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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B210 Fog Lamps

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Category: Lighting System

Unlike the B110 foglamps, fog lights for the B210 bolt into the grille.



NOTE: North American B210s used the grille lamps for the indicators (instead of for fog lamps).

ROUND in-grill type lamps were fitted to Early Coupe
174_65a7525c08062.jpgPost 498187 11320_4a64275c3fdc9.jpgPost 263846

RECTANGLE in-grill type lamps were fitted to PB210 and all Late B210 (1975-)
174_65a752691d303.jpgPost 498187 17237.jpgAlbum 17237 B211fl.jpg

B210-style hang-down-from-the-bumper type were optional on early Sedan and Van

B110-style bolt-to-the-bumper upright type fog lamps can be fitted to the B210
4229.jpgAlbum 4229 24058.jpgAlbum 24058

Early 1973-1975

H55 Early Coupe
11320_4a64275c3fdc9.jpgUpload click to view

H58 PB210
737_54c21bb7b86e4.jpgPost 463127 19067.jpgAlbum 19067

Late 1976-1978

Late B210 was from late 1975 to 1978. The B210 facelift variant (B211) was produced 1976-1977 in Japan.

  • triangular brackets with top bolt offset
  • sloping lens with 'NISSAN' in center
  • 30W bulb

Late Sedan JDM (B211) & ADM 120Y (B210)
14242.jpgAlbum 14242 13864.jpgAlbum 13864

Late Coupe JDM (B211)
10994_4aefbc82e6507.jpgUpload click to view

#Type H79 L16-powered (GB211)

Type H79

The Sunny 1600 was the L16 engine-powered version (GB211).

174_61dfef52d6b78.jpgPost 496439 174_61dfef26b83a1.jpgPost 323956

26150-H7926 FOG LAMP KIT for OKINAWA
174_61e0fb1fc1284.jpgPost 496442 174_61e0fb2e7018b.jpgPost 496442 174_61e0fb419ee66.jpgPost 496442 174_61e0fb4e29fb0.jpgPost 496442

GX grille came with fog lamps pre-installed
174_61e1083a2963f.jpgPost 496443 174_61e1084f66199.jpgPost 496443

174_61e108938cc00.jpgPost 496443 174_61e108a4cc829.jpgPost 496443

Foglamp bracket top bolt goes into the core support, and also doubles as one of the grille bolts.
174_61e108db92558.jpgPost 496443 174_61e108e9c2283.jpgPost 496443

26254-H7900 BRACKET RH
174_61e10912bbdbd.jpgPost 496443

1600 'S' grille ornament
174_61e108fb808ea.jpgPost 496443

Part Numbers

* H50 RECTANGLE sedan,van
* H55 ROUND coupe
Late Rectangle
* H74 1200,1400
* H75 1200,1400 Okinawa
* H79 1600


EARLY -1975
* #H50 RECTANGLE hang-from bumper Sedan,Van option
* #H55 ROUND coupe in-grill type
* #H58 PB210 RECTANGLE in-grill type

H50 Sedan/Van Option

* 26150-H5027 LAMP KIT-fog > 26150-H5025 <> 26150-H5026
FOG LAMP (Sedan/Van option)
* hangs from bumper
* no adjusting screw
H50 early Sedan option, Van option
26151-26501 LENS 2 [clear, same as 510]
26152-26500 RIM 2 [same as B110] 

29536.pngAlbum 29536

H55 Coupe

* 26150-H5527 K-GX K-DX,K-GL OPTION > 26150-H5525 <> 26150-H5526
* 25160-H6001 SWITCH COMP.-lighting with fog
FOG LAMP (Coupe)
* round in-grill type
H55 early Coupe K-GX (op.)K-DX,K-GL
96706-P0105 SCREW-grommet 2
08510-52590 SCREW-tapping 2 [pan head M5x25]
25160-H6001 SWITCH COMP.-lighting with fog

29535.pngAlbum 29535

H58 PB210

サニーエクセレント フォグランプ バルブ PB210 Sunny Excellent 1400

174_61e519b595500.pngPost 496449

[3-bolt bracket with top bolt centered]
1 26150-H5825 LAMP KIT-fog [triangle-top bracket]
  25150-H5826 from 1974.1 <> H2825
  25150-H5827 * from 1975.4 < H2826
NOTE for 1975 revision parts: unreadable
Lamp Kit contains the following parts
※ interchangeable only as left and right set
※印 互??は左右セットで?
  26150-H5800 LAMP ASS'Y-fog RH
  26150-H5801 LAMP ASS'Y-fog RH from 1974.1
  26150-H5802*LAMP ASS'Y-fog RH from 1975.4
  26155-H5800 LAMP ASS'Y-fog LH
  26155-H5801 LAMP ASS'Y-fog LH from 1974.1
  26155-H5802*LAMP ASS'Y-fog LH from 1975.4
  26151-H5800 LENS-fog lamp RH
2 26156-H5800 LENS-fog lamp LH
3*26154-H5800 BRACKET-fog lamp 2
4 96706-P0105 SCREW GROMMET 2
5 08510-52590 SCREW-tapping 2
6 08513-51623 SCREW-tapping
7*26152-H5800 SPRING-fog lamp 2
8 25160-H6001 SWITCH-COMP.-lighting with fog
  26718-26500 BULB 12V-30W (to 1974.12)
  26730-S0115 BULB 12V-30W (from 1974.1)
reference: PB210 Parts Catalog C-261 revision 1976.11 pages 220-2 to 220-3


174_61e0fb0a8f373.pngPost 496442

LATE 1976-
LAMP KIT-FOG 30W bulbs (3-bolt type, sloping lens)
* top bolt offset
  26250-H7525 S.A14.GX *S.A12,A14-GX *V
  26250-H7526 K.A14.GX *K.DX,GL-L16
  26250-H7427 *S,V F/OKINAWA [lens differs from non-OKINAWA]
  26250-H7428 *K F/OKINAWA
  26250-H7925 L16.GX *L16.GL
  26250-H7926 *L16 F/OKINAWA
26730-S0115 BULB 12V-30W
25160-H5800 SWITCH COMP.-lighting with fog PB210 GX (op.)DX,GL

174_61e0fb57cbb1f.pngPost 496442 174_61e0fcd032ab7.pngPost 496442

フォグ ランプ 

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