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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Weber DGV Adapters

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Fuel System

The Weber 32/36 (DGV) carburetor has a larger bolt pattern than the stock Hitachi on a Datsun A-series engine. You can modify the stock manifold, or use an adapter plate.

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Comparo: DGV vs Hitachi 306
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You can make a DGV-compatible intake:
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But most of us use an adapter plate:
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Adapters for many models are available for sale, but I made my own adapter for the Nissan A12 engine out of a block of aluminum:
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Custom machined adapter (left) and kit-provided cast adapter

Be sure to use the Weber-type (thick) gasket under the carburetor. If you use a thin gasket it may tear during operation.
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Plate Numbers

10-212 for larger Datsun L-series carburetor
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Fits all with 80mm x 43mm carb base
Chrysler/Mitsubishi Colt, Galant,Lancer, Sigma 
- Citroen CX2200, CX2400 
- Daihatsu with 80mm x 43mm carb base 
- Datsun 1600, 180B, 200B, 240K, 260C, Bluebird, 510, 610 
- Fiat 125 coupe, X-19, 131 
- Ford Courier with mazda engine 
- Holden Gemini 1600 OHC (Isuzu) 
- Isuzu, Bellet, Gemini, Luv 
- Mazda 1200, 1300, 808, 323 rear wheel drive model, 1500, 1800,929,
  Capella 121, mazda 1400 
- Mitsubishi Express L300, Mitsubishi Colt, Galant,Lancer, Sigma 
- Toyota corolla 1100,1200 1300 1966-1984 
3K,4K 5K, 1983-1987 corolla/sprinter/seca 
Corona, Celica, Crown, Celica 1600 TA22 1971-75


Most local auto parts store can custom-order this part for you.

Or buy mail order
Pierce Manifolds $45 USD


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Make Your Own Plate

Weber bolt-pattern: 93x46mm | A-series manifold: 61x37mm
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  1. Dimensions: 1 x 2.75 x 5 inches (minimum would be approximately 10 x 6.7 x 11.4 mm)
  2. Using a Nissan gasket as a template on one side, and the Weber gasket on the other, mark the holes.
  3. Drill two bores ~30mm and 27mm to match the intake manifold. You might have a machine shop do this; I had access to a lathe with a large bit chuck into it.
  4. Drill and Countersink holes for stock Nissan pattern using a drill press to get them straight.
  5. Thread holes for Weber pattern
  6. Use a round rasp file to smooth out the transition from the small Nissan bore holes to the larger Weber holes you drew from the template


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