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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Daily Care

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Maintenance And Daily Care

Daily Care is a section in the Owners manual.



1974 B120 Owner's Manual (Page 19 ... 23)

th_00%20cover.jpg   th_19.jpg

Daily Care

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 21 ... 25):

29357.jpg   29381.jpg
Daily Care

Daily Care

Before driving or whenever you call at a gas-station, be sure to check the following items.

1. Fuel tank
2. Engine oil
3. Battery
4. Radiator coolant
5. Tire pressure, wear and scars
   Recommended tire pressure: See page 26.
6. Directional indicators, horn and all lights
   and switches for proper operation.
7. Windshield washer fluid level
8. Leakage and amount of fluid in brake and
   clutch master cylinders
9. Clutch and brake operation
10. Steering wheel play

Opening the Hood

Opening the bonnet
29381.jpgAlbum 29381

Fuel Recommendation

29382.jpgAlbum 29382

Fuel Filler Lid

29382.jpgAlbum 29382

Selection of Right Lubricants

29382.jpgAlbum 29382

Recommended Lubricants

29383.jpgAlbum 29383

= Recommended SAE Viscosity Number

29384.jpgAlbum 29384


29384.jpgAlbum 29384

Cooling System

Main: Coolant

29385.jpgAlbum 29385

Windshield Washer Tank

29385.jpgAlbum 29385

Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders

Brake Master Cylinder and Clutch Master Cylinder (LHD only)

29385.jpgAlbum 29385 

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