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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Nissan Vehicles

For the A-series 1000cc Engine see: A10 Engine

400px-1979_Datsun_160J_fastback_coup%C3%A9.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

Nissan A10 chassis "Violet" was marketed as Nissan Violet/Auster and Datsun Stanza/160J/510 (1977-1981) and the Yue Loong 709/711/712. Violet was Nissan's C-class (compact) "budget" model family. It differed from the Bluebird family notably by not fitting IRS to the base sedan. While the 610 Bluebird moved upscale with the six-cylinder models, the 710 Violet became the still-small A10 Violet. The A10 is nearly identical to Sunny B310, except for trim (including different grille and rear lights) and larger engines. In North America the A10 was badged as Datsun "510".



A10 was designed by 敏男 (Toshio Yamashita).


  • -7906: Round headlights
  • 7907-: Square headlights

Early Violet-style Round Headlights

Late style - Auster-style dual square Headlights

Early JDM Stanza euro-style lights


EARLY May 1977 - June 1979
Nissan Violet  JPN Four-Eye Round w/vertical badge
Nissan Auster  JPN Four-Eye Round w/horizontal badge
Datsun Stanza  Euro-style headlamps
Datsun 510     Violet-style North America (Canada & USA)

LATE July 1979 - 1981
Nissan Violet  JPN Four-Eye Square w/vertical badge
Nissan Auster  JPN two rectangle eye (GT & CS)
Datsun Stanza  
Datsun 510     violet-style North America (Canada & USA)

1977 JDM Stanza
28969.jpgAlbum 28969

Yue Loong 912

Late Auster

Auster-style grille & headlamps (Malaysia)

Auster-style grille and Headlight sold in Europe as the Violet

wallpapers_datsun_160j_1977_1_zpsc46db71b.jpg img038_zps7d95edb9.jpg


datsun_front.jpg IMG_0548.jpg IMG_0700_zpsf6e612ec.jpg

Body Styles

  • S: 4-dr sedan. The S being the default model, does not appear in the chassis code
  • -R suffix: 2-dr Sedan
  • U: Hatchback (5-door sedan/wagon hybrid)
  • K: Coupe "Hardtop" or "Open Back" or "Multi-Coupe"
  • V: Van (square-back cargo wagon)
  • W: Wagon (slope-back sport wagon) North America
  • P#: Passenger System (S,K,HB)

Hardtop Coupe

2-Door Sedan

4-Door Sedan


The A10 coupe has fastback styline, and is a true hardtop. Hardtop means there are no frames around the door glass. Nissan called this model the Hardtop and used K for the model prefix (K for Kuupe).

IMG_0979Medium.jpg Picture001.jpg 2011_0218AB_zps9fda01b8.jpg

4391821356_5138d242b0.jpg Burg510-1.jpg

By contrast, the 2-Door Sedan has notchback styling and framed door glass.

95wtvm.jpg 1977_datsun_510_by_datsunfreak.jpg


The "Hatchback" model was the 5-door. Even though the Coupe had a hatchback, officially the coupe was called "Hardtop". For North America, the Hatchback completely replaced the 4-door model starting with the 1980 model year (starting July 1979).

* 7907- Datsun 510 Hatchback
* 8004- Violet Hatchback
* 8004- Auster Hatchback
* 8004- Stanza Resort


A10_hatchback.jpg A10_hatchback_front.jpg


VA10 - Van

WHLA10 - Wagon
400px-Datsun510wagon-rear.jpg 400px-Datsun510wagon.jpg

Chassis ID Plate of WHLA10
174_5d3b46c952b41.jpgPost 491989


2-door Sedan
80HL510.jpg 80_510.jpg

4-Door Sedan


In Japan, the Violet with a Nissan ID plate unlike the Bluebird which came with Datsun ID.

Nissan Violet - sold by Nissan Cherry Store
Nissan Auster, sportier - sold by Nissan Prince Store
Nissan Stanza, luxury - sold by  Nissan Saito stores
Front suspension: MacPherson strut suspension
Rear suspension: 4-link rigid
4,080 mm long
Width of 1,600 mm
1,390 mm (height)
2,400 mm wheel base
Vehicle weight 925 kg (1600 GL early)
Brakes front: disc
Rear brakes: drum
7705-7906 Round Eye
7907-8105 Square Eye
* Auster changed to Two headlights
{base} A14
P = 1.6 liter (PA10 = L16, PA11 = Z16)
R = 1.8 liter (RA10 = L18, RA11 = Z18)
Coupe was called "Open Back" or "Multi Back"
Nissan Violet Open Back
Nissan Auster Multi Coupe
Wagon (WA10) was not offered, only the Van (VA10)
Van was only offered with A14 engine and H165B rear axle

