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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Hilux Calipers

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Brake Modifications

Toyoda Hilux/Landcruiser have compact 4-spot calipers, but they are heavy cast iron pieces.



NOTE: For light alloy 4-pot calipers, see Brake_Swaps#4-piston_Calipers

Hilux calipers are 4-pot Sumitomo S12 calipers, though heavy they are inexpensive and readily available high performance brake calipers.

11491.jpgAlbum 11491

4-pot calipers advantage
* allow for not very tall, but wide brake pads
* allow for small diameter wheel
* look cool

8493.jpgAlbum 8493

* heavy (unless made of alloy)
* expensive to repair
* not any better than sliding calipers

21911.jpgAlbum 21911

Calipers use same bolt spacing as B310.A14 and other Datsun struts.

Caliper Bolt Spacing (dimension 'B')
* 3.5 inch (88.9 mm)


  • Sumitomo S12-type for 20 mm Rotor Thickness
  • Sumitomo S13-type for 22 mm Rotor Thickness
S12+8 for 289 mm x 20 mm rotors $61 at
* 4WD Hilux 1979-1990
* 4WD Pickup 1986-1988 (USA)
* Landcruiser 60-series 1976-1990
2 small + 2 large pistons (43 + 34 mm)
* Centric 142.44014 (Left) & 142.44013 (Right) Loaded
* Centric 141.44014 & 141.44013 (Semi-loaded)

S12W for 20 thick mm rotors 
* 4WD Pickup 1992 (USA) 289 mm rotors
* 43 mm bore x 4
* Sumitomo S12W for 302 mm x 20 mm rotors
S13WB for 22 mm thick rotors (low mount)
* Sumitomo: 45 mm bores (1.785")
Toyota 47750-35090
1992 4Runner
S13WA for 22 thick rotors (high mount)
1991-1992 Landcruiser 4.0 (USA)
* Sumitomo: 45 mm bores
S12W     63 mm
S13WB    63 mm
S13W     72.5 mm
RX-7 S4  80 mm
R33      80 mm


Also see: S12+8 calipers on Stanza struts

12659_4b6a91fde09e6.jpgPost 303308

s12+8 calipers - stanza strut
2484_4c445d481c755.jpgPost 328383

Landcruiser 4-spot conversion on a Nissan C210 Skyline strut and running FWD 14 inch wheels for the offset.

On A10 Stanza strut, vented 200B rotors (were they available vented?) with hilux/landcruiser 4-spots machined slightly to centre them over the rotor.


Discussion: Rotor to suit Hilux caliper and stanza strut

Best rotor may be the 257mm number 40206-71E07 S13/S14/M11/C22/C33/C34/P10/WP11/R32/A31/U12/U13/U14 unit.

10243_4b6aa4e2347b3.jpgPost click for topic 10243_4b6aa53042d2c.jpgPost click for topic 10243_4b6ab21d11b79.jpgPost click for topic

Hi-lux 4-spot calipers with Nissan P10 Pintara vented discs on A10 Stanza strut
1324.jpgAlbum 1324 2319.jpgAlbum 2319

200B strut with 200B discs and Landcruiser 4 spot calipers on left strut Corona twin-piston calipers on the right
9527.jpgAlbum 9527

Sumitomo twin-piston caliper on 200B strut
9436.jpgAlbum 9436

Sumitomo twin-piston caliper on Stanza strut and 253 mm discs
9585.jpgAlbum 9585

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