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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

For People Who Know

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Datsun B210 | Documentation

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Title: For People Who Know...Sunny Excellent 1400 [plexiglas letters on blue cover]
1973 Sunny Excellent coupe & sedan PB210
Format:24 page booklet Size:unknown Publication Number:unspecified

174_5cb050c5d5b6b.jpg#1 174_5cb050d38fca6.jpg#2-3 174_5cb050cd7138c.jpg#4-5 174_5cb050e676650.jpg#6-7 174_5ca4708160bb5.jpg#8-9 174_5cb050e022575.jpg#10-11 174_5cb050ed6abac.jpg#12-13 174_5cb0513f3b28e.jpg#14-15 174_5cb050fee62e8.jpg#16-17 174_5cb051201cc59.jpg#18-19 174_5ca47043bfb57.jpg#20-21 174_5cb0512c6df11.jpg#22-23 {174_5cb050c02246d.jpg#24

{174_5ca7ca5441308.jpg#Variation {174_5ca167290de7c.jpg#Variation {174_5cb0514d77fa7.jpg#Variation


For People Who Know (blue)

page 1 Cover

サニー エクセレント 1400
174_5cb050c5d5b6b.jpgPost 491153 174_5ca417e2159fe.jpgPost 491083 174_5cb04db8e86f2.jpgPost 491153 174_5ca7ca48497ff.jpgPost click for topic 174_5ca169b06b6ce.jpgPost click for topic 174_5ca16721ed99c.jpgPost click for topic

page 2-4

174_5ca418ac6d982.jpgPost 491083 174_5cb050d38fca6.jpgPost 491153

page 4-5

174_5cb050cd7138c.jpgPost 491153 174_5ca7ca7eac9d7.jpgPost 491112

page 6-7 Coupe Dash

174_5ca7ca8d91c02.jpgPost 491112 174_5cb050e676650.jpgPost 491153

page 8-9 Mechanism

174_5ca7caa1f31c1.jpgPost 491112 174_5ca4708160bb5.jpgPost 491083 174_5cb051348dc03.jpgPost 491153

page 10-11 Selection: Coupe

174_5cb050e022575.jpgPost 491153

page 12-13 Coupe Seats

174_5cb050ed6abac.jpgPost 491153 174_5ca4702fecc12.jpgPost 491083

page 14-15 Selection: Sedan

174_5cb0513f3b28e.jpgPost 491153

174_5ca477154ec2b.jpgPost 491090174_5ca318dfd99fb.jpgPost 491080

174_5ca47746f2ad4.jpgPost 491090

page 16-17 Sedan

174_5cb050fee62e8.jpgPost 491153 174_5ca4703a8e4f0.jpgPost 491083 174_5ca7ca9aa4879.jpgPost 491112

page 18-19 Sedan Seats

174_5cb051201cc59.jpgPost 491153 174_5ca4706c71188.jpgPost 491083

page 20-21 Dash

174_5ca47043bfb57.jpgPost 491083 174_5cb05117c0143.jpgPost 491153

page 22-23 Equipment, Options

174_5cb0512c6df11.jpgPost 491153

●磁石付シートベルトホルダー。走行中も はずれないので大変ベンリ Seat belt holder with magnet. They don't come off even while driving, so it's very convenient.

174_5ca4771d65b8d.jpgPost 491090
●豪快なドライブフィーリングが楽しめる O.D付5速フロアシフト (GX)
●スパット決るシフトワーク。スポーティ・ ドライブに4速フロアシフト
●3スピード6ポジションのニッサンマ チック・フロアタイプ
●5-speed floor shift with O.D that allows you to enjoy an exciting driving feeling (GX)
●Shift work that determines spat. 4-speed floor shift for sporty drive
●3-speed 6-position Nissanmatic floor type

コーラなら4本入る、クーへ後席両サイ ドのサイドボックス(GX、GL) Side boxes at both ends of the back seat that can hold 4 colas (GX, GL)

174_5ca477249db59.jpgPost 491090

サイドビューを精悍にひき締める スポーティな砲弾型フェンダーミラー A sporty bullet-shaped fender mirror that sharpens the side view with fearlessness.

174_5ca4772bd2b68.jpgPost 491090

●太目グリップの本格的な皮巻タ イブステアリング (GX)
●機能的デザインの木目タイプ ステアリング (GL)
●Authentic leather-wrapped tie steering with thick grip (GX)
●Functionally designed wood grain type steering wheel (GL)

174_5ca47733bfa9d.jpgPost 491090

コクピッドをひきたてる??な本大目ステアリング A large steering wheel that complements the cockpit

174_5ca4773a2c68a.jpgPost 491090

●100円硬貨が12枚も入る コインホルダー ●Coin holder that can hold up to twelve 100 yen coins

174_5ca47740f0f0a.jpgPost 491090

page 24 Back Cover & Sales Stamps

back cover with and without Sales Organization stamp
174_5cb050c02246d.jpgPost 491153 174_5ca41d45054e1.jpgPost 491083 174_5ca41d4ced83d.jpgPost 491083 174_5ca7cab3f1219.jpgPost 491112


1973 May shows four exterior colors
1973 October shows five exterior colors
New colors: RED (coupe) and BROWN (sedan)

pages 2-4
174_5ca418ac6d982.jpgPost 491083 174_5ca7ca5441308.jpgPost 491112 174_5cb050d95c527.jpgPost 491153

1400 4-door GX | 1400 Coupe GX
174_5ca7ca6a29364.jpgPost click for topic 174_5ca7ca70c10d5.jpgPost click for topic

Pages 8-10 early WHITE coupe | late RED coupe
174_5ca169eaa92d5.jpgPost 491067 174_5ca167290de7c.jpgPost click for topic

Pages 14-15 early GREEN sedan| late BROWN sedan
174_5ca169f1c2762.jpgPost 491067 174_5ca1672f4869c.jpgPost click for topic 174_5cb0514d77fa7.jpgPost 491153

The four original colors:
* 211 オリーブグリーン (M) Olive green (Metallic)
* 212 ブルー (M)         Blue (Metallic)
* 216 ホウイト           White
* 217 イエロー           Yellow
174_5ca318d2926a2.jpgPost 491080 

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