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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

A small surprise to set you free!

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Title: a small surprise to set you free! [a couple talks near a white 1000]
1969 2-door Sedan B10R
Format: Size:unknown Publication Number:unspecified

29632.jpgAlbum 29632


a small surprise to set you free!

The newest thing in the small car world is happening now! It's the Datsun 1000 and it comes in two deluxe models—2 and 4-door. Both are sporty small cars that look good, feel right and go great! And practically all they need to run on is your love.

These Datsuns deliver more horsepower and perform better than other cars anywhere near the price. The new Datsun 1000 produces 62 wild horses and winds up to 84 MPH on the road. And for every gallon you'll go 35-40 miles. What's more, Datsun gives you 100,000 mile reliability.

Datsun 1000 introduces you to a fun way to drive—and gives you all you can use in the comfort department. All the extras are standard equipment. Except a radio.

The new Datsuns are backed by more than a million dollars in parts. (if you ever need them) and 150 dealers coast-to-coast in Canada—altogether over 700 in North America. Test drive the new Datsun 1000 sedans soon.

They'll set you free!


more than ever, the more-for-your-money car

[photo: young people playing music on the steps while a couple talks near a white 2-door. Blue 2-door behind]

There's a Datsun for you: 1000. 2-Door and 4-Door Deluxe Sedans, 1600 2-Door Sedan, 4-Door Deluxe Sedan and Wagon. 1600 and 2000 Sports. Pickup and 4-Wheel Drive Patrol.

Over 700 Datsun dealers in North America NISSAN AUTOMOBILE CO. (CANADA) LTD, Factory zone offices at: WESTERN DIVISION; Nissan Bldg., 873 Beatty St., Vancouver 3. BC ONTARIO DIVISION: 22 Vanley Cres. Toronto. Ont. QUEBEC DIVISION: 8716 Pascal Gagnon Blvd., Montreal 39. P.O. MARITIMES DIVISION: 2745 Dutch Village Rd., Halifax, N.S.

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