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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

AUS range

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Category: Documentation

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Title: Datsun 1200 [sedan inset on blue cover]
1972 sedan B110
Format:1 page tri-fold (6 panels) Size:unknown Publication Number:unspecified size: 9 x 9 inches

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Datsun 1200
2 door coupe 5 door wagon 4 door deluxe
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Sheet Front

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Sheet Back

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4 door deluxe
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Datsun 1200 4 door deluxe gives you all the extras the others try to sell you. Small car economy and handling. Big car luxuty and power with rapid acceleration and 90 m.p.h. -- plus top speed. A five bearing crank shaft ensures the smoothest performance. Available with 4-on-the-floor manual, or 3-speed 'T-Bar' automatic. Standard equipment includes: radio, wall-to-wall carpet, 2 speed heater/demister, 2 speed wipers, contoured bucket seats, locking fuel cap, deluxe wheel trims, powerful and reliable 69 b.h.p. engine.


5 door wagon
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It's like a family car with a room on the back. Big, accessible spaciousness combined with small car economy makes this the greatest value-for-money station wagon available. Counter-balanced rear door opens with a featherlight touch. Comfort for a family of five -- or, with the rear seat folded flat, 54 cu. ft. of space. The biggest wagon in its class. Reliable 69 b.h.p. engine with five bearing crankshaft gives you all the pull you'll ever need -- and you'll still have power to spare.


2 door coupe
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The Datsun 1200 Coupe has the character and the ability to put a lot of expensive sports cars to shame. Aggressive fastback styling, Italian influenced interior. Reclining bucket seats, luxurious transmission console and a full range of big round instruments including tacho. Front disc brakes. Simulated mag-wheel covers and radial ply tyres all round. The powerful 69 b.h.p. engine with five bearing crankshaft is coupled to a fast 4-on-the-floor transmission, giving real sports performance.


all new Datsun 1200 gives you the extras the others try to sell you

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Standard Equipment on all 1200 models
Two speed windscreen wipers. Reversing lights. Lap-sash belts. Ashtray front and rear. Interior bonnet lock. Flo-thru ventilation system. Front, rear and side indicator lights. Contoured bucket seats. Lockable fuel tank. Windscreen washers.
1200 Coupe also includes push button radio. Two-speed heater/demister. Wall to wall carpet. Cigarette lighter. Reclining bucket seats. Central transmission console.
1200 4 door deluxe also includes push button radio. Two speed heater/demister. Wall to wall carpet. Cigarett lighter.

Safety Equipment on all 1200 models
The following safety features are standard on 1200 series models. Precise and light steering. Non-glare instruments, windscreen wipers, mirror stays. Padded sun visors. Fresh air ventilation. Heater/demister (sedan, coupe). Large rear tail-light assembly with back-up lights. Impact absorbing body sections. Padded facia panel with soft switches and control knobs. Break-away type rear vision mirror and ash tray. Anti-burst door locks with recessed insided and outside door handles. Seat belts. Zone tempered safety glass. Rigidly anchored seats. Front passenger head restraints. Steering Lock.

[handwritten:] Coupe Auto $2976
[handwritten:] 4 Door Auto $2644

Back Cover - Specifications

you'll love your new Datsun 1200 forever

Benson and Robbins Pty. Ltd.
Phone: 521-2033

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Dimensions 4 Door 2 Door Coupe 5 Door Wagon
Overall length 150.8" 150.4" 152.2"
Overall width 58.9" 59.7" 58.9"
Overall height 54.7" 53.1" 55.3"
Wheelbase 90.6" 90.6" 90.6"
Track front 48.4" 48.4" 48.4"
Track rear 49.0" 49.0" 49.0"
Ground Clearance 6.69" 6.69" 6.69"
Weight Manual 1532 lbs 1520 lbs 1609 lbs
Weight Automatic 1609 lbs
Turning Circle 26.8 ft. 26.8 ft. 26.8 ft.
Fuel Tank Capacity 8.8 gal. 8.8 gal. 8.8 gal.
Four cylinder: OHV
Bore x stroke: 73 x 70mm. (2.87 x 2.6 ins.)
Displacement: 1171 cc. (71.5 cu. ins.)
Horsepower: 69 at 6000 rpm (SAE)
Maximum torque: 70 ft.-lbs. at 4000 rpm.
Five main bearing crankshaft.
Compression ratio: 9.0 to 1

Independent front suspension by struts and coil springs with tension rods, telescopic shock absorbers and stabiliser. Rear suspension by semi-elliptic leaf springs with shock absorbers. Semi-floating rear axle with hypoid type final drive.

Manual: Four-speed, all synchro-mesh gearbox with floor change. Single dry disc clutch with diaphragm springs.
Ratios: 1st 3.76:1; 2nd 2.17:1; 3rd 1.40:1; Top 1:1; Reverse 3.64:1. Final drive ratio, 3.90:1.

Recirculating ball type. Gear ratio: 15:1. Two-spoked, dished steering wheel.

Front wheel disc brakes. Rear 8" drums. Parking brake is mechanically operated on rear wheels.
4 door and 5 door:
Hydraulic service brakes. Front has two leading shoes and rear leading to trailing shoes. Parking brake is mechanically operated on rear wheels. Drum brakes are eight inches in diameter and have a total lining area of 84.6 sq. ins.

Steel disc wheels. Tyre size: 6.00 x 12 x 4 front and rear.

Two barrel, down-draft type carburettor. Mechanical type diaphragm fuel pump. Paper element type air cleaner.

12-volt with alternator and magnetic shift starter motor.

Pressurized radiator, belt-driven fan and centrifugal water pump with thermostat.

Speedometer. Fuel gauge. Water temperature gauge. Oil pressure warning light. Turn signal warning light. Main beam warning light.
Datsun 1200 2 door coupe:
Round instrument cluster including tacho. Speedometer with odometer. Fuel gauge. Water temperature gauge. Oil pressure warning light. Turn signal warning light. Main beam warning light.


November 1972 version

  • Text added: "Specifications subject to alteration without notice"
  • changed: overall length 4 Door sedan from 150.9" to 150.8"
  • Publication number & date added: "NM 6002 11 72"
  • [stamped] CITY DATSUN PTY. LTD.

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  • Text added: "Front passenger head restraints. Steering lock."

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