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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Documentation

Songs about Datsun 1200s.


Joni Mitchell

More details: Google

Go the 2-dr sedan!

joni mitchell misses | hits
138.gifAlbum 138 139.jpgAlbum 139

PB110 Song

See also: Alan_Merrill

September 1971 kayōkyoku (pop song) "Tokimeki" (ときめき) by the hit soft-rock duo Bread & Butter, from the Sunny Excellent commercial.

 V I D E O  Hear It: Tokimeki PB110 commercial (click to view)
photo from Alan Merrill advertisement

Buy the record: flexidisc for Nissan Sunny Excellent sales promotion

26468.jpgAlbum 26468

29608.jpgAlbum 29608 27126.jpgAlbum 27126 27127.jpgAlbum 27127 27130.jpgAlbum 27130 27129.jpgAlbum 27129 27128.jpgAlbum 27128 29606.jpgAlbum 29606

Flexi disc
29609.jpgAlbum 29609

Sheet music with guitar tab
26005.jpgAlbum 26005

ときめきのレポート Tokimeki Report

27002.jpgAlbum 27002 27003.jpgAlbum 27003

Sunny Song

First associated with B10 Sunny, then used in B110 commercials too.

 V I D E O  NISSAN SUNNY 1200-CM (1970) (click to view)
Lyrics as follows:

We want to go far away
We want to go far away


We want to go far away
We want to go far away
We want to chase happiness 
With Sunny

Flexi disc (sonosheet/ソノシート) 33-1/3 RPM STEREO
21784.jpgAlbum 21784

何かが呼んでいる Something Is Calling
歌手:ヒデ夕木 Singer: [anime king] Yuki Hide
作詞:山上路夫 Lyrics: Yamagami Michio
作曲:鈴木宏昌 Composition: Hiromasa Suzuki
シンガーズ・スリーとワンダーズ Chorus singers: Three Wonders

Buy It:

26469.jpgAlbum 26469 g158527828_3.jpg g158527828_2.jpg

27124.jpgAlbum 27124 27125.jpgAlbum 27125

Advertising Feature: Goose

174_612821c28d0b4.jpgPost 495769 174_612821cecd8cc.jpgPost 495769 174_612821dfabb3a.jpgPost 495769 29248.jpgAlbum 29248

Sunny by Cher

Yes, the song Sunny by Bobby Hebb is not about the Datsun Sunny ... but this special edition record by Liberty Japan is! Featuring a Datsun 1000 right on the cover. Also the theme of the song is about the sunny side of life, so it is very apropos of Datsun.

シェール サニーは恋人/この胸のときめきを
174_5cbd0a414f234.jpgPost 491244
Sunny bw. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

This is the special "Sunny and Cher" edition in red vinyl
174_5cbd0ae6abf84.jpgPost 491244
U.S.A. recording. Record manufactured by Toshiba Musical Industries Ltd. in Japan.

 V I D E O  LISTEN NOW: 1966 Cher-Sunny

Datsun Sunny B10

Two Songs from birth of Sunny!
29417.jpgArticle click to go

KB10 - World of a Guy/Sweet Memory

Flexi-disc with two songs:

  • World of a Guy
  • Sweet Memories

29476.jpgArticle click to go

Sunny Original Music

Cassette tapes of the hits -- by the original artists that made them hits.

174_5a6d7f2046197.jpgPost 487429

no volume

Sunny Original Music Cassette tape with Sunny-chan on the cover.

174_5b7081fb78373.jpgPost 489213 174_5b70828aed7b2.jpgPost 489213

JASRAC  T-510446
非売品 not for sale
1. しなやかに誐って
2. ?自宣言
4. 勇気があれば
1. おもりで逎
2. おまえとふたり
3. みちどれ
4. 荄追り逎
5. ?唄

Volume 2

Datsun Sunny 日産自動車株式会社
174_5b64d1769c9b6.jpgPost 489125 174_5b64d181656b6.jpgPost 489125 174_5b64d18abfa44.jpgPost 489125 174_5b64d193a203b.jpgPost 489125

Sunny Original Music Cassette Vol. 2
JASRAC T-230782 N.G.S
2. 育?時代
3. ヘッドライト [Headlight by Kenji Shinuma, 1977]
4. S・O・S [S・O・S by Pink Lady, 1976]
5. むさし野詩人 [Musashino Poet by Gogo Noguchi, 1977]
1. しあれせ未?
2. フィーリング Feeling
3. 失恋レストラン [Broken heart restaurant by Kentaro Shimizu, 1976]
4. シクラメンのがほり [Koari's Cyclamen by Fuse Akira, 1975]

Volume 6

circa 1978

日産サニー オリジナル ミュージックカセット vol.6 「カセットテープ」
174_5cbc3e696eeed.jpgPost 491238 174_5cbc3e7e106bb.jpgPost 491238

非売品 DATSUN Sunny JASRAC T-380247
1. モンスター
2. 岬めぐり
3. かもめが翔んだ日
4. ダーリング
5. 思い出のグリーン・グラス

174_5cbc3e7374fbe.jpgPost 491238

1. 旅人よ
2. 東京ららばい
3. 宿無し
4. 微笑がえし
5. 時には娼婦のように

Do It in a Datsun

"you can do it in a Datsun, it's just the right size"

Billboard 6 Nov 1971, page 3
'Arizona' Publisher Alleges Car Steal

LOS ANGELES--A hearing is scheduled Monday (1) in Federal Court here on Kangaroo Music's suit against Rissan Motors. The publisher is charging that the "Do It in a Datsun" radio jingle was taken from songwriter Kenny Young's "Arizona," a big hit for Mark Lindsay on Columbia.

1970s license plate frame
29481.jpgAlbum 29481

7-up Contest

1973 - Win a Datsun 240Z with 8-track stereo

Collect the caps on 7up

  • The Guess Who
  • April Wine
  • Lighthouse
  • Crowbar
  • Edward Bear 

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