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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Tunnel Comparison

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Body | Transmission | Automatic Transmission

Transmission Tunnel comparisons.



Tunnel is made up of two body panels: The lower dash (firewall) and the front floor, which has the shifter hole and the gearbox crossmember mount brackets.


1200 Automatics are fitted with a much larger tunnel than are manual-equipped 1200s. In addition, the floor panel is two pieces with a larger entry to the firewall.

The firewalls (lower dash panels) differ in the 1) shape of opening for transmission tunnel and 2) clutch cable holes.

Japan Catalog
* Manual
  67300-H1000 ASS'Y PANEL, dash, lower M/T [no shifter hole?]
  67300-H1000 ASS'Y PANEL, dash, lower M/T 4-speed
  74300-H1010 ASS'Y FLOOR, front M/T
* Automatic
  67300-H1021 ASS'Y PANEL, dash, lower A/T
  74300-H1021 ASS'Y FLOOR, front A/T
  74306-H1020 ASS'Y PANEL, A/T floor cover, front

The rear floor and rails are the same for manual and automatic.

The firewall & front floor panels are the same for coupe & sedan & van. Truck parts differ except the lower dash for early truck (to Febuary 1973) is same as the cars.


B210 (including 120Y) rationalized the parts count and use the same tunnel for manual or automatic cars.

63-series 5-speed and Automatic Transmission use the same tunnel.

56-series and Automatic might use the same size tunnel entry.

B210 JDM Late

67300-H7400 DASH-LOWER A12+14.F4,AT also Van.7510-
67300-H7900 DASH-LOWER A14.F5 [FS5W63A]
67300-H7900 DASH-LOWER L16 [FS5W63A]
* also used by PB210 L14
74300-H7401 FLOOR-FRONT F4
74300-H7421 FLOOR-FRONT AT+F5 [FS5W63A]
* same as late USA
74300-H7800 FLOOR-FRONT V.7510-

B210 JDM Early

This indicates that Auto and Manual share the same tunnel entry (same size opening).

67300-H5000 PANEL ASS'Y-dash lower
67300-H5001 PANEL ASS'Y-dash lower (from '74-9)

This indicates latter part of the tunnel varies Auto vs Manual, possibly for the gearbox mounts.

74300-H5000 FLOOR ASS'Y-front M
74300-H5020 FLOOR ASS'Y-front A

PB210 L14

This indicates Tunnel entry same for auto or manual, and 4-speed too (by cross-reference regular early B210).

67300-H5800 PANEL ASS'Y-dash lower
67300-H5801 PANEL ASS'Y-dash lower (from '74-9) < 67300-H5800
67300-H7900 PANEL ASS'Y-dash lower (from '75-10) Sedan except DX
67300-H7400 PANEL ASS'Y-dash lower (from '75-10) Coupe except DX
74300-H5000 FLOOR ASS'Y-front (up to '75-9) 4-speed
74300-H7401 FLOOR ASS'Y-front (from '75-10) 4-speed except DX
74300-H5020 FLOOR ASS'Y-front (up to '75-9) Automatic, 5-speed
74300-H7421 FLOOR ASS'Y-front (from '75-10) Automatic, 5-speed except DX

B210 North America

Coupe & Sedan use the same tunnel body panels.

North America B210 has eight different floor pans:

 1975 with Converter bulge
 1975 without Converter bulge
 1974 - same as JDM early
 1976-1978, fits 63-series 5-speed FS5W63A
 1975 without Converter bulge
 1975 with Converter bulge
 1974 - same as JDM early
67300-H7700 ASSY-PANEL, DASH LOWER 0877-
67300-H7301 ASSY-PANEL, DASH LOWER 0875-0777
67300-H7300 ASSY-PANEL, DASH LOWER 0974-
67300-H6100 ASSY-PANEL, DASH LOWER -0874
74300-H7401 ASSY-FLOOR,FRONT (MANUAL) 0875-
74300-H7200 ASSY-FLOOR,FRONT (MANUAL) 0974-0775
74300-H7300 ASSY-FLOOR,FRONT (MANUAL)CAL. 0974-0775
74300-H5000 ASSY-FLOOR,FRONT (MANUAL) -0874
74300-H7421 ASSY-FLOOR,FRONT (5-SPEEED) 0476-
74300-H7421 ASSY-FLOOR,FRONT (AUTO) 0875-
74300-H7220 ASSY-FLOOR,FRONT (AUTO) 0974-0775
74300-H7320 ASSY-FLOOR,FRONT (AUTO)CAL 0974-0775
74300-H5020 ASSY-FLOOR,FRONT (AUTO) -0874


Japan Market

All the same, automatic, 63-series 4-speed or 5-speed

67300-H8500 DASH-LOWER ALL

74300-H8500 FLOOR-FRONT

North America

front floor, not listed. appears to be catalog mistake

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