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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Clutch Cable

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Clutch

RHD 1200 used a clutch cable while LHD versions used a Hydraulic clutch linkage.



Both cables are the same length (800mm), they are identicle except for the aluminium end that slips into the gearbox. The larger of the two cables is 25mm and the other is about 18mm. You can also fit a washer if using the small cable in a large-hole transmission.

19050.jpgAlbum 19050 16770.jpgAlbum 16770

23059.jpgAlbum 23059 20527.jpgAlbum click to view


Large-hole vs small-hole
21401.jpgAlbum 21401

LHD does not have the clutch cable cutout
14713.jpgAlbum 14713


1. Adjust the pedal stopper so the pedal height is in range from 136.5 to 146.5 mm (5.4 to 5.8 in), and secure the position with the lock nut completely

2. Next, adjust the control cable adjust nut so that clutch pedal play is in range from 11 to 15 mm (0.433 to 0.591 in) at the center of the clutch pedal pad, and make sure that play at "P" point of the withdrawal lever is in range from 3.0 to 4.0 mm (0.1181 to 0.1575 in). Secure the alignment with lock nut completely.

CAUTION: the pedal must have free play to avoid burning out the clutch -- check with fingertip pressure.

Details are in the Datsun 1200 Factory Service Manual or any Repair manual (Gregory's, etc).

Factory Service Manual
174_57e5eb03c8ed5.jpgUpload click to view 174_57e5eb0b9870a.jpgUpload click to view


1. Loosen the locknut, then unthread the nut. These are the two 17mm nuts on the clutch cable at the firewall.

2. Pull the cable end off the Clutch Fork Arm

Part Numbers

For OEM numbers, see Clutch Pedal Part Numbers
18mm - B110 & ute up to August 1973
30670-H1000 early
30670-H1001 CABLE ASS'Y-clutch operating B110
* small clutch cable hole in transmission [83 cm length]
20434.jpgAlbum 20434

30670-H1001.jpg 30670-H1001.jpg

B120 1973 up (25 mm)
30670-G1000 7309-
30670-G1600 7510-8304
30670-G1601 8305-8910 [77 cm?]
30670-G1500 8910- [81 cm?]

clutch-cable-a.jpg clutch-cable-b.jpg

1-inch (25mm) clutch cable hole in transmission - B210
30670-H5001 CABLE ASS'Y-clutch operating B210 all
* EXCEPT: 63-series transmission JDM used hydraulic clutch
Quinton Hazel QCC.1076
20526.jpgAlbum 20526 20525.jpgAlbum 20525
30670-H8500 -7909 B310 [bracket, no nut]
30670-H8510 7909- B310, 8110- Van
30670-H9100  BC2052
30670-H1001 750 mm or 830 mm
30670-H8510 770 mm
1982-1986 Stanza CA20
* 40.25 inches
ATP Y348 #30670D2801
DORMAN 14850 {TECHoice}
1983 Sentra E15
* 29.5 inches
ATP Y327 {#3067004A00}
DORMAN 14849 {TECHoice}

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