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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

TRX Wheels

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= Spacers = = Spacers =
-TRX wheels will need spacers on the front wheels before your car can even roll. The rim hits the strut tube before the mounting surface of the wheel meets the mounting surface of the hub.+TRX wheels will need spacers on the front wheels of a standard 1200 before your car can even roll.
-TRX wheels require spacers to work on a 1200. 8mm spacers work [{{Post|212714}} with 1200/120Y struts] and 195-width tyres. [{{Post|212714}} 5mm spacer are not enough]. Possibly 175/55SR15 may fit without spacers.+The rim hits the strut tube before the mounting surface of the wheel meets the mounting surface of the hub.
 +TRX wheels require spacers to work on a 1200.
 +8mm spacers work [{{Post|212714}} with 1200/120Y struts] and 195-width tyres.
 +[{{Post|212714}} 5mm spacer are not enough].
= Tyre Size = = Tyre Size =

Revision as of 00:54, 3 June 2024

Alloy wheels from the Datsun 910 "Bluebird Series II" Australia TRX package. They are 15" wheels, 5.5" wide, offset +35.



<TRX> wheels appear to be identical to the Cheviot Mirage

TRX Wheel
5661.jpgAlbum 5661

Mirage 15

7836.jpgAlbum 7836 7841.jpgAlbum 7841

TRX wheels require spacers to work on a 1200.

This 1200 has flaring to accomodate 195/50R15 tyres
3775.jpgAlbum 3775

POST 2-inch lowered
14821.jpgAlbum 14821 14822.jpgAlbum 14822

14785.jpgAlbum 14785 10190.jpgAlbum 10190 23804.jpegAlbum 23804

The hub area is black painted, so it doesn't appear circular. But then this paint is worn off/removed you can see the circular part of the hub
6929.jpgAlbum 6929 6331.gifAlbum 6331 6334.gifAlbum 6334 9820.jpgAlbum 9820 10172.jpgAlbum 10172


TRX wheels will need spacers on the front wheels of a standard 1200 before your car can even roll.

The rim hits the strut tube before the mounting surface of the wheel meets the mounting surface of the hub.

TRX wheels require spacers to work on a 1200.

8mm spacers work POST with 1200/120Y struts and 195-width tyres.

POST 5mm spacer are not enough.

Tyre Size

The limiting factors to fit in the wheel wells are:

1) tyre width, and 2) tyre diameter

That means 15" tyres work fine if they not too wide and not too tall. Keep width around 185, and rolling diameter 577mm or less, for the least amount of issues.

POST dodgeman: The 15" TRX rims are 5-1/2" wide, which is a good width for our cars, but you need a tyre with an outside diameter of something very similar to the original size in order to avoid clearance problems under the front of the car.

original size: 155SR12 (21.8"/554mm diameter)]

The 185 width is a good size for both a 5-1/2" wide rim & for the car, so in order to get a 185 tyre in a 15" rim fitment, that comes close to about 550mm to 555mm diameter, the calculator says it needs to be 185x45x15 & this results in an OD of almost 550mm. I don't know if this size even exists, but if it did, i don't think it would be particularly cheap.

[185/55R15 at are 23"/584mm diameter]

Another alternative would be 175x50x15 which gives us 556mm, but once again, i don't know if that size even exists.

175/55R15 are 22.6"/577mm diameter]

The most cost effective, & practical size is a 185x60x13 tyre on a 5" or 5-1/2 rim for front use. Anything wider usually means that you have clearance issues as there is not a real lot of room in there. This tyre size is readily available & very reasonably priced.