A14 engine

1980 April: Hatchback (5-door) production begins
* It did not replace the 4-door sedan in Japan
UPA11: Hatchback 1600
URA11: Hatchback 1800
7705 - introduction of A10
7804 - introduction of A11 emissions change 
7810 - A11 GX & GL-EL introduction
7907 - change to square eyes
7908 - introduction of VA11 Van
8004 - introduction of Hatchback
8106 - introduction of Front-Wheel-Drive T11 "Violet Liberta"


Van used round-eye grille all years. The other models changed July 1979 to square headlights.

Round Eye
62301-W5000 Sedan, Van.(Violet+Auster)
400px-Datsun_160J_Wagon.JPGWIKI click for photo
62301-W5010 Auster Sedan
62301-W6000 Coupe, Sedan.GX.7809-7906.option
62301-W6010 Auster Coupe
Square Eye
62301-W7500 Violet (four-eye)
62301-W7600 Auster (two-eye)
400px-STANZA1st.jpgWIKI click for photo

1977 Violet

North America

1978: Remote ignitor (D4F) distributor used in USA and Canada
* Swaybar: 19mm sedan,coupe
* Swaybar: 21mm wagon

4-1/2J-13 +30 offset
Cross Rod: 566 mm between outside joints
Steering Gearbox: RB47L (16.5:1) 
Engine crossmember: 714mm between chassis holes. 467mm between mount holes
Axle: H165B with 23-spline axles, 24mm x 682.3 length
Brakes: N20 Disc 245mm (same as 710), 9-inch rear drums
To June 1979, Coupe/HT, Wagon and both 2-dr and 4-dr sedans
* L20B engine used exclusively, with front-sump oil pan
July 1979-June 1980
* no coupes
* 4-dr sedan replaced by 4-dr Hatch (code F)
* L20B in canada (suffix -N)
* Z20S for USA (suffix -U and -V)
July 1980- 
* Z20s engine used exclusively


The A10 featured

  • A14 engine
  • F4W60 4-speed transmission
  • A10 fitted with H150 diff
  • VA10 (Van/wagon) fitted with H165 diff

PA10 featured:

  • L16 engine
  • H165 diff
  • F4W63L 4-speed or 3N71B automatic

HLA10/WHLA10 featured (North America):

  • L20B engine to June 1980
  • Z20S engine from July 1980
  • H165 diff
  • F4W63L 4-speed, FS5W63 5-speed or 3N71B Automatic

A11 Minor Facelift

A11 debuted 7804.

  • New models 1400 GL/GLL featured FS5W60 5-speed

PA11 was the bigger-engined model

  • New models KPA10HE/KPA10HAE and PA10HE/PA10HAE featured EGI fuel-injected L16 engine and H165 diff
  • PA11 from 7804 with Z16 engine replacing L16 engine. E models are EGI fuel injected. New models 1600 GX/GXEL/SGXE, GL, GLL/GLEL, SGL featured FS5W63A 5-speed

RA11 with biggest engine (Z18 engine)

Side Vent

A10 export sedans featured a C-pillar vent very much like that fitted to the Datsun 510.

Pillar Vent: A10 vs 510
18545.jpgAlbum 18545 9398.jpgAlbum 9398


In North America, with A10 "Datsun 510" with L20B or Z20S engine, the FS5W63 5-speed was an option. It is fairly rare and a long tail so won't fit the classic model series 510 (1967-1972). Available only on:

  • -7906 Coupe (K, Open back) aka HT, but not in Canada
  • 7907-8006 on 2dr. sedan (-R), 4 dr. hatchback (F) and wagon (W)
  • 8007- 4-dr hatchback (F) only.

All North American 510s were fitted with 63-series transmissions:

  • F4W63 4-speed
  • FS5W63 5-speed (optional)


Stanza - the first Maxima - 1978 1600/1800 Maxima, Maxima X-E and Maxima GT-E

1979 brochure スタンザ マキシマ
29268.jpgAlbum 29268

U00016257200_1_001.jpg U00016257200_2_001.jpg U00016257200_3_001.jpg U00016257200_5_001.jpg U00016257200_7_001.jpg U00016257200_001L.jpg


shekhar_metha2.jpg 38285811_YKdayvT9.jpg 43303ad6.jpg a10side.jpg 6hki7t.jpg KellyHL510.jpg

Engine Mounts

See Main Article: L/Z/KA/SR_Crossmember#Motor_Mount_Insulators

Photo Index

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