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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Engine Mechanical

ARP bolt kits are popular for the A-series engine.


Rod Bolts

ARP Rod Bolts: See Rod Studs

Cylinder Head Studs

ARP cylinder head studs & nuts replace the stock Head Bolts and are tightened to 60 ft. lbs.

* 202-4202 (early A12)
* 202-4203 (A14)

NOTE: 1974-up A12 and A14 use the same center (long) head bolt. So:

  • use #202-4202 (A12) for early engines A10 and pre-1974 A12
  • use #202-4203 (A14) for all late engines, including late A12, A12A, A13, A14, A15
* ARP Web Site for early A12
* ARP Web Site for late A12/A14/A15]

202-4203 for late A12/A14/A15 has one long stud
174_6212a14541715.jpgPost 496607

202-4202 for early A12 has one small-diameter stud (the portion between the threads is a smaller diameter). ARP calls this "undercut".
174_6212a135e111a.jpgPost 496607

You will also note that ARP offers specially undercut studs for many engines. This procedure (Done only to the shorter studs) more equalizes the "stretch" of both studs, Which makes for a more consistent clamping force- and compensates for head gasket compression once the heads are installed. This helps prevent blown head gaskets, and assures optimum engine sealing.
However, you'll notice this is not a "shorter stud", so ARPs statement makes no sense for this A12 kit. Possibly it is included for the block-to-head oiling of the Datsun A-series engine (factory head bolts have one thinner bolt for this reason). But the A14 kit doesn't have a small diameter bolt.

Main Bearing Caps

ARP 202-5401a main bolt kit
Kameari Engine Works 202-5401A
Compare to Nissan Bolts
* 12293-18001 BOLT FIXING BEARING CAP (10)
 SEE Engine_block#Main_Bearing_Caps
 * A10/A12/A14/A15
 * L20/L24/L28
 * L16/L18/L20B
 * Z24E/Z24S/Z24I engines
 * KA24E
 * E15/E16

Flywheel Bolts

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