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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Exhaust System

See also: Exhaust Piping

The Datsun 1200 used a 1.5 inch exhaust system with a very, very, very quiet muffler — the factory Datsun 1200 muffler was so quiet you couldn't hear the engine running at idle. The muffler included a permanently attached tail pipe.



Exhaust Pipe, Muffler, Tail Pipe
26085.jpgAlbum 26085

Original mufflers came with integrated exhaust pipe - Bottom (old) is the factory piece. This pipe was part of the muffler.
22334.jpgAlbum 22334

The muffler should flow at least 2.2 cfm per flywheel HP. For a 69 hp A12, that is 152 cfm, easily achieved with the factory 1-1/2 inch piping.

Muffler is located just in front of the Rear Axle
174_61886c76ce02c.jpgPost 496137

Coupe & Sedan have the same muffler location, only the bend shape of the tailpipe portion differs a little. This bend allows the pipe to go over the rear axle.
174_61896f59b21f2.jpgPost 496141

The body of the muffler is suspended by two rubber rings and contributes to quietness of the exhaust system (there are no rattles from the exhaust).
174_61896f6a2702e.jpgPost 496141

Tailpipe exits at the rear, below the bumper
174_6186e90530c7c.jpgPost 496134


Muffler measurements from my 1200 sedan with factory original muffler:

* 11-5/8" Shell length
* 8-1/4" Shell oval width
* 3-3/4" Shell oval height
* 1.5" front inlet, centered
* 1.5" rear outlet, on far left of oval

There is enough room under a sedan that a muffler about 2" longer may fit.

Part Numbers

Nissan JDM Catalog
20010-H1000 TUBE ASS'Y-exhaust, front - ALL (exc. GX, Automatic)
19077.jpgAlbum 19077
20010-H1020 TUBE ASS'Y-exhaust, front - Automatic
20010-H2301 TUBE ASS'Y-exhaust, front - GX 4-speed
20010-H3400 TUBE ASS'Y-exhaust, front - GXA (GX Automatic)
20010-H7200 TUBE ASS'Y-exhaust, front - GX-5
20603-H2300 GASKET-exhaust tube - GX and GX-5
20602-27700 NUT-fixing, tube end (2) - ALL (except GX, GX-5)
20602-27700 NUT-fixing, tube end - GX-5
08915-13810 WASTHER-spring lock (3) - GX-5
20635-18000 STOPPER-muffler bound - ALL
20100-H1000 MUFFLER ASS'Y-with rear tube - Sedan
20100-H1400 MUFFLER ASS'Y-with rear tube - Van
20100-H2500 MUFFLER ASS'Y-with rear tube - Coupe
20630-18000 RING-rubber, muffler clamp (2)
20620-H1000 CLIP-tube, exhaust
06915-43810 WASHER-plain (2)
08915-13810 WASHER-lock
08110-85510 or 08110-86010 BOLT
08911-10810 NUT
20640-18000 STRAP-exhaust hanger
25604.jpgAlbum 25604
20641-18000 WASHER-plain (2)
08911-10810 NUT (2)
08915-13810 WASHER-lock (2)
08110-82210 BOLT (2)
20321-H2500 FINISHER-exhaust - GL, GX
20720-N2225 SEALER KIT-exhaust tube joint - ALL
USA Catalog
20010-H3100 ASSY-TUBE EXHAUST FRONT Sedan Manual Trans > 20010-H1000 $34.92
20100-H7001 ASSY-MUFFLER WITH REAR TUBE Sedan Manual Trans > 20100-H1000 $84.72 NLA
20321-H2000 FINISHER-EXHAUST (chrome extension) NLA
20321-H2500 FINISHER-EXHAUST (chrome extension) $18.36 NLA

A15E EGI dual exhaust (92 hp). This one has been modified to remove muffler
174_5d3784513e627.jpgPost 491958

Aftermarket Replacements

Aftermarket 1.5

  • Dynomax 17700 ("Thrush turbo"),similar shape to stock. Oval 3.25 in. x 7.75 in. Case Length: 11 in. Overall length: 16 in. Width: 7.750 in. Thickness: 3.25 in.
1-1/2 pipe clamps:
* Merit M112 or U112
* Napa BK 7335325
Rubber Donut Hangers
* Merit 8166 ???
Aftermarket GX (is it the same as the S110 gasket?)
* Gasket: Merit 8696
* Pipe: (1981 Nissan 720), Merit 48316
Exhaust Tip - 1-1/2" diameter
* Merit 9821

Aftermarket 1.75

Can Muffler

Hot-dog style mufflers (cannons or "fart cans") are mainly for looks. Having the muffler at the very end of the exhaust makes it louder, and most cans are fiberglass packed tubes ("glass-pack") which are by nature noisy. They are simply a straight-through pipe with baffles in the tube sides.

2539.jpgAlbum 2539 2951.jpgAlbum 2951 4397.jpgAlbum 4397 21044.jpgAlbum 21044

When fitting a can muffler, it is advised to also fit a large normal muffler under the car.
17076.jpgAlbum 17076

Dual Outlet

174_5d8159050dcc3.jpgPost 492625


ARMS - stainless side tubes to fit 1200 ute. Volume 94db. Main pipe φ50, tail end φ50 (2" pipes). Dual slash cut or straight cut.

25595.jpgAlbum 25595 25603.jpgAlbum 25603 25596.jpgAlbum 25596 25597.jpgAlbum 25597 24947.jpgAlbum 24947


"FISCO" and "NISMO" was fitted to Sunny Truck with A15

25539.jpgAlbum 25539 25540.jpgAlbum 25540 25541.jpgAlbum 25541

Finish Mufflers

Add a stylish stainless steel muffler at the end of a full exhaust system.

21044.jpgAlbum 21044 18361.jpgAlbum 18361 18255.jpgAlbum 18255 13423.jpgAlbum 13423

rotary style dumpy
15642.jpgAlbum 15642

straight-through "cannon" muffler (a straight pipe, peforated with holes and fiberglass-packed chamber) is VERY loud
13422.jpgAlbum 13422 4131.jpgAlbum 4131

10512.jpgAlbum 10512 10511.jpgAlbum 10511 10513.jpgAlbum 10513

Bush Mufflers

16569.jpgAlbum 16569 21118.jpgAlbum 21118


For the sleeper look
12687.jpgAlbum 12687 12698.jpgAlbum 12698 

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