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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B210 Hubcaps

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Category: Datsun B210

B210 Wheel Covers: L-series and USA used 13" wheels, while all others used 12" wheels. Standard and Semi-DX were outfitted with poverty-pack dog-dish wheel covers.



19634.jpg#chrome 23884.jpg#painted 21099.jpg#DX 40315-H8205.jpg#GL 16251.jpg#GX hapcub-1.jpg#13" 23882.jpg#Option

#12-inch Wheels: A-series
#13-inch Wheels: L-series and USA

23888.jpgAlbum 23888

* North America solely used 13" wheels
* Japan used 12" wheels, except L-series B210s used 13"
* Australia used the normal DX wheel and a special GL wheel
* South Africa used several types of unique hubcaps

13-inch Wheels

* PB210 Sunny Excellent 1400
* GB211 Sunny Excellent 1600
* All North America B210 (A13/A14)


Dark-tone:Coupe, All-chrome:Sedan
31446282147_69dca0586a_z.jpgflicker click to view B210_hubcaps.jpg

Standard Dog-dish

13" B210 Standard dog dish caps (USA Honeybee)
20091003%252520114719%252520DSC09475.JPG 20091003%252520114754%252520DSC09477.JPG

12-inch Wheels

All A-series powered B210 were fitted with 12" wheels, except North America which came with 13" wheels.

Painted Dog-dish

15400 centre cap Van-STD (painted)
23884.jpgAlbum 23884

Chrome Dog-dish

H10 Van SEMI-DX (chrome) also used by STD sedans
19634.jpgAlbum 19634 31509817287_71161fefbc_z.jpgflicker click to view


DX bottle-cap style
40315-H5100.jpg 39972379625_d6c60e3992_z.jpgflicker click to view


H51 GL


H52 GX

16251.jpgAlbum 16251


D0315-H5000 Cover
23882.jpgAlbum 23882 23883.jpgAlbum 23883

1973 Options catalog

reference: Option catalogs 1973, 1975


AUS early DX
11520.jpgAlbum click to view 23828.jpgAlbum 23828 6345.jpgAlbum 6345

AUS late DX - or are they GL type?
15670.jpgAlbum click to view 15670.jpgAlbum 15670 10004.jpgAlbum 10004

Australia late GL
23886.jpgAlbum 23886 IMG_0388-.jpg

Japan Early

Japan Catalog 1973 (1973-1975)

  • 40315-H1000 COVER ASS'Y-road wheel SEMI-DX
    19634.jpgAlbum 19634
  • 40315-15400 COVER ASS'Y-road wheel V-STD
    23884.jpgAlbum 23884
  • 40315-H5001 COVER ASS'Y-road wheel DX,SP.DX
    21099.jpgAlbum 21099 40315-H5100.jpg
  • 40315-H5100 COVER ASS'Y-road wheel GL
  • 40315-H5200 COVER ASS'Y-road wheel GX
    16251.jpgAlbum click to view
H52 GX


Japan Late

Japan Catalog 1978 (1976-1977)

  • 40315-15400 CAP-ROAD WHEEL V.SMDX [dog dish plain]
  • 40315-H1000 CAP-ROAD WHEEL STR [dog dish fancy]
  • 40315-H5200 CAP-ROAD WHEEL A14.GX 12" [with 6 simulated lug nuts]
    16251.jpgAlbum 16251
  • 40315-H8200 CAP-ROAD WHEEL S,K.DX *STR V.DX *V.SMDX 12"
  • 40315-H8205 CAP-ROAD WHEEL A12,A14.GL+V.SPDX 12" [like B10 but with splits in each spoke]
    40315-H8205.jpg compare: 10004.jpgAlbum 10004
  • 40315-H5900 CAP-ROAD WHEEL L16.GL 13" [honeycomb silver]
    23885.jpgAlbum 23885
  • 40315-H6000 CAP-ROAD WHEEL L16.GX 13" [honeycomb black]
    nis022.jpg hapcub-2.jpg hapcub-1.jpg
  • 40343-H7900 ORNAMENT-ROAD WHEEL *L16S B210 [for H7925 alumi wheel]
    23887.jpgAlbum 23887

South Africa

GX 140Y

140Y non-GX

120Y non-GX

Unknown cap

North America

Only 13" wheels were fitted to USA and Canada B210s.
1978Datsun11x8520pp2-5.jpg 14731.jpgAlbum 14731

Coupe: Black honeycomb
Sedan: Silver honeycomb


  • 40315-N7000 CAP-ROAD WHEEL SEDAN(STD) 0875- [dog dish]
    • STD model debuted August 1975, and includes the Honeybee
  • 40315-H5900 ASSY-COVER,ROAD WHEEL STAINLESS ST SEDAN(DX) [honeycomb silver]
    • 40315-H5910 ASSY-COVER,ROAD WHEEL STAIN-LESS STEEL,M SEDAN(DX) 0674- [alternate supplier]
  • 40315-H6000 ASSY-COVER,ROAD WHEEL STAINLESS ST COUPE [honeycomb black]
    • 40315-H6010 ASSY-COVER,ROAD WHEEL STAIN-LESS STEEL,M COUPE 0674- [alternate supplier]

B210 Standard dog dish caps

For Aluminum Option Wheels

  • 40343-U8900 ORNAMENT ASSY ROAD WHEEL (FOR B TYPE WHEEL) OPTION 1177- [spoked wheel]
  • 40343-W6600 ORNAMENT ASSY ROAD WHEEL (FOR C TYPE WHEEL) OPTION 1177- [5-slot wheel]

20050.jpgAlbum 20050 

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