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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Aichi Machine

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Category: General Information

Aichi Machine (愛知機械) is a Nissan company that builds the Nissan A engines and transmissions, and formerly assembled the Sunny trucks (Datsun 1000 B20 and Datsun 1200 B120). Before tying up with Nissan, Aichi manufactured the Cony 360 light truck and the Cony Guppy.



Assembly of several Sunny models was done by Aichi Machine Industry Co., Ltd. (41% owned by Nissan). Aichi in Nagoya assembled the Vanette, Sunny Van and Sunny Cab and also the Evolution VIII.

  • 1943 Feb - Clock Mfg. Co., Aichi (now Aichi Tokei Denki) and separated from the aircraft sector, Aichi Aircraft Co., Ltd. established.
  • 1946 March - entrepreneurial, Inc. changed its name to Aichi.
  • 1946 December , three-wheeled auto "Djaianto" right to acquire from the Empire Precision Industry Co., Ltd. manufacture and sell.
  • 1947 April - AA1 Djaianto begins production type.
  • 1947 October's chapter was officially established today.
  • 1949 May - Dissolution entrepreneurial Aichi Corporation. Company takes over a second business, entrepreneurship, Ltd. established a new Aichi.
  • 1952 December - to change the current name.
  • 1959 March - minicar brand, Cony Production and sale. AA27 first light type tricycle.
  • 1960 September - "Djaianto" manufacturing discontinued
  • 1961 May - Cony Guppy sale manufactured. But in the end produced only less than a year
  • 1962 November - started in partnership with Nissan
  • 1970 Mon 2 - B20 Nissan began production of the Sunny truck starting type
  • 1970 October - Cony manufacturing discontinued
  • 1971 July - production of Sunny Cab C20
  • 1984 April - Sunny Truck production

Along with the production of engine and transmission, small cars, and even Vanette , Serena , Largo , Sunny Truck , Sanikyabu / Cherikyabu , Pao also went to the development and production of finished vehicles.

Current production is devoted to full-time engine and transmission, vehicle production has not been completed. The market is also expanding to other manufacturers, however. For example , Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 6-speed manual transmission was made by Aichi Machine Industry. It was also the first trading companies and other Nissan vehicles. Moreover, it has minicar for the CVT ( continuously variable transmission ), as besides the aforementioned Mitsubishi Mazda , Ford , Hyundai , Renault. Was released in December 2007 Nissan GT-R GR6-type for double-clutch transmission Aichi Machine is made of.

Main Products


  • HR15DE/HR16DE
  • CR12DE/CR14DE


  • F30A/F70A/F50A
  • MFA60/MFA80
  • W60A
  • R30A
  • MRA70
  • GR6 GTR 6-speed DCT clutches

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