it is known that South Africa started manufacturing vehicle in-country (notably at their Rosslyn factory).

WA 140Z cardomain
5597hmd_20.jpg 19156b1_20.jpg 3070egm_20.jpg 34738ek_20.jpg 49432k7_20.jpg 8980372_20.jpg

There were minor cosmetic differences between the 140Z and 140Y GX:

  • DX/GL front grill (without integrated driving lights)
  • front and rear spoilers
  • different side marker lights
  • blacked-out bumpers
  • mag wheels <source?>
  • unique exterior graphics
  • twin Dellorto sidedraught carburetors
  • 'D' grille badge
  • '140Z' rear badge

1909937280_7b51beabf0_o.jpg 1909231590_38dfec3945_o.jpg

31007300037_large.jpg 31007300046_large.jpg 31007300038_large.jpg 31007300039_large.jpg


Datsun 160Z

Main: 160Z

In 1978, the new 160Z — with L16 power — replaced the 140Z. This was an even more-limited-edition only available in Canary Yellow.



Riaan Jacob's 140Z on Petrolicious

This red coupe has "Z" badges. From Riaan140Z at

This badge differs from JDM or USDM 240Z/260Z/280Z badges. A custom badge? Or stock Datsun-Nissan South Africa badge?
31007300081_large.jpg 31007300082_large.jpg 31007300083_large.jpg


160Z-red-1.jpg 160Z-red-2.jpg 160Z_taillights.jpg

31007300051_large.jpg 31007300052_large.jpg 31007300053_large.jpg 31007300054_large.jpg 31007300055_large.jpg 31007300056_large.jpg 31007300057_large.jpg 31007300058_large.jpg 31007300059_large.jpg


wsjohnson's 1978 Datsun 140Z 'Kemono - The Beast' 獣(archive)
31007300043_large.jpg 31007300044_large.jpg

140 Z produced in 1977 and 1978 in limited number, only 306 in total

  • 4 cylinder ohc engine L14 modified cam profile
  • twin Dellorto 40 mm sidedraught carburettors

Power output 85 kW at 7200 rpm in this standard form

KPB 210 GKQ - L14 85Kw@7200rpm, 130Nm@5500rpm High-Revvin!
11952.jpgAlbum 11952

But Now Power output 130 kW and 215 N.m torque

  • Engine a L20 ,89 mm bore
  • 310 deg. duration cam
  • ported cylinder head with 44mm intake valves
  • 48 mm sidedraught Dellorto carbs
  • free flow exhaust system
  • lowered suspension

All modifications done by me!

My 140 Z in 1988 in black and silver and Cyclone 13`s

L 20 Skyline 4 cylinder, normal aspirated, 89 mm bore
conrods polished,shotpeened,brass small-end bushes
full floating piston pins, teflon buttons
ported cylinder head
Nismo big bore cylinderhead gasket
flywheel lightened
Engine balanced
13 row oil cooler
free flow exhaust system
Twin 48 Dellorto sidedraughts
Nylon full radius ram tubes
Sentra electronic distributor
Red Bosch Coil
Isuzu Bakkie(Pick up) aluminium
electric fan
Stanza 5 speed manuel
1 st gear to left and down
3,89 : 1
now changing to 3,7 : 1
2,8 Skyline GTX with ventilated discs
lowered front and rear
Fiberglass front spoiler
Fiberglass wheel arches
TSW Blades
Wheel spacers fitted
Continental sport contact 195 x 50 x 15

Most Recent Dyno Result : 130 kW and 215 N.m torque ( normally aspirated )


Drag Racers
17099.jpgAlbum 17099 17101.jpgAlbum 17101

Datsun 140 (B210)
quixleyDatsun21.jpg 3376.jpg 3017.jpg 140z.jpg Datsun140Y_1_1.jpg 3_3331.jpg

old school racers
b-cook-p-adamsg-santana-h-v-d-linde-20120819.jpg b-cook-p-adams-1978-20120819.jpg sarel-v-d-merwe-140y-20120819.jpg 140z-race-car-1-20120503.jpg 140z-race-car-2-20120503.jpg 140z-race-car-20120503.jpg 140y-gx-coupe-race-car-20120503.jpg 140z-race-car-3-20120503.jpg dick-sorensen-1981-kyalami-1000km-20120819.jpg

ratamang-140y-gx-coupe-20130213-1.jpg ratamang-140y-gx-coupe-20130213-2.jpg ratamang-140y-gx-coupe-20130213-3.jpg

31007300092_large.jpg 174_61d737a395da9.jpgPost 496410 31007300094_large.jpg


Z Part Numbers

140z parts numbers 

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