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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

A Gallery of Datsun Originals

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Documentation

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Title: A Gallery of Datsun Originals [Datsuns lined up -- at night -- in front of mansion]
1973 all Datsuns B110
Format:8 pages Size:8.5 x 11" Publication Number:Form No. 638000000/10-72/2MM/ GP

This brochure features all Datsuns from the 1973 range for USA.

5256.jpg#1 27576.jpg#2 27577.jpg#3 27578.jpg#4 27579.jpg#5 27580.jpg#6 23520.jpg#7 23521.jpg#8

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page 1 Cover

2nd from left: orange 1200 Coupe. green 1200 2-dr sedan
5256.jpgAlbum 5256

page 2 610 2-Door Hardtop

27576.jpgAlbum 27576

page 3 610 5-Door Wagon

27577.jpgAlbum 27577

page 4 610 4-Door Sedan

27578.jpgAlbum 27578

page 5 240-Z

27579.jpgAlbum 27579

page 6 Pickup, 510 2-Door

510 2-door sedan (not coupe, which wasn't offered in USA)
27580.jpgAlbum 27580

page 7 1200 Sedan & 1200 Sports Coupe

23520.jpgAlbum 23520

1200 Sedan
  Our smart charger that transports 4 adults and a trunkful of baggage — all at up to 30 miles per gallon! Reclining front bucket seats, unibody construction — all the 1200 Series basics for comfort and safety. A true economy car.
1200 Sports Coupe
  The 1200 Sports Coupe sneaks through city traffic, then streaks along the highway — all at up to 30 miles per gallon.
  Engineering basics include a high-cam engine and 4-speed stick shift. There's a fold-down back seat for storage. Safety front disc brakes, reclining front buckets, whitewall and deluxe wheel covers round out the package.

page 8 Back Cover - Specifications

Specifications including 1200 Sedan & 1200 Sport Coupe
23521.jpgAlbum 23521
Advertising tagline: DATSUN from Nissan with Pride 

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