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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Alternative seats

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Interior

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If you want something better than the 1200 factory bucket seats, there are many, many choices.


Factory Bucket Seats

OEM seats from cars other than Datsun 1200 can often be fitted in a 1200.

Suzuki Swift GTI Front Seats super comfy Recaro licensed ones. The are almost a bolt in job into 1200's using the original GTI rails (included), or you can easily adapt the 1200 rails to the GTI seats as many have done in the past
POST custom retrimmed seats
eb6fc04f.jpg 51037064.jpg

Nissan 300ZX seats
13670.jpgAlbum 13670

240Z seats
5757.jpgAlbum 5757

Mazda 808/RX3 seats in Datsun 1000
13111.jpgAlbum 13111

Mazda RX-7 seats (1991-1995) in Datsun 1000 Coupe
19726.jpgAlbum 19726 20767.jpgAlbum 20767

Subaru fits ute nicely
11773.jpgAlbum 11773

Mitsubishi FTO in ute
7814.jpgAlbum 7814

Mitsubishi Cordia
6860.jpgAlbum 6860

CRX 1988-1991 (1990-1991 is similar but with red lines. VTEC had leather)
10480_4e916595ab8e4.jpgPost 384992 319px-Hondacrxsirstock.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

S14 seats
100_2644.jpgPost click for topic 100_2645.jpgPost click for topic

Mazda 121 Seats
3931.jpgAlbum 3931 4047.jpgAlbum 4047 4161.jpgAlbum 4161 4160.jpgAlbum 4160 2885.jpgAlbum 2885

1326.jpgAlbum 1326

Ford Laser
1731.jpgAlbum 1731

1993.jpgAlbum 1993

Seat Covers
2386.jpgAlbum 2386

2017.jpgAlbum 2017

4212.jpgAlbum 4212

1785.jpgAlbum click to view

Baby Seat
1897.jpgAlbum 1897

Speaker Seats

Speaker Seats have speakers [i]in[/i] the headrest portion of the seatback.

Optional on Mazda Miata MX5

Pontiac Fiero 1984-1985 Fiero speaker seats
262.jpgAlbum 262 400px-417096_12_full.jpgWIKI click for photo

Sport Seats

In-between cushy factory seats and #full-racing seats are sport seats with supportive side-bolster. Easier to enter and exit, they also allow more motion than deep-buck racing seats.

4837.jpgAlbum 4837 9093.jpgAlbum 9093

Monza Seats
3820.jpgAlbum 3820 3577.jpgAlbum 3577

2974.jpgAlbum 2974

3010.jpgAlbum 3010 3122.jpgAlbum 3122

Forza seats - The 1200 rails line up perfectly, although need to drill new holes for the rear bolts and fit a couple of spacers.
FDD62D5B-5A5B-48CF-8D00-54D78F2BB8DF-1144-0000019317004B0A_zps238027bd.jpg B1326A5E-25EF-4481-889E-82B32FB60C4F-4101-000004F4F190C7C6_zpsa0721fc8.jpg 5DF9BC4F-29F9-4CFC-B91A-B873CE8BF042-4101-000004F504D4C2D0_zps5b6fc1b4.jpg

Recaro Seats

Recaro is the premium automobile seat company.

Recaro sport buckets
17774.jpgAlbum 17774 17327.jpgAlbum 17327 1203.jpgAlbum 1203 9623.jpgAlbum 9623 13135.jpgAlbum 13135 13952.jpgAlbum 13952 13953.jpgAlbum click to view

Recaro racing shells
14206.jpgAlbum 14206 14207.jpgAlbum 14207 9205.jpgAlbum 9205 17242.jpgAlbum 17242


South Yokohama - Cobra low-back classic
04051211_4f7d0d670150b.jpgAlbum click to view

Revolution Racegear classic look (though not good for racing)
2630.jpgAlbum 2630 9657.jpgAlbum 9657 2617.jpgAlbum 2617

Cobra vintage
10975.jpgAlbum 10975 17975.jpgAlbum 17975 17976.jpgAlbum 17976

003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg

Racing Seats

Racing seats -- shells -- are thin and light. Support typically comes from a deep bucket design, which makes them more difficult to enter and exit.

Paddy Hopkirk Rally seats
8224.jpgAlbum 8224 8223.jpgAlbum 8223

3792.jpgAlbum 3792 4067.jpgAlbum 4067 23640.jpgAlbum 23640

236.jpgAlbum 236

553.gifAlbum 553 554.gifAlbum 554

SAAS deep bucket
2984.jpgAlbum 2984

Sparco deep buckets
3481.jpgAlbum 34818207.jpgAlbum 8207

OBX Daytona Buckets
4727.jpgAlbum 4727

Velo Seats | GP90
3862.jpgAlbum 3862 17054.jpgAlbum 17054 9885.jpgAlbum 9885

18326.jpgAlbum 18326 18324.jpgAlbum 18324

Unknown brand
19260.jpgAlbum 19260

red suede
9789.jpgAlbum 9789 9792.jpgAlbum 9792 

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