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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Roll Center Adjusters

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Suspension Modifications

Spacers are used when lowering the front of the car. They sit between the Knuckle Arm and Strut to preserve the original roll steer angle. By correcting the angle of the lower control arm they will restore the original suspension geometry. Sometimes called Strut Spacers or Bump Steer Adjusters, but the purpose is not actually to do either.


When the car is lowered significantly over standard, the suspension arms are closer to parallel with the ground and the tie rods are inclined up instead of down. Additionally, the steering linkage is no longer optimal.

Roll Centre Adjusters space the steering arms and LCA to their original position.


23732.jpg 23728.jpg 23731.jpg 16436.jpg


Datsun 1200 and A12-powered B210 uses 75mm spacing for the bolts that attach the Steering Arm to the strut. Other Datsuns use 80mm spacing.
19109.jpg 23761.jpg

Datsuns with 2" struts use 80 mm spacing. These Nismo spacers are 510/610/710 with 80 mm spacing and 40(?) mm locating ring.

80mm bolting Nissan Part Number 99996-10SPCR

R31/S12/910 spacers are 80mm but use a large 54 mm locating ring.

These offset kind will also widen your track by moving the strut outward (you could alternatively reverse them to move the strut inward):


Will these fit?
174_4ef555e601512.jpg 174_4ef555ed65485.jpg 174_4ef555f377cf8.jpg



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