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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Introduction of GL trim

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Datsun B10 | Documentation

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Title: DATSUN Sunny [green lake with blue 4-door at top]
1969 August 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan, Coupe including GL Datsun B10
Format:24 page booklet Size:24.5x39.5cm Publication Number:unspecified

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29013.jpg#cover 174_5cfdd9dd703c1.jpg#2-3 29015.jpg#4-5 174_5cfdd9ed591ff.jpg#6-7 29016.jpg#8-9 174_5cfdd9ff76293.jpg#10-11 174_5cfdda0807007.jpg#12-13 174_5cfdda0f12696.jpg#14-15 174_5cfdda14e957b.jpg#16-17 174_5cfdda2850c16.jpg#18-19 174_5cfdda4229662.jpg#20-21 27891.jpg#22-23 27887.jpg#24


page 1: Cover

Blue 4-door sedan GL parked on grassy shore on a green lake
29013.jpgAlbum 29013

page 2-3: 2-Door GL

Showing the new unique GL grille
174_5cfdd9dd703c1.jpgPost 491647

29014.jpgAlbum 29014

page 4-5: 4-Door GL

Blue 4-door at the seashore
29015.jpgAlbum 29015

page 6-7: 4-Door Deluxe

174_5cfdd9ed591ff.jpgPost 491647 174_5d12f1eef3c46.jpgPost 491803

2-door Deluxe
174_5d12f04eecb21.jpgPost 491803

page 8-9: Coupe

29016.jpgAlbum 29016 174_5d12f058cf160.jpgPost 491803

page 10-11: Coupe interior

174_5cfdd9ff76293.jpgPost 491647

27888.jpgAlbum 27888

page 12-13: Options

174_5cfdda0807007.jpgPost 491647

page 14-15: engine and suspension

174_5cfdda0f12696.jpgPost 491647

page 16-17: Interior

174_5cfdda14e957b.jpgPost 491647

27889.jpgAlbum 27889

page 18-19: High-tech design

computer aided
174_5cfdda2850c16.jpgPost 491647

page 20-21: Specifications and colours

174_5cfdda4229662.jpgPost 491647

page 22-23

27891.jpgAlbum 27891

page 24: back cover

27887.jpgAlbum 27887

with Sunny Sales stamped information
174_5cfdda6419363.jpgPost 491647 

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