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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

New Carburetor

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Fuel System | Hitachi 306 Carburetor

Chinese-made "16010-H1602" clone of Hitachi DCG306 carburetor for Datsun 1200. They have been sold on eBay and also by Bprojects.


Minimum order 100 quantity
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  • This is not a Hitachi carburetor, but is close.
  • Advertised as 16010-H1602, which is USA part number, but the photo matches the original 16010-H1000 more closely than the USA version, except that it has a plug where the Anti-Diesel valve goes (which is only on 1973-up USA carburetors).
  • The jets are not stamped with an ID number

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thomen said:

16 January 2011

a much better improvement over the old [worn out] one! just had to swap my choke cable round to the other side and done! ...

15 March 2011

the one I bought (i posted about it in this post) and fitted is not running right.. mechanic has said it might be the float or jet setup... is not running right... I'm not sure


Comparision with H1000

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