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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Brake System

Datsun 1200s came with two brake systems: all drums (Standard models), or Girling-Tokico front disc with rear drums. They were excellent brakes for the period. All are manually adjusting except non-North America Left-hand drive 1200s, which were equipped with auto-adjusting rear drum brakes.


Also See

* Rear Brakes
* Brake Swaps
* Brake Upgrades
* Brake Adjustment

Daily Care

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 25 ... ):

29357.jpg   29362.jpg
Before driving or whenever you call at a gas-station, be sure to check ...
  • Leakage and amount of fluid in brake and clutch master cylinders
  • Clutch and brake operation

Observe the level of fluid visible through the plastic reservoir of the master cylinder (no need to remove the cap).


  • Drum front/drum rear - Standard trim, Deluxe trim
  • Disc front/drum rear - GL, GX and optional on Deluxe 高速走行に安心なディスクブレーキ

The 1200 front-disc/rear-drum system was good for 1971. In fact, stopping power was better than most 'muscle cars' of the era. However, if you have a drum/drum system, you'll want to upgrade to disc/drum. The drum system stops well enough, but the disc system has less fading going down mountain roads.

1200 disc brakes, ready for new pads to be fitted
22739.jpgAlbum 22739


* Drum Brakes require frequent manual adjustment
* Disc brakes have NO adjustment
* Disc brake pads need frequent inspection
* Disc brake calipers need frequent lubrication

Periodical Maintenance and Lubrication Schedule

Every 3 months/3000 miles
* Check brake pedal free play
  If play is less than 5 or more than 15 mm, Adjust free play
* Adjust the drum brakes (see Drum Brake Adjustment)
* Check brake system for leaks or defects
Every 6 months/6000 miles
* Check foot brake operation
  If travel is excessive, adjust the brakes
  Does the car stop straight and quickly?
* Check parking brake operation
  Does the car hold on a hill?
  If the lever pulls up more than 6 clicks, adjust it
* Check disc brake pads for thickness
  If pads are down to 1/2 mm or less, replace immediately
  If unevenly worn, lubricate the caliper sliding surfaces
Every 12 months/12000 miles
* Lubricate foot operated pedal bushings 
* Check drum brake linings & drums for wear
  If less than 1/2 mm to the rivets, replace the shoes
Every 24 months/24,000 miles
* Grease parking brake linkage
* Change brake fluid
Every 30 months/30,000 miles
* Overhaul brake cylinders & caliper assembly

Rotor Sizes

Dia. (mm)Part NumberSource
20840206-G1501Sunny Truck 1990-1994, Nissan 1400 1986-2008
212.540206-H1006B110, B210 A12 1974-1975
220 (AN18)40206-H7500B210 A12 1976-1978, B310 with 12" wheels
23240206-A1155B210 A13, PB110?, PB210 early?
245 (AN20)40206-U6700A10, B210 A14, 1976-1978 120Y, B310 w/13" wheels, GB211
220 (PBR)40206-H75001976-1978 120Y Australia-assembled (same spec as JDM B210)
245 (Girlock)40206-U6700A10 Stanza, Australia-assembled

Apparently the calipers are unique for each rotor, also the strut/spindle assembly *may* be different.

Replacing Rotors

If the brake pads have not been replaced in time and have scored the rotors, they rotors can be removed and "turned" to like-new, or they can simply be replaced.

The brake rotor bolts to the hub on disc brake models. It is retained by four bolts to the hub. A press is not required as the joint is not an interference fit.

101_3666.jpg 15114.jpgAlbum 15114

After removing the hub from the strut, unbolt the four rotor-retaining bolts. If the rotor does not separate easily, get 2 house bricks and place them on concrete end up. Place the disc/hub between the bricks wheel face down with the rotor face on the bricks. Using a hammer strike the inner wheel bearing seal carrier area lightly moving around its full circumference. This should loosen the joint.

  1. Remove the front Wheel in question
  2. Using a screwdriver, carefully pry the brake pads away from the rotor a little bit
  3. Using a length of twine or wire, tie the caliper to the spring, so that it won't fall when the caliper is unbolted
  4. Unbolt the caliper, and lift up and away from the rotor
  5. Tap the grease cap off, and remove the large spindle retaining nut
  6. Pull the hub & rotor straight off

To replace the hub after bolting on the new rotor, see Wheel bearings.

Slotted Rotors

Looks schmick.

