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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Engine Mechanical

The engine mounting insulators sit between the engine mounting brackets and the crossmember, and provides insulation from noise and vibration. They are designed with a particular rubber hardness, to give a balance between softness and rigidity.



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Part Numbers

All of the following insulators are interchangeable — they fit any year 1200.

11223-H1000 INSULATOR-engine mounting, front [8 mm studs] $12.70 USD
11223-H5000 INSULATOR-ENGINE MOUNTING, FRONT 7510-8503 [8mm studs] 
11223-G1900 INSULATOR-ENGINE MOUNTING, FRONT 8504- [8mm studs]

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B10 Mounts

As you can see these Datsun 1000 parts are different from newer (B110, etc) mounts.

11223-18001 INSULATOR-engine mounting front
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POST qik1000 used Ford Laser mounts
Custom engine mounts to suit A14/A15. I used new ford laser upper engine mounts, which are significantly larger/stiffer than the originals. This eliminates axle tramp.

1985-1990 BD/BF Mazda 323, KA/KB Ford Laser Rear Engine Mount (spacing varies from B10 mount)

RH stepped bracket with angle-mount insulator
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Upgraded Insulators

Puck Type

Many favor puck-style insulators, because they are readily available in polyurethane, although OEM-style new rubber makes for less vibration. Either style insulator (stock or puck) can fit stock L-type or A-type mounts.

Universal puck-style mounts, in rubber or polyurethane
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These are the heavy duty engine mounts we were talking about. Broken engine mounts are a common thing in rally cars and this fixes the problem. Mounts are polyurethane and come out of a ford cortina and last for years of competition...Part number MT8156N. Kelpro make them...I usually just go to a good parts place and ask for cortina engine mounts and this is what they give me. Maybe there are two types, these are about 70mm in dia.

Kelpro MT8156N
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quote: you might want to look at the poly-urathene style mounts. I am using some of a Jag. The part number is at home. but they are heaps wider but no tallers, so they make a good direct replacement, plus they are high temp rated.

Maddat Product No - REM1200F Polyurethane Engine Mounts. Suit 1200 Reversed engine X-member (pair). New revised editions have stainless steel plates and increased re-enforcement with a slightly softer compound.

* Land Rover Discovery 1989-1994 V8

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Nissan Revised

CA-style/A10/B310-style has fail-safe sides
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See also: A10 Motor Mount

Tougher B310 insulators have a larger studs and locating pins, but otherwise are the same dimensions as B110 mounts
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NISMO 11220-RS585 RN32 Skyline RB20DE/RB20DET/RB25DE 2WD
RN32_mount.jpg RN32_mounts.jpg

NISMO reinforced competition mounts
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Silvia Type

super-insulated, good for engine swaps


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