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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Fuel Injection | Engine Electrical System

Converting your Datsun 1200 to electronic fuel injection? You'll need an ECU (electronic control unit) -- also known as engine brains/computer. The easiest way is to swap in a purpose made kit ($2500-$3500 + cost of ECU) but the next easiest way is with an Nissan OEM (factory) retrofit of the Nissan factory A-series EFI (EGI), however the EGI parts are relatively rare, and it is difficult to find all the parts. Do-it-yourself fabricator can do it on the cheap -- as inexpensively as $300 -- by adapting used OEM parts from various cars with a kit-built MegaSquirt ECU.



If you don't know basic automotive engine tune up procedures such as setting timing with a timing light, adjusting the idle speed screw, or don't have mechanical aptitude in general, you should not attempt to install an EFI kit. CustomEFIs

ECUs are supplied by many vendors, including:

  • MegaSquirt vendors
  • Haltech
  • Microtech
  • Electromotive
  • Hawk
  • Mototech
  • Link
  • Megasquirt build-it-yourself EFI controller
  • Delco (GM) controller with aftermarket chip programmer


MegaSquirt is the most popular inexpensive "do-it-yourself" ECU. It is just as sophisticated as aftermarket custom ECUs, but without full-service support. Therefore is is a superb choice, but only for "do-it-yourself" types.

See main article Megasquirt

Nissan ECU

The A14E ECU is similar to the 280Z, 280ZX, S110 and Z18ET computers. Whichever computer you use, be sure to get the matching airflow meter.

See main article: EGI

Nissan ECU Tuning


CA18, V6, etc.

1200 ECU

Factory Nissan 1200 ECU controls the electronic feedback carb.


Bosch Motronic

This software is designed to read binary ROM images used in Bosch Digital Motronic Engine-management (DME) systems found in Porsche, BMW, Volvo, SAAB, and other European vehicles. It is user-extensible via customized spec files, and includes features for ferreting out the relevant locations that the fuel-injection maps are based on.

Bosch Motronic DME ECU/EFI


For controlling your EFI-converted Datsun 1200, you can use a 1984-1997 General Motors (GM) ECM. The Electronic Control Module (ECM), also known as Electronic Control Unit (ECU), varies by year. They use the world's most popular microprocessor, cusom variatns of the Motorola 6803/68HC11 microcontroller. Most have varying models of standard EPROM memory, while a few newer ones have built-in Flash memory. They can control anything from old 4-cylinder engines to the newest V8 engine designs. Basically you need not only the ECU, but an EPROM programmer and EPROM eraser, as well as special software to re-program the ECM for a custom application.


GM ECU units are designed to last a cars lifetime, and virtually all still work for 25 years until now, or until the car ends up being junked for other reasons. Parts are readily available in wrecking yards in many countries, wherever GM cars are popular (of course, GM has long been the world's largest automaker).

1994 VW Jetta has a EFI "swirl pot" anti-surge tank with pump and filter.

CustomEFIs sells the DIY GM EFI Tuning Guide for $30 (USA, as of Jan 2009). He also sells custom kits that don't require "do-it-yourself" hardware (a big advantage over MegaSquirt), but which still requires careful tuning. Other companies mostly focus on reprogramming ("tuning") the GM ECM in your GM vehicle, but CustomEFIs is an expert of programming it for any other car or engine type. He also offers Tuning Assistance at $50/hour (as of Jan 2009).


You don't need to learn Ford, Chrysler, or any other system as a GM ECM can be adapted and re-calibrated to run any other engine. CustomEFIs

All purchasers of the Guide, get a password to a private CustomEFIs website regarding EFI hardware to help with DIY projects.


A product named C.A.T.S. Tuner is used to program/control the GM ECU. It works with certain 1984-1997 GM ECUs, and can modify the spark and fuel tables, as well as control certain on/off switches.

Get an ECU for 94 - 95 LT1 cars, it has built in Flash.

Parts needed

  • Used GM ECU from wreckers ($25-up)
  • GM EFI components:
    • GM sensors: Oxygen sensor, Air temp, water temp, MAF sensor (some models), TPS or MAP sensor
    • GM fuel injectors
  • OR, Edelbrock system for GM ECU
  • Tuner program ($70, free 30-day trial)
  • ECM definition file to match the specific GM ECU ($20)
  • For older ECUs, get any generic EPROM burner. For example, Pocket Programmer ($250) and EPROM Eraser ($57)
    • 94 - 95 LT1 cars don't need this, they have built-in Flash memory
      But they need an ALDL interface cable (?)
  • Ground strap to protect electronics while flashing/programming ($5)

A product called Romulator plugs into the ECU and and into your laptop to control the ECU.

Real Time Tuner

RT Tuner allows programming while the engine is running. Flash based ECMs do not have a removable EPROM there's no way to connect an emulator to these ECMs so you can't do real-time tuning on these cars.

  • All the parts above (but won't work with Flash ECU)
  • RT Tuner ($100)
  • [Romulator] or Ostrich or AutoProm


NOTE: Used MicroTech ECUs may be fitted with a Locked Program. MicroTech can unlock it for a fee, replacing it with a base map

Most MicroTech ECU can control multiple coils. For running sequential or COP it can be paired with an external ignitor box.

MicroTech MT8 - handles multiple coils using external ignitor box
MicroTech MTX8 - handles multiple coils directly
MT4/LT4 - fuel only. Connects to coil only as an RPM signal
D5 adjustable via screws
MT-series programmable via Programming Handset
* no longer supported
LT-series programmable via laptop
MT for single-coil
MT for multi-coil 
* requires factory change for single coil operation

MicroTech LT-10s

MicroTech X4 Ignition Module (Power Transistor Unit)


Wolf 3D mounted under 1200 dash

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