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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Custom Caster Rods

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Suspension Modifications

Custom caster rods (aka "castor rods" aka "tension rods" aka "radius rods" or "strut rods") are useful when you wish to add more caster. The 1200s rods are non-adjustable and subject to slight binding when a lot of caster is dialed-in.

For the stock item, see Tension Rod



Longer castor rods can be shortened to improve castor:
1264.jpgAlbum 1264

  • Adjustable rods, adjustable for castor, have more threads so they can be pulled farther in.
  • Jointed rods remove the slight binding effect


Maddat caster bars allow a lot of adjustment, and are a lot stronger than the standard bars.

Product No ACK1200 Caster Adjuster Bar Kit (1200). Suits 1200, Stanza and Sunny with 46mm bolt spacing. These are machined from high-quality 4140 steel and heat-treated after forging to ensure that these are much stronger than original. Supplied with polyurethane bushes and finished in gloss black. These have a lot of adjustment.

Late 1200 (1976-up)
13474.jpgAlbum 13474 26809.jpgAlbum 26809

Torana Rods

A set of GM LJ Torana rods that have adjustment, but drilling is required to fit the thicker rod to the body, and modifications need to be made to the rod to match the balljoints.

lc torana castor rods: Discussion of GM Holden Torana adjustable caster rods into Datsun 1200

8711.jpgAlbum 8711 8712.jpgAlbum 8712 8713.jpgAlbum 8713 8758.jpgAlbum 8758 9433.jpgAlbum 9433

Pitroad Rods

Pitroad sells these mail-order: Pillow ball tension rod
6391.jpgAlbum 6391

The downside to this type is there is not much room for bushings. Datsun Competition recommended using stiff bushings, but not removing them completely.

Nissan Competition

Tension/Compression Rod Bearing Kit. This kit prevents suspension geometry changes under high cornering forces, and reduces front end dive while braking. It retains the stock rear bush, but replaces the front bush with this easily-rotating bearing.

15865.jpgAlbum 15865

Experimental Engineering Tension/Compression Rod Bearing Kit. This kit fits: All 510, 610, 710, B210, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, S12 200SX, & Z31 300ZX thru 7/87. This kit includes all parts necessary for one car, a 'U' shaped gauge for setting pre-load, and complete instructions.

22125.jpgAlbum 22125

The T/C Kit eliminates all rearward movement of the front wheels caused by bushing deflection. At the same time it reduces the amount of force required for the T/C rods to pivot during suspension travel by 75% vs. stock rubber and by up to 95% vs. polyurethane bushings. This is accomplished by replacing the forward bushings on the tension/compression rods (aka: strut rods) where they attach to the chassis with pivoting ball & socket joints. These joints completely eliminate all rearward deflection under driving, cornering, and braking loads. This insures that castor remains constant and toe changes under heavy braking and cornering loads are very nearly eliminated.

22126.jpgAlbum 22126

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