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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Brake Lines

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Brake System

Brake Piping (Brake lines).



Brake Piping Part Numbers

Rear Splitter

Brass brake connector (T-piece) - bolts to the rear diff. The flexible hose bolts to it coming in, with hardlines coming out to the wheels.

3-way Connector
Mounting hole: 8.7mm
28213.jpgAlbum 28213

28212.jpgAlbum 28212

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46303-18000_a.jpg 46303-18000_b.jpg 46303-18000_c.jpg 46303-18000_d.jpg 46303-18000_e.jpg 46303-18000_f.jpg

Front Splitter

Which front splitter is used depends on the model.

#4-way connector for Single brake master cylinder
#3-way Connector for Tandem brake master cylinder
#5-way Connector North America combo splitter/pressure warning switch

3-Way Connector

Used with tandem (dual) master cylinder. Splits the front brake line to each wheel.

26379.jpgAlbum 26379

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Nissan 46234-H1100 3-way brake tube connector
Mounting hole: 6.7mm

46234-H1100_a.jpg 46234-H1100_b.jpg 46234-H1100_c.jpg 46234-H1100_d.jpg 46234-H1100_e.jpg

4-Way Connector

Used with single master cylinder. Splits the single input. For safety, please convert to tandem master cylinder, which will still stop the car even if a leak develops at one wheel.

6458.jpgAlbum click to view

Input: Master cylinder hard line
1. Front Right hard line
2. Front Left hard line
3. Rear hard line

5-Way Connector

North American 1200s were fitted with a 5-way combination splitter with pressure failure warning switch.

See main article: Warning Light Switch


Proportioning Valve

Original Datsun 1200s did not come with a Proportioning Valve.


OPTIONAL for PB110 was a Proportioning Valve. It was placed in the line to the rear brakes.

See Brake Proportioning#PB110


Late Sunny Truck

The 1200 got a load-sensing valve in October 1989.

See main article: Proportioning Valve

Power Brake Lines

For the stock 1200 power brakes, see Brake Booster.

Hard Lines

The hard lines are 3/16" outside diameter.

* 3/16" lines (4.75 mm) with M10 metric fittings
* Cunifer lines on early 1200s for corrosion resistance
* Later 1200 utes have poly-coated steel lines


  1. get pre-made lines of various lengths and bend and install it yourself
  2. get brake line material and fittings and cut it, flare it and fit it
  3. pay a shop to make and install custom lines
  4. buy genuine brake lines from Nissan and install. The ute parts are still available, and most will fit a Sedan or Coupe.

The first two are available at the usual spare auto parts stores, or mail order from hot rod stores.

Soft Lines

Brake hoses used by Datsun 1200:

* Rear soft hose to the rear axle
* Front left soft hose to brake caliper
* Front right soft hose to brake caliper

See main article: Brake Hoses

Part Numbers

See Brake Piping Part Numbers


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