19531.jpgAlbum 19531 19532.jpgAlbum 19532


Calipers are used with disc brakes.

See Main Article: Calipers

Brake Lines

See Main Article: Brake Lines

Front Drum Brakes

1200 DX and STD trim received front drum brakes (GL and GX were fitted with Disc Brakes). In the USA all 1200 were DX, however coupes came with disc brakes while POST most early USA sedans came with drum brakes.

The front drum brakes use two cylinders, unlike the rear drums which use one cylinder.

22149.jpgAlbum 22149

* Wheel cylinders: 13/16 inch bore diameter

Twin-cylinder system (rear brakes are single-cylinder)
22150.jpgAlbum 22150

フロント アクスル
40206-18000 DRUM-brake, front B10
40206-18001 DRUM-brake, front (from B10-5697)
40206-18002 DRUM-brake, front (from B10-46225) > 40206-18001
40206-18003 DRUM-brake, front -1994 <> 40206-18002
40206-18000 DRUM-brake, rear 1966-1994 <> 43206-18000

41103-H1000 Front Wheel Cylinder, After. LH
b83912855real_deal_com-img600x45-1.jpg b83912855real_deal_com-img600x45-2.jpg b83912855real_deal_com-img600x450-1.jpg

B310 (A12.STD+VAN.DX)
j8584451600x450-2006112900122.jpg j8584451600x450-2006112900073.jpg

Rear Drum Brakes

See Main Article: Rear Brakes

Brake Warning Lamp


B110 (disc)1977 US B2101980 US B310
1980 Canada A12A
Proportioning valvenot usedyes1,961 kPa x 0.4 psi1,961 kPa x 0.4 psi
Booster (Master-Vac)not usedM45 4.5 inch dia.M60 6-in diameter*M60 6-in diameter
Master diameter11/16 inch3/4 inch13/1613/16
Front cylinder diameter1.894 inch2.012 inch2.012 inch1.894 inch
Rotor diameter212.5 mm245mm245mm220mm
Pad (width x length)42.5 x 53.1 mm41.2 x 63.4 mm41.2 x 61.4 mm42.0 x 56.8 mm
Pad thickness10.310.010.010.3
Total front braking area (discs)14.0 sq in16.2 sq in~14.6~13.8
Total front braking area (drums)42.3 sq inn/an/an/a
Rear cylinder diameter11/16 inch13/16 inch13/1613/16
Drum diameter8.0 inch8.0 inch8.08.0
Drum width1.378 inch1.378 inch1.3781.378
Total rear braking area42.3 sq in42.3 sq in42.342.3
* M60 6-in diameter 135mm rod length (flange-to-pedal)

Part Numbers


Brake Pedal Switch

25320-H1000 -8109
* Beck/Arnley 201-0288
** 1987-1988 Dodge Colt
** 1990 Mitsubishi Sigma
** 1985 Mitsubishi Starion
** 1967 Toyota Corona
** Datsun B110/B210/F10/N10/S10, 1974-1978 S30, A10, 620, 810, 910

25320-H8500 8110-
25320-75A00 8910-

th_25320-75A00-3.jpg th_25320-75A00-2.jpg th_25320-75A00-1.jpg

Front Brake Cylinder

41100-18000 ASS'Y-CYLINDER, front wheel, fore (R.H.) B10, B110 STD,DX
41102-18000 ASS'Y-CYLINDER, front wheel, fore (L.H.) B10, B110 STD,DX
41101-H1000 CYLINDER ASS'Y, front wheel, after (R.H.) B110 STD,DX

 22147.jpgAlbum click to view

41103-H1000 CYLINDER ASS'Y, front wheel, after (L.H.) B110 STD,DX

41103-H1000 Seiken
22145.jpgAlbum click to view 22146.jpgAlbum click to view

41101-27700 ASS'Y-CYLINDER, front wheel, after (R.H.) B10
 superceded 41101-18000 ASS'Y-CYLINDER, front wheel, after (R.H.) B10
41103-27700 ASS'Y-CYLINDER, front wheel, after (L.H.) B10
 superceded 41103-18000 ASS'Y-CYLINDER, front wheel, after (L.H.) B10
22148.jpgAlbum click to view Meisan (n & n)

