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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B210 Bumpers

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B210

North American B210s have "park bench" safety bumpers capable of 5 mph collision without damage. Other countries use a stylish chrome small bumper.


Worldwide Style


H5000 -7701
H7400 7702-
H5800 L16
with upper overrider bar
H7510 A14T twin carb
H7512 *A14T.GX 7702-
overriders 7702-, except DX

12659_4b07b2dac193c.jpgUpload click to view 6345.jpgAlbum 6345

PB210/GB211.early (no overrider)


GB211.from_7702 H58 (with overrider)

H50 Front bumpers stays -- All years A12/A14 JAPAN (H58 is for L14/L16)


Some countries used a narrow license plate cutout (e.g. Japan) and other countries used wide plate cutout (e.g. Australia)

  85010-H5500 -7701
  85010-H7405 7702-
  85010-H5000 -7701
  85010-H7405 7702-

Sedan Narrow Plate

85011-H5000 -7701 [4-hole, no provision for overriders]
85011-H7400 7702- [6-hole]

Malaysia | Japan
400px-B211-back.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia d75128126pyrex12001-img600x450-1-1.jpg

PB210 sedan
8167.jpgAlbum 8167

Fitted to Sunny Truck
21423.jpgAlbum 21423


Used in Japan market until January 1977 [4-hole, no provision for overriders]

174_5d31803feba94.jpgPost 491921 174_5d3180374f0ed.jpgPost 491921 174_5d31802774987.jpgPost 491921

174_5d318053443ff.pngPost 491921
1 85011-H5000 BUMPER-rear S-all
2 85204-H5000 STAY-bumper rear (R.H.)
3 85205-H5000 STAY-bumper rear (L.H.)
4 62663-27700 BOLT-special (M6) 4
5 01221-00021 NUT-flange (M6) 4
6 01221-00031 NUT-flange (M8) 2

Sedan Wide Plate

Sedan bumper is a plain steel one-piece type. non-Japan
5138.jpgAlbum 5138 40725718800_21ebaf0a7b_z.jpgflicker click to view

World Bumper doesn't quite cover holes on North America rear body


Coupe bumper has holes for rear reflectors. Japan Coupe uses wide plate version.
6346.jpgAlbum 6346 4302.jpgAlbum 4302

Japan KB210.A12 carriage bolts
Japan KB210.A14 rubber overriders
174_61ef0f41d81b5.jpgPost 496486
1 85010-H5500 BUMPER-rear Coupe
2 85204-H5500 STAY-bumper rear RH Coupe
3 85205-H5000 STAY-bumper rear LH Coupe
fixing stay to bumper QUANTITY 4 EACH
4 62663-27700 BOLT-special M6 4Coupe
5 08915-53610 WASHER-plain 4 Coupe
6 08915-13610 WASHER-lock 4 Coupe
7 08911-10610 NUT 4 Coupe
fixing stay to body [not shown diagram]
01221-00031 NUT
62685-73000 RUBBER-WASHER


85010-H7516 7702- OPTION K.A14T
3-piece bumper with rubber and metal overriders


Wagon uses 3-piece bumper (straight bar with bolt-on ends). Has no plate cutout as the number plate mounts above the bumper.
27250.jpgAlbum 27250 12583.jpgAlbum 12583


174_61ef0f00bdb29.jpgPost 174_61ef0f1bcc0a3.jpgPost 174_61ef0f344dab5.jpgPost

North America

USA and Canada market. For 1974, USA models got large bumpers to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards regulation 215(b). The mandate that created the "park-bench" bumpers were not about safety, but part of the Cost Saving Act. The idea was to reduce the cost of repair of minor accidents (below 5 mph) and so benefit the consumer. For more details, see FMVSS 215.


Front North America

  • 1974 non-chrome, no rubber overriders, black sight shield
  • 1975 different color, rubber overriders, black sight shield
  • 1976 chrome beam with rubber ends, rubber overriders, Coupe has body color-keyed rear sight shield.
  • 1977-1978. The external appearance of the bumpers has been improved

1974 - no overriders
174_5d304762a22c5.jpgPost 491917 29549.jpgbrochure

1975 - non-chrome with overriders (grille in 2nd photo is 1978)
174_5d303ffdd583f.jpgPost 323956 174_5c97fb92c41c3.jpgPost 490995

1976 - Chrome beam with many bolts (grille is 1977)
B2101977grilleUSAwrongbadge.jpg 174_4c3902216a198.jpgPost 326923

1977 - Chrome beam bumper with fewer bolts

1978 black grille
14731.jpgAlbum 14731

Front sight-shield covers the gap between body and bumper
12274.jpgAlbum 12274 174_5d30476a662d4.jpgPost 11786_4a71058fb5c0a.jpgUpload click to view

Rear North America

1975 Sedan Rear
174_5d3041a0bcb48.jpgPost 491916 174_5d3041ab4b6b6.jpgPost 491916

1976 Sedan Rear

Rear panel

A rear panel is used in USA instead of a beaver panel.

  • 1974-1975: body color-keyed
  • 1976-1978 Sedan: body color-keyed
  • 1976-1978 Coupe: black

Retrofitting Worldwide Bumpers

You will need make up new custom brackets to mount the worldwide bumpers (120Y or JDM B210) onto a North American B210.
9305.jpgAlbum 9305

trippy_002.jpg ozzy_003.jpg crappy_005s.jpg 0716122243_zps714c8c31.jpg

SEDAN REAR: When fitting the smaller bumpers there's two holes, from where the 5mph bumper shocks/brackets mount. And the new bumper covers the top half of them. So a new beaver panel is not really needed.

USA: large holes. Worldwide: small holes
21029.jpgAlbum 21029 19693.jpgAlbum 19693

COUPE REAR: A new beaver plate should be fabricated.

North America bumper removed
174_61ee81a4c0859.jpgPost 496485

round reflectors to plug the holes
174_61ee81b1e7c27.jpgPost 496485

Fabricate a mesh panel
174_61ee83867ab6f.jpgPost 496485

2979963373_28e70a676a.jpg 100_3933.jpg IMAG0493.jpg B210earlygrilleUSAmissingbumper.jpg


NOTE: 1200 bumpers don't quite fit the B210. They need to be bent a little bit, and are narrower.

Barracuda sells B210 bumper in steel about $300

The wide-cutout bumper has just happens to line up perfectly the with lower valence on a North America B210, but the JDM bumper has a smaller plate cut-out, about the size of a US license plate. the JDM bumper makes for a cleaner install, but the wide-cutout bumper may be cheaper and easier to obtain out of Australia.

12648.jpgAlbum 12648 12474.jpgAlbum 12474 

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