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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Gilmer drive

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Categories: Engine Modifications | Engine Mechanical | Forced Induction

A gilmer drive is a syncronous drive system using a cogged belt. They were developed by the R.H. Gilmer company and first available for sale in 1949. Timing belts are a type of gilmer belt. They make an interesting whine while the engine is running.
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Gilmer belts differ most importantly from V-belts in that they are synchronous. They do not slip as they turn, so are suitable from driving the camshaft. They are also stronger so can turn a supercharger. They are lighter but more expensive than V-belts. A serpentine belt is a less exepensive version but is not synchronous (will still slip slight during normal usage).

Aside from timing belts, Gilmer belts are most famously used for supercharger belts. They are also somewhat commonly used on race engines for accessory drive (driving the water pump, etc).

Gilmer drive for water pump
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Timing belt: 4AGE, CA18DE, etc.
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Supercharger belt
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How To

Using a Small block chev (SBC) kit.

 V I D E O  Datsun 1200 gilmour drive a12 (click to view)

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The alternator pulley goes straight on, water pump pulley just needs the Center machined out a little and for the crank is the issue. Either take one of your spare crank pulleys get the v cut off the outside and machined with four bolt holes centered up and put together or get an adapter plate cnc for it.

Essentially the belt Lully was machined off in a lathe, a step put in it to help centre the new pulley and drilled and tapped.

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You'll also need to think about you're belt tensioner you need to keep tension on these belts to make them whine!

You will need to use a 320 belt.

Kemotorsport A-series kit

Kemotorsport in South Australia made a limited edition A-series gilmer drive kit for $160.00 +postage. It is a direct bolt on installation.

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Listen to that whine!

 V I D E O  Datsun 1200 A15 ute Gilmer drive (click to view)

Remove your alternator, waterpump and crank pulley and replace with kemotorsport kit.

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Your original fan for your A-series will also fit with the waterpump pulley.

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POST anyoone wants a D.I.Y on how to install a gilmer drive on an A series engine?

  • pulleys $140 and belt cost $45
  • Use the standard single belt crank pulley. get the single belt crank pulley recessed to the gilmer pulley fits in nicely and centre hole and 4x waterpump holes to line up. its just a small couple of mm right angle recess so that the gilmer pully can sit just inside the origional crank pulley on the engine.. $70
  • 10" thermo fan from supercheap auto $70
  • couple of bolts and washers $10

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