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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Changing Crossmember

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Engine Removal And Installation | Engine Swaps

If your engine Crossmember is damaged, or you wish to swap it for earlier or later engine installation, it is easy to do.


  1. Put car on jackstands
  2. If the engine is installed, unbolt motor mounts and support engine from above
  3. Unbolt inner bolts of LCAs
  4. Unbolt crossmember from chassis
  5. Installation is reversal of steps above

early 1200 crossmember (1970-1973) vs. late 1200 crossmember (1974-1994)
13676.jpgAlbum 13676


In this own words:

Before I could begin installing the engine into the 1200 engine bay I want to change over the crossmember. I had a standard 1200 coupe crossmember that has each tower the same length. To fit an A14/15 onto this crossmember requires some modification. I got lazy and bought a crossmember from a post 1974 1200 ute which mounts up to the later A12 with the dizzy in the middle. This is the same configuration as the A14,15. I talked a bit about this crossmember in the last A14 prep pages too.

So change over crossmember. Jack it up put it on jack stands and loosen off lower control arms
100_2241.jpg 100_2242.jpg 100_2243.jpg 100_2244.jpg

Then undo the four bolts holding in the crossmember and pull it out!
100_2246.jpg 100_2245.jpg

Now bolt up the new one in reverse - 4 chassis bolts first then the LCAs
100_2252.jpg 100_2248.jpg 100_2249.jpg 100_2250.jpg

That's all it takes!

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