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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

910 Brakes

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Brake Modifications

910 (Bluebird/Maxima/810) Brake Rotors can be modified to bolt to the back of the 1200 hub. The rotor's PCD needs to be modified from 95mm to 87mm.



USA: 250 mm (same as the smallest S13 size)
EUR: 238 mm
JAP: 250 mm or 238 mm


250 mm
Nissan 40206-W1210 40206-W1260 40206-W1265  40206-W1270
Girling 6019401 
Brembo 09.4789.10
* height: 22mm
* center hole: 73 mm
* PCD: 4 on 95 mm, 10.7mm holes
* thickness: 18mm
* weight: 4.13 kg
* also used by EUR C120, JAP C120
238 mm
Nissan 40206-W1010 40206-W1060 40206-W1070
* 238 mm
* height: 22mm
* center hole: 73 mm
* thickness: 18mm
* also used by JAP C120, EUR C120

Rear Discs

Maxima rear Calipers and Sentra 240mm rotors (N13?) can be modified for use on the H165

15926.jpg 16437.jpg 16438.jpg 16439.jpg 16440.jpg

Which Maxima is it?

43206-31U12 5-lug
43206-88E01 5-lug

Other Rotor

GC22 rotor on Bluebird Strut/Hub
22844.jpg 22845.jpg

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