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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Nissan Vehicles

710 was the first generation (1973-1977) of the Nissan Violet. Available in Sedan and Hardtop models, both of which had fastback styling (the difference is the door frames - sedans have frames around the door windows, while hardtops have no frames around the door glass). The 710 Hardtop has up-sweeping rear side glass, while 2-door sedan had down-sweeping rear side glass.




Nissan Violet was the C-classᵂ (compact) model family for the Nissan sales organization. It was a badge-engineered version of the compact Datsun car, with different body panels and interior but same running gear & chassis/suspension. 710 did not use IRS in most of its models, making it handy for export markets to slot below the cost of the 610 with IRS.

* Sold by Nissan Cherry Store as a larger companion model
* L-engine powered
* Same size as Datsun 610 Bluebird
* SSS models came with IRS

4333.jpgAlbum 4333 DSC01401small.jpg

Sold as:

  • Nissan Violet (Japan)
  • Datsun 710 (USA & Canada)
  • Datsun 140J/160J (Commonweath export countries)
  • Datsun 160J aka Datsun Sedan & Datsun Guayin (Mexico)
  • Yue Loong Violet (Taiwan)

710 "160J"
16575.jpgAlbum 16575 3339.jpgAlbum 3339

710 "Violet 1600"
4504.jpgAlbum 4504

Hardtop | Sedan
400px-Datsun_Violet_710_001.JPGWIKI go to Wikipedia 400px-Datsun_710_two-door_orange,_front_left.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

2-door | 4-door
400px-Datsun_Violet_710_002.JPGWIKI click for photo 400px-Nissan_Violet_710_rear.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

1973-1977 710 Market Names
Nissan Violet
Datsun 710/140J/160J/Sedan/Guayin
Yue Loong Violet 
* nickname "bolillo" 

SSS models came with IRS

710 early series: 1973-1976
711 late series:  1975- 1976
4-dr Sedan
2-dr Sedan
2-dr Hardtop (coupe)
4-dr Van (wagon)

For the last model year, the sedan changed from fastback style to notchback style.

Voilet and Bluebird

Violet was the C-class (compact) model family for the Nissan sales organization (later named Nissan Blue). It was a badge-engineered version of the Bluebird 610, with differed body and interior but same running gear & chassis/suspension. 710 did not use IRS in most of its models, making it handy for export markets to slot below the cost of the 610 with IRS. Bluebird moved upscale into the luxury sedan sedan market with availability of long-wheelbase six-cylinder 610 and 810 models, while Violet A10 continued as the lesser compact sedan.

Nissan Violet versus Datsun Bluebird
nissan_violet_2.jpg Datsun_Bluebird-U.jpg

710, 610, B210 comparo

Applied Model Codes

Applied Model Codes
K01	710 Sedan '74
K03	710 Sedan '74
K04	710 Sedan '74
K05	710 Sedan '74
K09	710 Sedan '74
K10	710 Sedan '74
K11	710 Sedan '74
K12	710 Sedan '74
K13	710 Coupe '74
K16	710 Sedan '74
K17	710 Sedan '74
K20	710 Sedan '74
K21	710 Coupe '74
K25	710 Coupe '74
K29	710 Wagon '74
K30	710 Wagon '74
K31	710 Wagon '74
K32	710 Wagon '74
N69 L16E (SSS)
N70 LPG (L16P & L18P)
N71 L14
N72 Van
N74 Notchback
2-dr sedan (early series only)


 710   4-door sedan
 710-R 2-door sedan (door has window frame "post")
K710   2-door Hardtop (door window has no frame) coupe
       (1400 & 1600)
 710  STD 1400 L14 engine
 710D DX 1400  L14 engine
 710H GL 1400  L14 engine
P710  DX 1600  L16 engine
P710H GL 1600  L16 engine
P710K SSS - IRS, L16 twin carb engine
P710E SSS - IRS, L16 EFI engine
R710P TAXI LPG L18P (late series)

27069.jpgAlbum 27069

L16S - single carb
L16T - Twin carb
L16E - EFI (SSS model)
L18P LPG TAXI 1.8 liter


SSS version of 710 differed from other trim levels:

  • IRS with R160 differential
  • Twin-carb or EFI
  • 4-door Sedan or Hardtop (coupe). No 2-dr sedan SSS was offered
Sedan SSS: P710TE 4-speed
Sedan SSS: P710FE 5-speed
Coupe SSS: KP710TE 4-speed
Coupe SSS: KP710TE 5-speed
L16T: SU-type (early series only)

SSS Hardtop
DSC01401small.jpg DSC01399small.jpg

South Africa

160J - hardtop & sedan
160U - SSS(?) hardtop & sedan

ZA K710 "160U SSS" Hardtop coupe
16936.jpgAlbum 16936

ZA 710 "160U SSS" 4-door Sedan
IMG_0063.jpgPost click for topic IMG_0059.jpgPost click for topic 16574.jpgAlbum 16574 16573.jpgAlbum 16573 16572.jpgAlbum 16572 16571.jpgAlbum 16571


USA models only came with the highline (H-code) engine. The L16 was not offered.

KHL710  Hardtop coupe
 HL710R 2-dr sedan
 HL710  4-dr sedan
WHL710  4-dr wagon
1974  L18 engine to 1974 August
1975- L20B engine from 1974 September (1975 model year)
suffix U export 710
1975-1976 model year
* CAL - suffix V California emissions
* CAN - suffix N Canada
* FED - USA emissions except CAL


USA 'Datsun 710' in Ticket to Ride 1974 Datsun range brochure

710 USA brochure. "Wabash Cannonball" refers to a famous locomotive brochure search
11929.jpgAlbum 11929 11930.jpgAlbum 11930 

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