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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B210

B211 is the chassis code for the minor facelift of the B210, starting December 1975. B211 included the second-series grilles and other minor changes. The cars were still called B210s -- only the chassis number changed and only in the Japan domestic market (JDM). Export models continued with B210 chassis code even though they include the changes.


B211 Japan-market
ドッタサン B-HB211 カタ| Datsun B-HB211 Type

  • 1973: B210 introduction of 3rd-generation Sunny model in late 1973
  • Oct 1975: VB210 Wagon update, lower emissions
  • Dec 1975: B211 sedan & coupe, lower emissions
  • Feb 1976: HB211 A14-powered model introduced in Japan. USA had A14 since late 1974.
  • Feb 1976: GB211 L16-powered model introduced
  • Jul 1976: VHB210 A14-powered wagon model introduced

B210 Japan-Market Model Changes
21960.jpgAlbum 21960
〇 New development and sales model change
囗 minor change,date of change and car model appendix, repeal
1. October 1975 VB210 New lower vehicle emission regulation
2. December 1975 B211 New lower vehicle emission regulation
.. 1976 KB211 New lower vehicle emission regulation
3. February 1976 Sunny Series all models minor change as well as HG211 (A14)/GB211 (1600) models debut
.. 1976 New lower vehicle emission regulation
4. July 1976 wagon 1400 single carburetor added
5. February 1977 sedan, coupe minor change and HB211 release

Grille Changes

B211 SEDAN Minor Facelift (with or w/o fog lights in grille)
4329.jpgAlbum 4329 13864.jpgAlbum 13864

Compare to B210 SEDAN Original Face
1332.jpgAlbum 1332 3851.jpgAlbum 3851

COUPE KB211 Minor Facelift
7431.jpgAlbum 7431 20411.jpgAlbum 20411

Compare to B210 COUPE Original Face (this grille also used by USA sedans)
7032.jpgAlbum 7032 11707.jpgAlbum 11707

EXPORT facelift coupe for Australia/USA used the sedan grille
2044.jpgAlbum 2044 9957.jpgAlbum 9957 

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