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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Wheel And Tire | Maintenance And Daily Care

Datsun 1200s were equipped with an easy-to-use scissor-type jack. It shipped in the boot (sedan and coupe) or attached to the passenger's seat (truck and van).



See also: Changing tire

Sedan & Truck jacks differ only by the diagram (sticker) on the jack.
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CAUTIONS (Details: See owner's manual)

  1. Use this jack on this vehicle only.
  2. Set parking brake firmly and set automatic transmission in "P", manual transmission in First or Reverse.
  3. Use #wheel chocks or blocks to fix other wheels.
  4. Place jack at #jack-up points only.
  5. Never jack up more than necessary.
  6. Never get beneath vehicle when it i supported by jack.
  7. Never use blocks on or under jack.
  8. Park on hard level surface.

Jack-up Points

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 27 ... 27):

th_00_cover.jpg   th_27.jpg
There are four jack-up points at the floor panel

B120 1974 Export owner's manual (Page 25 ... ):

th_00%20cover.jpg   25.jpg
Jack-up Points

You can jack-up the 1200 at these points
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Using OEM jack (see Owners Manual above):

Be sure to use a Nissan /Toyota/Subaru jack with a "slot" to fit over the rocker panel seam. Jack here, at the point of the the half-round indents:
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Using other jacks:

  • Under lower A-arm (Transverse link), near tire
  • Middle of engine crossmember (lift entire front end)
  • center of Differential (lift entire rear of car)
  • Outboard ends of rear axle housing
CAUTION: Before sliding underneath the car, be sure to place jackstands under the suspension. In a pinch a tree stump or beefy timber can work. Make certain it is secure, and lower the weight of the car on the jackstands.

Also useful when removing/reinstalling transmission
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Standard Equipment

  • Scissor Jack
  • S-shaped Jack Handle
  • Wheel Wrench in black 'Nissan' tool bag
  • Tire retaining clamp (sedan and coupe)

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1976 Aussie Pick-up
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1200 Factory Tool Kit was option and the contents vary by year and region.

See #Part Numbers section below
also see #Alternative Datsun Jacks

1976 AUS tool kit
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#Wheel Stops
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Jack Location

The Jack and its equipment is stored in special place.


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The Jack and its equipment is stored in the Trunk (Boot). Sedan uses a hold-down clamp, while Coupe uses a fixed bracket (the opposite of usage for B10).

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The ute Jack is stored POST under front of passenger's seat.

B120 1974 Export owner's manual (Page 24 ... 24):

th_00%20cover.jpg   24.jpg
The tools and jack components are stored in the storage compartment as shown. The tool bag is stowed under the assist seat.
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Mounts similar to this VB310 jack:

Sunny_Truck jack handle features tabs going other way truck | sedan/coupe
174_5d2bec08e4e66.pngPost click for topic 174_5d2bebefeede4.jpgPost click for topic

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24944.jpgAlbum click to view jack1.jpg jack2.jpg jack3.jpg


Wagon jack fits in front of passenger seat.
27057.jpgAlbum click to view 27056.jpgAlbum click to view

120Y wagon VB210 jack mount in engine bay

Sunny van VB310 jack
174_5d2cbce791641.jpgPost click for topic
運転席下の邪魔にならない場斫にセットされたジャッキ。いざというとき、すぐに取り出せます。 Jack set in place out the way under the driver's seat. When it is emergency, it can be taken out immediately.

Datsun B10

1000 Sedan
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Roller Jack Handle

Nissan jack handle with built-in rollers (no more pinched hands!). Source one from a more luxurious Datsun or Nissan. I got mine from a 1985 S12.

23428.jpgAlbum click to view

Wheel Stops

From B310 and many other Datsuns:

  • 99595-H7400 TIRE STOPPER

23615.jpgAlbum click to view 23616.jpgAlbum click to view

Part Numbers


ジヤッキ、パンタグラフ タイパ゚ ハンドル、ジヤッキ クランク

Part Codes: 99610, 99611

  • 99550-H1000 SET-JACK B110 $74.14
  • 99553-H1400 HANDLE-JACK CRANK VB110P, B120 [right-angle]
    • looks similar to 99552-D0100 U11
  • 99551-G1400 JACK-PANTOGRAPH TYPE B120
  • 99595-18000 BAG-TOOL $3.89


  • 99504-50Y00 bag-tool $4.14
  • 99501-01A00 tool kit-complete with jack $118.12
  • 99552-01G00 rod-jack D22 [straight] $17.25
  • 99553-01W00 Handle Jack 280ZX [crank] $9.33
  • 02996-01100 handle-jack 310/810 [with plastic roll surfaces] $19.33
  • 99595-H7400 tire stopper 810 [non-folding]
  • 99595-U1400 tire stopper 280ZX [folding type] $24.30 [99595-F2700]
  • 99545-8B400 Wrench-wheel Nut & jack handle Frontier $32.88
99596 oil filter wrench bag
99547 oil filter wrench
99548 oil filter wrench handle
99540 spark plug wrench
99512-25660 HAMMER

Datsun 910

99545 wrench
02995-45200 WRENCH-WHEEL NUT

99610 jack
02996-10421 JACK-PANTOGRAPH TYPE sedan [groove type a la B110]
02996-01631 JACK-PANTOGRAPH TYPE wagon [finger type]
99595 wheel stop
99595-H7400 sedan [fixed type] (2)
99595-U1400 wagon [folding type] (1)
* 99595-F2700
99596 Tool bag
02995-95300 BAG-TOOL
99614 jack handle
02996-01100 HANDLE-JACK LEVER 910 sedan
99613 jack handle, 2-piece 
02996-03200 ROD-JACK HANDLE wagon
99612 jack crank
02996-02100 HANDLE-JACK HANDle wagon
* 99545 wrench
* 99596 tool bag


 99596 bag
 99535 phillips driver
 99545 lug wrench
 99525 pliers
 99507 spanner
 99507 spanner
02995-07100 spanner 8x10
02995-07300 spanner 12x14
02995-25100 PLIER
02995-30300 SCREWDRIVER/DRIVER-PLUS & MINUS [phillips + regular]
 99530-50Y00 $6.12 USD 
 * S13, R50 USA

Alternative Datsun Jacks

Not recommended. Shocking
10192.jpgAlbum click to view

620 Pickup: rotary type for heavy loads
282757_10150322612682387_507737386_9967102_5395102_n.jpg 526210_860298009146_41507110_36291832_659386670_n.jpg

521 pickup handle

Long & Short handle (long one is for pickup)

1970-1976 S30 Tool Kit

1977-1978 S30 Tool Kit
Jack_1978_S30.jpg Jack_1978_280Z.jpg

280ZX Tool Kit
jack_S130.jpg jack_280ZX_detail.jpg


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