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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Nissan Vehicles

TRX was a trim package for Datsun-Nissan Bluebird and Pintara in Australia.

  • 910 Bluebird Series II (1985-1986) with CA20S & RWD
  • R31 Pintara 1986-1990 (Skyline) CA20E 4-plug & RWD
  • U12 Pintara 1989-1992 (Bluebird/Stanza & Ford Corsair) KA24E & FWD

Also see TRX Wheels



Datsun 910 Bluebird, Australian Production

Series II TR-X package
400px-1983-1985_Nissan_Bluebird_%28P910_Series_II%29_TR.X_sedan_%2814504262465%29.jpgWIKI click for photo

Series II TRX package included:

front air dam
alloy TRX Wheels
5661.jpg 6492.jpg
rear spoiler
internal reading lights
rear disc brakes 

Series III GL
400px-1985-1986_Nissan_Bluebird_%28P910_Series_III%29_GL_sedan_02.jpgWIKI click for photo



A TRX bodykit package was offered for the Pintara R31 GX and GXE sedans, featuring alloy wheels and low profile tyres among other special features.

Pintara: R31 4-cyl models for Australian market
400px-1986_Nissan_Pintara_%28R31%29_GXE_sedan_%282015-08-07%29_01.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

R31 TRX package included:

  • front and rear air dam
  • rear spoiler
  • side skirts
  • grille cover
  • alloy wheels
  • low profile tyres


U12 Pintara TRX (U12 Nissan Bluebird)


U12 TRX package:

  • 4-door sedan only
  • 2.4L KA24E engine
  • manual or auto transmission
  • sports seats
  • sports suspension
  • body kit
  • alarm
  • 6Jx14" alloy wheels (instead of 5.5Jx14")


Alloy wheels from Datsun 910 "Bluebird Series II" Australia TRX package work nicely on a Datsun 1200.

See main article: TRX Wheels

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