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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Air dam

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Fibreglass | Body Modifications

See also: Spoiler

An air dam, "lip", "splitter" or "bar" is an air spoiler at the front of the car, preventing most air from traveling under it.
10369.jpgAlbum 10369



See also: Spoiler
(rear spoiler and wings)

Preventing airflow under the car reduces pressure and parasitic drag on the under side. The result is less drag and less lift at the front of the car. Spoiler (automotive)

15719.jpgAlbum 15719 15744.jpgAlbum 15744

12869.jpgAlbum 12869 25690.jpgAlbum 25690 6709.jpgAlbum 6709

Modern air dam with brake ductwork
2721.jpgAlbum 2721

10257_4c1c9af499611.jpgPost 323449

Alfa Fiberglass in Victoria
IMG_0178.jpgPost click for topic

28302.jpgAlbum 28302



8427_4c21b912eebcb.jpgPost 324075 19427.jpgAlbum 19427 19426.jpgAlbum 19426

Chin Spoiler

Classic old-school air dam "chin spoiler"
8977.jpgAlbum 8977 20270.jpgAlbum 20270 1531.jpgAlbum 1531 12784.jpgAlbum 12784 7337.jpgAlbum 7337 28303.jpgAlbum 28303 10212.jpgAlbum 10212

22615.jpgAlbum 22615 1834.jpgAlbum 1834 708.jpgAlbum 708

Classic "chin spoiler" with brake ducts
1839.jpgAlbum 1839 1838.jpgAlbum 1838


Most air dams are made out of fiberglas. Modern ones are made out of ABS plastic.

aluminum air dam
7227.jpgAlbum 7227

Donor Parts

24247.jpgAlbum 24247


Stanza donor
2088.jpgAlbum 2088

Canberra Car Styling
2/ 168 Gladstone St Fyshwick ACT 2609
phone: (02) 6280 6020

Designed by Bob Hall
3946.jpgAlbum 3946 4453.jpgAlbum 4453 10308_4a5052a063dbb.jpgPost 261969 10308_4a5473a11bd3d.jpgPost 261969

Steven Draheim makes these fibreglass parts for 1200's
306.jpgAlbum 306

BRE Spook

Spook by BRE was designed by Peter Brock as a derivative of his famous "spook" concept he created for the BRE Datsun roadsters in 1969. The 510 BRE Air Dam design ran on the 1971 and 1972 Trans-Am Championship Datsun 510 racers. buy now

174_5b98588784adc.jpgPost 489426 174_5b9858944fb09.jpgPost 489426

BRE-style with square brake ducts
26460.jpgAlbum 26460 26461.jpgAlbum 26461

Interpart version
1538.jpgAlbum 1538


TS Cup style
16757.jpgAlbum 16757 8979.jpgAlbum 8979 1872.jpgAlbum 1872 1300533A30140530W00101.jpg 15945.jpgAlbum 15945 10257_4c1c9aac00108.jpgPost 323449


The most popular OEM air dam to fit a Datsun 1200 is a Daihatsu Mira part. The first person who was discovered, has been handed down and privateer group "Red Shimizu's MFP" (MFPのレッド清水さん).

10257_4c1c9b096b758.jpgPost 323449

Mira front bumber: the earlier models 1990-1998 L200/201 series and the Mira TR XX are the sporter version that has a lip and side skirts etc. also i noticed there are a couple of different types, one has a rounder mouth like the pic and also one that is just a straight rectangle mouth.

22814.jpgAlbum 22814 22813.jpgAlbum 22813 12371_4cc3e5e4986c3.jpgUpload click to view12371_4cc3e5f64d89c.jpgUpload click to view 11179_4cc471a2510be.jpgUpload click to view

Cut where the red line is and go from there, trim another inch or two until your indicators sit flush with the mira indicators slots. If i didn't 14" rims that wide then i wouldn't of had to trim the sides to much which looked better. Keep the grille if you can, mine was already broken so had to cut it out. Mira TR-XX has a better bumper more square and lip kicks out

Daihatsu Mira L200
400px-Daihatsu_Mira_L200_001.JPGWIKI go to Wikipedia

L200 XX early

1990 L200 XX JDM - newer XX differs
174_5c54cd3165078.jpgPost 490478 174_5c54ccd0c0968.jpgPost 490478

174_5c54cdea7f97b.jpgPost 490478 174_5c54cdf201a22.jpgPost 490478

Australia Mira XX version
174_5c54cd38a58ac.jpgPost 490478

174_5c54ce00165af.jpgPost 490478 174_5c54ce066b13a.jpgPost 490478

Cut here
174_5c54ce1b522cb.jpgPost 490478 174_5c54ce2490a6b.jpgPost 490478 174_5c54ce3ae32dc.jpgPost 490478


1985-1988 Holden Barina (Suzuki Cultus variation)
400px-1988_Holden_Barina_%28ML%29_5-door_hatchback_%282015-07-14%29_01.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia 15676.jpgAlbum 15676

On 120Y
18609.jpgAlbum 18609 18610.jpgAlbum 18610


Shallow splitter

Deep dam

How to install GOLF 2-Piece Chin Spoiler on 1200.
7697_552c74a8256f8.jpg 7697_552c74926203c.jpg

New Zealand

Datsun dealer-installed option front spoiler
28047.jpgAlbum 28047 28048.jpgAlbum 28048

South Africa

AutoStyle POST Want body kits for yor 1200
3303.jpgAlbum 3303

1400 bar fitted to Coupe:
17953.jpgAlbum click to view 17948.jpgAlbum 17948 17952.jpgAlbum 17952

Nissan Competition

The 1984 Nissan Competition Catalog listed this factory fibreglas part for Datsun 1200 Coupe:


1200 Coupe Factory Fiberglass Parts

Datsun B210

120fly style
9196.jpgAlbum 9196 7987.jpgAlbum 7987 7937.jpgAlbum 7937 7938.jpgAlbum 7938 7939.jpgAlbum 7939 7627.jpgAlbum 7627

Datsun B310

Front lip from Datsun B310 slightly modified
P7270167ozz_.jpgAlbum click to view

#Tomei TS Cup B310-type
186.jpgAlbum 18625548.jpgAlbum 25548 25549.jpgAlbum 25549

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