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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Speed Star Wheel

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Parts Suppliers | Wheel And Tire

Speed Star Racing (SSR) wheels from Speed Star Co., Ltd. Speed Star was purchased in 2005 by Tanabe Co. Ltd. and is now doing business as "SSR Wheels".

Also see: Super Star Racing (of the famous Super Star wheels)



th_sstp_1005_36_oparts_guide_retro_ridesstar_mki.jpg th_sstp_1005_40_oparts_guide_retro_ridesstar_mk_2.jpg th_sstp_1005_45_oparts_guide_retro_ridesmk_3.jpg th_longchamp_xr-4.jpg th_ssrstarshark.jpg th_fmgold16_lrg.jpg

Also see:


By caps, lug nuts, and other SSR parts from Upgrade Motoring

Mark I

SSR's first wheel: The 1971 MK.1.

sstp_1005_36_oparts_guide_retro_ridesstar_mki.jpg 2782.jpgAlbum 2782

Mark II

The classic square-spoke wheel @ JNC | SS
ssrmkII.jpg sstp_1005_40_oparts_guide_retro_ridesstar_mk_2.jpg

MK-II 14-inch wheels on Datsun 1200
16538.jpgAlbum 16538

20679.jpgAlbum 20679 10082.jpgAlbum 10082 18787.jpgAlbum 18787 174_5b98f06dc3d73.jpgPost 489433

10102.jpgAlbum 10102 10086.jpgAlbum 10086

13 x 6.5
1531.jpgAlbum 1531

Mark III

Speed Star MK.3 (similar to Topy Jovite)

* 8-spoke: double 4-spoke (thick 4-spoke + thin 4-spoke)
* have a ridge surrounding the lug holes
* Six rivets (early)
* Ten rivets (late)

174_5ca003d0cffff.jpgPost 491049 14945.jpgAlbum 14945 13042.jpgAlbum 13042

TOPY Jovite lug holes are not separated from the spoke as they are on Mk III (don't have a ridge surround the lug holes)

  • Six rivets

174_584336f3e8fd6.jpgPost 482622 174_584336e95f749.jpgPost 482622 17554_5842f354034a5.pngPost 482617


1986 Speed Star Conc (aka Flying Dragon)
21092007201.jpg 21092007197.jpg

Dori 2

double 10-ray (Simmons#OM is double 8-ray)
3143_49cf4d5f82af8.jpgPost 248855


8-ray star Jilba Racing

12696_509606efe35a9.jpgPost 422288 JilbaRacing.jpg

      Jilba          Star Shark II   Work#Equip_03
star  8 rays           10 rays        8 rays
bolts 10 or 16         10             16
hub   not discernable  round hub      semi-round
lugs  closed spokes    round section  open spokes

compare to 10-ray Star Shark II

compare to Work#Equip 03 with lug holes in open spokes

Long Champ

Long Champ brand of wheels by Suzuka. Although designed and marketed by Suzuka, some were originally manufactured by Speed Star. Later version have no SSR markings.

See Main Article: Long Champ

Long Champ XR4

Long Champ M-1


hub area is an 8-point star with 'SSR' in one of the little spikes

  • Reverse Mesh (SSR-RM)
  • Formula Mesh (SSR-FM)

Formula Mesh 16"

The difference between Reverse Mesh and Formula Mesh is that one has a staggered lip and one is completely flat. 13 and 14 inch meshies are hard to find in reverse but not in formula.

Type A
Type B
Type C
Type FM

9887.jpgAlbum 9887 5857.jpgAlbum 5857 16280.jpgAlbum 16280 19511.jpgAlbum 19511

10257_4c10967e333de.jpgPost 321487 13892.jpgAlbum 13892

Star Bright

Bright Speed Racing

bright.jpg h_bright3.jpg

Star Formula

6-point star

13x10 SSR Star Formula


Star Shark

Colin Star Shark manufactured by SSR

See Main Article: Colin wheels


Super Star

See: Super Star Racing

th_SuperStar.jpg th_ssrsuperstar.jpg th_superstar.jpg 

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