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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Electrical System

Fast Idle Control Device (F.I.C.D.) was fitted to some Datsuns with factory-fitted Aircon. The FICD raises the idle speed automatically when A/C is ON to respond to the increased load.



FICD consists of two parts, a throttle actuator, and a vacuum switch. The switch is either magnetically electrically operated off the compressor. The switch then lets vacuum go to the actuator, which pulls the carburetor throttle lever a little (about 100 RPM).

Magnetic Switch

The magnetic switch is on the side of the compressor, and opens when the compressor activates.
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When the switch lets vacuum pass, the vacuum pulls up the diaphragm which lifts the throttle lever on the side of the carburetor.

Fast Idle Actuator

  1. Clearance 'C' should be more than 3mm, Engine fully warm, A/C off.
  2. Start engine and set correct warm idle speed (700 in neutral, or 650 RPM in 'D')
  3. Turn A/C ON, in 'N' and adjust engine speed to 800 RPM.
  1. FICD adjusting screw
  2. Lever 'A'
  3. Lever 'B'
  4. Cable lock screw

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Sunny Truck

From 1978-1989, no special idle control device was used. For 1990-1994 they added FICD to the A12 engine.


Engine Mounted 9810- Fast Idle Control Device (FICD)
* 14875-G5105 Manifold Connector [right next to carb base plate]
* Vacuum Hose L=370
* 27654-H8500 FICD Actuator 
  92551-95W00 Actuator Bracket
* 27720-G2500 FICD Lever
* 92255-G5100 Solenoid Valve
  92256-95W00 Bracket
* Vacuum Hose L=270
27654-H8500 FICD Actuator
* B122 8910-
* C120/C122/C22
* Bluebird L16
* B310

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1979 North America A14 & A15 models had optional A/C.

A14/A15 Manual Transmission
* A/C OFF: 700 rpm
* A/C ON: 800 rpm 
A14/A15 Automatic Transmission
* A/C OFF: 650 rpm in "D"
* A/C ON: 800 rpm in "N" 

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