Taller/wider tyres may require:

Wider than 195 requires:

  • Flares
  • extra thickness on the wheel spacer

Taller tyres need:

  • Speedometer Calibration to restore accuracy
  • To regain stock acceleration, a steeper diff gear to compensate. On the other hand if you can live with more leisurely acceleration, you'll find that on the higway, taller tyres give better fuel economy and lower noise (lower engine RPM)


Nissan Bluebird TRX rims
6501.jpgAlbum 6501 16811.jpgAlbum 16811 2005.jpgAlbum 2005 581.jpgAlbum 581 608.jpgAlbum 608 995.jpgAlbum 995 1658.jpgAlbum 1658 2005.jpgAlbum 2005 2882.jpgAlbum 2882 12998.jpgAlbum 12998 14832.jpgAlbum 14832

Discussion: will trx 15"rims fit straight onto 1200 ute without flaring?

If I see another 1200 with TRX rims I'm going to smack you across the face!

On standard Datsun 1200 struts they will require fairly low profile tyres, and quite large spacers for the front and it will need to stay at standard height. Even then you might find they are a tight fit and might grab the guard a bit if you hit any speed humps too quick or take corners quick.


If it is lowered at all you will need to roll the guards for sure!

16912.jpgAlbum 16912

With Stanza and other similar struts they fit no problem with 195/50R15 tyres and will only need to cut the front bottom corner out of the front guards for clearance when turning.

See also: Fender pulling

With Sunny (B310) struts on front and 195/50R15 tyres, it requires to roll all the guard lips, and run spacers on rear as they were scrubbing the inner guard and on all wheel arches the sharp lip all around the guard was tearing into the tyre slightly so rolled it right up.


Australia Bluebird TR-X

Main: TRX#910

Datsun 910 "Bluebird Series II" Australia TRX package (1985-1986)
400px-1985-1986_Nissan_Bluebird_%28P910_Series_III%29_TR.X_sedan_%2814528586911%29.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

Japan TR-X

The Japanese Leopard used similar wheels but 6" wide

15x6 Offset +35

レパード TR-X Nissan F30] Leopard TR-X 8009-8602

F30 15x6 Aluminum
N1 TYPE アルミ ホイール
40300-F6025 ** F/AL KEYLESS 6JJX15 *L20E# 8406- 4
40300-F6026 ** F/AL W/KEY   6JJX15 *L20E# 8406- 1
40300-F6027 ** F/AL KEYLESS 6JJX15 OFFSET 35  VG30T 8406- 4
40300-F6028 ** F/AL W/KEY   6JJX15 OFFSET 35 *VG30T 8406- 1
40224-W1505 NUT-ROAD WHEEL $19.10 USD
* K10,910,B11,E23,F30,R30,M10,S12,U11,Z31
* USA: nut used on S12,Z31

Wheel Nuts


TRX wheels use a hybrid shank-taper seat nut. They used to be about 7$ each from Nissan, or $3 each from aftermarket sources. Can be purchased at wheel shops too.

Part Numbers

Pulsar ET Turbo nuts, black instead of chrome, N40224 V9810

910 Bluebird TRX nuts, 40224 V9602

NICE Products - G419

There are 2 different types of TRX wheels (Series 1,2 + Series 3). There is an extra small lip on the inside of the stud holes on series 3 and so the nuts differ a little

POST TRX Wheel nuts
100_1687.jpg 100_1673.jpg 100_1685.jpg

POST Factory TRX nut at left, either kind will work

Aftermarket nuts can be used, but need to be the hybrid shank-taper type, not the taper seat type pictured below. Using regular taper seat nuts will not engage enough threaded section, and will not support enough of the stud putting extra leverage on them which can result in snapped studs.
5996_50c5c2f19842a.jpgPost 424877

Datsun 1000

10564.jpgAlbum 10564

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1658.jpg 1996.jpg 2005.jpg 2098.jpg 2606.jpg 2794.jpg 2882.jpg 5796.jpg 6491.jpg 6492.jpg 7645.jpg 7926.jpg 8576.jpg 8839.jpg 9304.jpg 10452.jpg 10453.jpg 13281.jpg 14785.jpg 16846.jpg 16847.jpg 16848.jpg 16912.jpg 17446.jpg 17447.jpg 17768.jpg 22931.jpg

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