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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B310 number plate lamps

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B310

The rear license plate was illuminate by lamps either above plate, below plate or on both sides.

f74268333akasrl311-img600x450-1227531832kwtsss12529.jpg 13567.jpgAlbum 13567 minorimn-img600x400-1277726772ktkstn76588.jpg



Round Headlight   Rear Plate below bumper
Square Headlight  Rear Plate above bumper
Large Bumper      Rear Plate above bumper
Round Headlight   Plate below bumper, lamps above plate (tucked up under bumper)
                  all VB310 are round headlight models
Square Headlight  Plate above bumper, lamps in top of bumper
                  Plate above bumper, side lamps OPTION S/K(A14)
Large Bumper      Plate above bumper, lamps on either side of plate
* Large Bumper standard equipment all WB310
               option Sedan/Coupe 
Early: top-illuminated
Late:  bottom-illuminated
       side-illuminated (OPTION Sedan/Coupe)
Van:   bottom-illuminated

Large Bumper Models

Large bumper models had no number plate lamp in the bumper -- both early and late models placed the Number Plate and its lamps above the bumper.

Sedan/Coupe  side-illuminated  twin lamps either side
Wagon        top-illuminated   twin-bulbs under chrome trim

Early Large Bumper
Datsun-B210-9.jpg 8853.jpgAlbum 8853

Late Large Bumper (has rubber strip along face)
174_5b5cea85855fc.jpgPost 489076 e86542521carogon_6666-img600x450-12261215557ne6i221743.jpg

Sedan and Coupe Mid

7812-7909 with Shock Absorbing Bumper
28629.pngAlbum 28629

Sedan and Coupe Late

7909- OPTION
28630.pngAlbum 28630


For WB310 (Sunny California, etc.) 28627.pngAlbum 28627

Small Bumper Models

Vans used bottom-illuminated type: Two small button-type lamps on the top edge of the bumper.
Europe | Japan
11701.jpgAlbum 11701 12342.jpgAlbum 12342

Early had top-illuminated plate with lamp tucked up under bumper
f74268333akasrl311-img600x450-1227531832kwtsss12529.jpg m51627383hirakka-img600x450-1198906974dsc02065.jpg

Late bottom-illuminated | side-illuminated
13567.jpgAlbum 13567 minorimn-img600x400-1277726772ktkstn76588.jpg

Late Sedan bottom-illuminated (two small lamps on bumper) GL | DX
14850.jpgAlbum 14850 24773.jpgAlbum 24773

Late Sedan side-illuminated like 1973 B110
B310_1981-6_b.jpg 1427.jpg


28626.pngAlbum 28626

Sedan and Coupe Early

Early sedan & coupe had top-illuminated plate with lamp tucked up under bumper. It used a single lamp of the same type as B110 coupe and B120 ute.

1200 coupe/ute lamp
20724.jpgAlbum 20724

28628.pngAlbum 28628

Sedan and Coupe Late

28630.pngAlbum 28630


WB310 sport wagon had the rear number plate lamp above the plate under a trim piece.

Chrome trim | Sunny California plastic trim
6778.jpgAlbum 6778 e86542521carogon_6666-img600x450-12261215557ne6i221743.jpg

WB310 vs VB110 - similar number plate lighting
95.jpg 2998.jpgAlbum 2998

Part Numbers

Type H85 KB110 style lamp shining down (early bumper)
Type H88 Cherry style lamps on top of bumper (late bumper)
Type H856 lamps on either side of plate
Type H87/H89 ""


26510-H8500 K,S -7811
26510-H8560 K,S 7910-8010 IKI
26510-H8565 *S.A14 7910-8010 F/SHOCK AB BUMPER IKI
26510-H8700 *K 7812-7909 F/SHOCK AB BUMPER IKI
26510-H8765 *K.A14 7910-8010 F/SHOCK AB BUMPER IKI
26510-H8800 S,K 7812-7909 IKI
26510-H8900 *S 7812-7909 F/SHOCK AB BUMPER IKI
26510-H9400 V
26510-H9800 W 7812-
26515-H8565 *S.A14 7910-8010
             K.GS,ES 8011-
             S 8011-
26515-H8700 *K 7812-7909 F/SHOCK AB BUMPER IKI
26515-H8765 *K.A14 7910-8010 F/SHOCK AB BUMPER IKI
26515-H8900 *S 7812-7909 F/SHOCK AB BUMPER IKI
ライセンス ランプ
B310 licence lamp
B310 ライセンス ランプ

Round Bumper Lamps

 26510-H8560 S,K late
 26510-H9400 Van
#26510-W5000 A10

sedan or van? silver. With LW & B wires, bullet connectors
28632.jpgAlbum 28632 28633.jpgAlbum 28633 28634.jpgAlbum 28634

Black, part number unknown. May be B310 or A10. With IKI 6101 lens
28637.jpgAlbum 28637

Black with GW & B wires, bullet connectors. From eBay with long wires. On earth is riveted, the other brazed
28635.jpgAlbum 28635 28636.jpgAlbum 28636


A10 part number. GW & B wires, bullet connectors, both earths brazed to lamp housing
28638.jpgAlbum 28638

26510-W5000 silver with RW & B wires, bullet connectors IKI 6101 lenses
28639.jpgAlbum 28639 28640.jpgAlbum 28640 28641.jpgAlbum 28641


26511 LENS-LICENCE PLATE LAMP RH レンズ、ライセンス ランプ
26511-H5000 S,K -7909 [similar to KB110 license lamp ]
26511-H8700 *K 7812-7909 SHOCK AB BUMPER IKI 2
26511-H8900 *S 7812-7909 SHOCK AB BUMPER IKI 2
             *S,K.A14 7910- SHOCK AB BUMPER
26511-H9800 W 7812-
26511-M0200 S,K 7910-
Applied Model Code
M02: designed for E10RT Nissan Cherry/Datsun 100A

28624.jpgAlbum 28624 28625.jpgAlbum 28625 

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