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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Body Electrical System

The wiper motor bolts to the engine compartment firewall. LHD cars sweep to the left, RHD sweeps to the right. For the windscreen washer, see Kangaroo Bag.



The windscreen wipers are about both the outside parts, and the linkage inside the passenger compartment.

2183.jpgAlbum 2183

Outside Parts:
* Wiper Motor
* Arms
* Blades
* "Refills" (Rubber inserts)
Inside Parts:
* Linkage
* Switch
* Fuse


B110 - below the Cowl seam line
1504.jpgAlbum 1504

B210 - above the Cowl seam line
10405_4a5720635857f.jpgPost 262293

Wiper Motor

As with the rest of the wiper system, the wiper motor for RHD and LHD are reversed. RHD models have the wiper motor on left side, just below the left bonnet hinge.

13428.jpgAlbum 13428

See Main Article: Wiper Motor

Wiper Switch

See Main Article: Wiper Switch

Wiper Blades, Arms and Inserts

The wiper arm is the metal part that goes back and forth
24684.jpgAlbum 24684

The wiper blade is the part that snaps into the arms and holds the rubber wiping insert. Datsun calls these two parts together the Blade Assembly
11490.jpgAlbum 11490

The wiper insert is the rubber strip (the refill) that fits into the blade.
28729.jpgAlbum 28729

Wiper Arms

The arms are the part outside the windshield, without the rubber insert/refill.
24684.jpgAlbum 24684

ARM ASSY WIPER 26380-H1000

14333_636051cce1ea2.jpgPost 497249


26380-H1000 ARM ASS'Y-wiper ALL (except GX)
26380-H2300 ARM ASS'Y-wiper GX

14333_636051932f35e.jpgPost 497249 14333_636051cce1ea2.jpgPost 497249 14333_636051ae7ddf9.jpgPost 497249 14333_636051bcab4f2.jpgPost 497249


26380-H1600 ASSY-ARM WIPER
24684.jpgAlbum 24684

24685.jpgAlbum 24685

ID marks:
24684.jpgAlbum 24684

upper: '56L' underneath by spring
lower: 'AE' mark on top, visible when installed
20093.jpgAlbum 20093

Wiper Arm Comparo: B110 vs B210 (Left-hand drive)
20094.jpgAlbum 20094

Wiper Blades

The blade is the metal part that holds the rubber inserts (refills). These two parts combined are called the blade assembly
11490.jpgAlbum 11490

Datsun 1200 uses 16" (405mm) wiper blades. The original blade was a stainless steel design marked "56L" on the bottom and "AE" on top. This blade takes 5/16" wide refills (9mm).

NOTE: Your 1200 may have had the original blades replaced at some point. Aftermarket blades may take a different type of rubber insert.

To separate blade from arm, insert knife as shown to lift up tab. Then pull the blade off the arm.
20092.jpgAlbum 20092

GX-5 option: For high-speed stability, it has a built-in wind spoiler
18952.jpgAlbum 18952


* 26360-H1000 BLADE ASS'Y-wiper ALL (except GX)
* 26360-H2300 BLADE ASS'Y-wiper GX
* 26370-A4600/A4601 BLADE ASS'Y-wiper GX-5, Optional ALL
  (same as Datsun 510 SSS/CSS blades)
* B6370-89901 OLD Type L=400 Black


26375-U5200 ASSY-BLADE WIPER [Option, High Speed]
* replaces 26375-A4601 ASSY-BLADE WIPER OP > 26375-A4600 
26360-B5200 ASSY-BLADE WIPER [non-High Speed] B210
26375-H7700 ASSY-BLADE WIPER [Matte Black, 1978) B210

GX-5 High-speed option
20091.jpgAlbum 20091

Nissan Accessories

B6370-89915 Nissan Genuine Wiper Blades for B110,B210,B310,F10,510,610,620,720 and more
26992.jpgAlbum 26992 26991.jpgAlbum 26991
S-lock type
26993.jpgAlbum 26993

Aftermarket Blades

Datsun 1200 wiper arms have a 7mm bayonet end.Aftermarket 16" blades that include a 7mm bayonet adapter work with the factory arms.

From $2 each at Rockauto

Compatible blade assemblies include:


For stock wiper arms, the refills are 16" long x 5/16" "Universal" style.
28729.jpgAlbum 28729

Although many stores recommend a new blade assembly, upon request they may sell you a much more inexpensive refill. It takes another minute to feed the insert into the blade, but you can save a lot of money. Because the original Datsun 1200 blades are quality stainless steel, they still look good and operate fine. Aftermarket blades are plastic or cheap stamped steel that rust in a few years.

NOTE: over the years many 1200 blades have been replaced with quick-replacment blades. If so, the original style refills won't fit.

NOTE: If you have trouble sourcing 5/16 inch x 16" wiper inserts, you can replace the entire metal blade with a different type (see #Aftermarket Blades). The only downside is the extra cost, plus the style (looks) will be different. Replacing the inserts is less expensive e.g. $5 for inserts, $15 for blades.

* NAPA 762-3164 Package says "Standard" type
* TRICO 44-160

Trico 44 Series Universal wiper refills are designed to fit most long frame TRICO, Tridon, Roberk, Anco, Pylon and Original Equipment plastic blades. Designed with metal end clips for ease of installation.

Trico 44 Series are rubber bonded to a plastic rib. Longer ones such as the 44-120 (20") can be cut down to 16".


24154.jpgAlbum 24154 24155.jpgAlbum 24155 24156.jpgAlbum 24156

18712.jpgAlbum 18712 B122-wiper-linkage.jpg B122-wiper-linkage-1.jpg B122-wiper-linkage-2.jpg wl1.jpg wl4.jpg wl3.jpg wl4.jpg wl5.jpg


B110 has shaft connectors using a C-clip. B210 is similar but uses ball-stud snap-in socket connectors.

Every 1200 has locations for both RHD and LHD pivots
174_5bf7ceb257347.jpgPost 489971

B110 wiper pivots 28870-H1000 [center pivot (double-arm type)] & 28875-H1000 [single-arm] (RHD, use 28870-H1600 for LHD)
B110-wiper-pivots.jpg B110-wiper-pivots-2.jpg B110-wiper-pivots-3.jpg

B210 wiper pivots 28870-H5000 & 28875-H5000
B210-wiper-pivot-2.jpg B210-wiper-pivot.jpg

Pivot Seals

24153.jpgAlbum 24153 174_5bf138807b46c.jpgPost 489930 174_5bf1388be1bd0.jpgPost 489930 174_5bf138968f7c3.jpgPost 489930

ピボット リンケージ


Wiper wiring includes the fuse in the Fuse Box and the wires and connectors.

See Main Article: Wiper Wiring


* Wiper Relocation
* Wiper Motor Upgrades
* Intermittent Wipers


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