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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

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From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: General Information

Anyone is welcome to add to our Datsun 1200 knowledge base, or just create a page to show off your Datsun 1200 modifications. Feel free to edit existing articles too.

Also see Editing

Request a Page

PM ddgonzal and he can create a page for you to get started. It will take 1-3 days for a response.

Create It Yourself

You can create a new page by modifying the Address (URL or Location) in your browser's address bar.

1. As you are reading this page, note that the URL is:

2. Click in the address bar and change the ending from "Create_New_Page" to whatever you want the new article to be. For example:'s 1200 Sedan

3. Press ENTER and it will take you to the new page.

4. Click EDIT at the top of the page and start typing. Remember to click Save page after a while. You can always edit it to change or add more.

Alternate Method

Alternatively, you can "edit" any existing page and add a wiki link (you don't have to save the edited old page):

  1. View any article and click Edit
  2. While editing the article, enter a new link e.g. [[Joe's 1200]]
  3. Click "Preview" to see the new article text including the new link. The link should appear in red (meaning the link is for a new page that hasn't been created yet).
  4. Click the red link to bring up the new article. Click EDIT at the top of the page and start typing.

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