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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Aftermarket intake manifold

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Engine Mechanical | Manifold

Choose an aftermarket inlet manifold to fit SUs, Webers and other sidedrafts, as well as alternative manifolds for the stock carburetors.



  • Aftermarket manifold finish quality can be really poor so check for flat flanges, port overlap. See Jason's Weber page
  • Weber DCOE type manifolds are used by Dellorto DHLA and Mikuni/Solex PHH series
  • Hitachi sidedrafts can use SU manifolds, but there are two-bolt diagonal pattern and four-bolt pattern
  • Buy a complete kit -- unless you like scrounging for all the little parts

KK Harada Shokai manifold, as sold by Bprojects: g48630066shakekun-img512x384-114118.jpg g48630066shakekun-img532x600-114118.jpg


  • EFI Hardware
  • TWM
  • Lynx single (PN M041) and dual (PN M042) DCOE/DHLA manifolds, dual SU manifold (M137)
  • TWM Induction intakes, carbs, etc
  • Ramflo
  • Lynx manifolds & Kay C (KC) adapter, Ramflo filters and Weber carbs
  • Ram intake downdraft manifold
  • Cannon Industries, apparently no longer in business
    5611 208th Ave S.W.
    Lynnwood, WA 98036
  • Redline Auto (Australia) makes single and dual DCOE manifolds and linkage, for A12 through A15 motors.
  • Same parts are available from Holley (Australia).
  • Stewart Wilkins GX manifold - only $260 AUD
  • eBay - search for new and used manifolds


Weber manifolds are sold by various distributors.

A12 40 DCOE X1 99003.822 $165 @ Pierce Manifolds
A12 40 DCOE X2 99003.110 $250 @ Pierce Manifolds
A14 40 DCOE X1 99003.821 $215 @ Pierce Manifolds

Weber IDF for A12GX head
16019.jpgAlbum 16019


840-461 Suit Twin DCOE round port

840-462 oval port

840-463 large oval port


Main: Cannon



  • M041 MANIF DATSUN 1200 1
  •  ???? 2 X DCOE/DHLA
  • M042 MANIF DATSUN 1200 2 X HS4 SU
  • M137 MANIF DATSUN 1200 2 X HS4 SU
  • GX/SSS Oval Port 2 X DCOE/DHLA


Round port, pre-emission (no provision for PCV valve) for SU or Hitachi sidedraughts.

2272.jpgAlbum 2272 5795.jpgAlbum 5795 5801.jpgAlbum 5801 7359.jpgAlbum 7359 18303.jpgAlbum 18303

D1200 SU

Lynx D1200 for A12 engine, twin SU HS4 pattern, round port with crossover design.

Does this exist?

These do:

Lynx M042 MANIF DATSUN 1200 2 X HS4 SU 
Lynx M137 MANIF DATSUN 1200 2 X HS4 SU

D1200 Single

Lynx D1200 for A12 engine, single-DCOE pattern, round port with crossover design. Has provision for Crankcase Ventilation.

Crossover puts the runners in firing order

174_4bca6a40bbb90.jpgUpload click to view 174_4bca6a475987a.jpgUpload click to view 174_4bca6a4ebe69f.jpgUpload click to view 174_4bca6a55bf5f4.jpgUpload click to view

PCV can be unbolted and a vacuum tap fitted (for race cars)
12903_4b651727796b1.jpgUpload click to view 12903_4b651e1081c0f.jpgUpload click to view

20477.jpgAlbum 20477 9261.jpgAlbum 9261 20476.jpgAlbum 20476

D1200 with oval port flange welded on (custom)

3505.jpgAlbum 3505

D1200 Twin

Lynx D1200 Round port for Twin Weber DCOE 40 style.
20480.jpgAlbum 20480

20478.jpgAlbum 20478 20479.jpgAlbum 20479

2676.jpgAlbum 2676 2677.jpgAlbum 2677

LynxD12002676.jpg LynxD12002677.jpg


Oval port twin-DCOE manifold marked 'GX'. Not for the Datsun 1200 GX carburetors, which used twin Hitachis.

  • Sold by #EFIHardware and others
  • Appears to be the same casting as the '#SSS' manifold

16349.jpgAlbum 16349


Oval port twin DCOE manifold marked 'SSS'. This is not for the Datsun 1200 SSS model which had round port heads.

7599.jpgAlbum 7599

Redline Australia

Redline Performance/Hardiman:

12-18 Manifold 2 X DCOE fit Datsun A14/A15
12_18.jpgAlbum click to view

12-3060 Manifold Datsun 1 & 1.2L 2XDCOE Weber



Out of South Africa, Rowland made manifolds for the A14.

M030: Nissan 1400 Twin sidedraugt
* use gasket 14035-H7200
M028: Nissan 1400 36 Weber DCD down draught
* use gasket 14035-H7200

Rowland M028: Nissan 1400 down draught for 36 Weber DCD or Weber 32/36 DGV
20621_57b98d73ce8e5.jpgPost 480685 20621_57b98d87a21af.jpgPost 480685 DGV-rowland-1.jpg DGV-rowland-3.jpg DGV-rowland-2.jpg DGV-rowland-4.jpg

436_5587a641bdf1b.jpgPost 469686 26453.jpgAlbum 26453 26454.jpgAlbum 26454 26455.jpgAlbum 26455 26456.jpgAlbum 26456 26457.jpgAlbum 26457 26458.jpgAlbum 26458 26459.jpgAlbum 26459


See Parts Sources#Tomei for company info.

Tomei twin-DCOE manifold
15721.jpgAlbum 15721 15722.jpgAlbum 15722 15723.jpgAlbum 15723


Single-DCOE manifold
16423.jpgAlbum 16423 16422.jpgAlbum 16422 16424.jpgAlbum 16424

Single Sidedraughts

In addition to the various brands listed above, see the following for photos of manifolds:


See Main Article: Intake Manifold#Custom

Tunnel Ram manifold


For EFI manifolds, see EFI Manifold 

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