B10 front & rear brake cylinders
19523.jpgAlbum click to view

22152.jpgAlbum click to view

フロント ホイール シリンダー 

Brake Hoses

See Main Article: Brake Hoses


See Main Article: Brake Pads



B110 disc brake rotor 212 mm outside diameter

B110 212 mm
Nissan 40206-H1006
DBA 314 (NLA)
BENDIX 561060B
Brembo 08.2459.10
7401.jpgAlbum click to view
Centric 120.42000
* Type: behind the hub 
* Outer diameter: 212 mm
* Height: 35.6 mm
* Nominal thickness: 9.5 mm
* Minumum thickness: 8.6 mm
* Hub Reg: 70 mm
* Bolt size: 10 x 1.5 mm
* Bolt circle: 4 x 87 mm
* center hole: 70 mm
* Weight 5.9 - 6.1 pounds
26918.jpgAlbum 26918




ASHIKA 60-01-118 (6001118)
CE_12042000_Fro.jpg CE_12042000_Bac.jpg CE_12042000_Ang.jpg CE_12042000_Sid.jpg


B210 220 mm 12" wheel (including 120Y, 140Y, 150Y
Nissan 40206-H7500
* B211,HB211,VHB21, DBA310
* Outer diameter: 219/220 mm
* Height: 35.6 mm
* Nominal thickness: 9.6 mm
* Minumum thickness: 8.6 mm
* Hub Reg: 70 mm
* Bolt size: 
* Bolt circle: 87 mm
* center hole: 70 mm
* weight: 2.7 kg

27760.jpgAlbum 27760


B210 232 mm 40206-A1155
* B210 1974 with A13 engine
* 510 1968-1973
* 610 1973
BREMBO 08.2268.20
CENTRIC 121.42001
Thickness: 10 mm
Center hole: 68 mm
Height: 40 mm
Bolt circle: 90 mm

534225.jpg 9074R.jpg


B310/A10/HB210/S10/160J/120A 245 mm for 13" wheel vehicles
Nissan 40206-U6700 also fits 910.L18/L16
DBA 307
BREMBO 08.3955.10
Height: 35.5 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
Thinness: 8.4 mm
Hub reg: 73 mm
Bolt pattern: 4 x 95 PCD (bolts to hub)
weight: 8.56 lb
* Centric 121.42002
40206-U6700 245mm solid rotor
* HB210 USA
* HB310 (A14), PB310 (A15), B310 (A12A USA)
* C120 Vanette 7810-8106 K+V.SB.GL
* S110 Silvia


Wheel Bearings

See Main Article: Wheel bearings
See Main Article: Axle Shaft


See Main Article: Calipers#Parts

Parking Brake

See Main Article: Hand Brake

Master Cylinder

See Main Article: Brake Master Cylinder

Hardware Kit

When changing the brake pads, the old hardware can usually be re-used. But if the anti-squeal shims are missing or the springs damage, new ones can be purchased.

See Main Article: Calipers#Hardware Kit



B210 Japan front brake
caliper(rh) strut rotor  pad
41000-H1007 H50 212mm 41060-H1006       EARLY B210.(GL+GX)
41020-H7450 H74 220mm 41060-M3226 7608- B210.A12S.DX+V > 41020-10832
41000-H7501 "   "     "                 B210.A14+A12S.GL
41000-H7800 "   "     41060-H7825 7607- B210.VH=PT [van 1400 super-deluxe]
41000-S0100 H59 A1100 41060-H7926       B210.L14
            H75 245mm "           7510- B210.L14.some?
41000-H8000 H59 245mm "                 B210.L16S [D864P pad]
Also See: 1977-1979 Australian Rectangle Reservoir Brake Master


A12-powered B210 uses small suspension similar to 1200.

1974-1975: used the same brakes as Datsun 1200 (212 mm disc)
1976-1978: AUS changed to larger 220 mm rotors
           EUR continued with 212 mm rotors

NOTE: 120Y for Germany, Switzerland and Austria uses large suspension like USA B210. Possibly all LHD B210?

Early 120Y (same as 1200)
13230.jpgAlbum 13230

Australian-assembled late 120Y used a locally sourced PBR caliper, using a adapter plate:

DBA 310 Rotor 12/1975 to 3/1979
* 219 mm diameter
* Height: 32.5 mm
* thickness: 9.6 mm
* Center hole: 70mm
PBR disc brake pad ADB1025 (Bendix  DB1025)
MITSUBISHI Sigma GE PBR Front Disc & Girlock Rear Drum 1978-1980
NISSAN 120Y Sedan P.B.R Front Disc 1977-1979 

4731.jpgAlbum 4731 7551.jpgAlbum 7551 17847.jpgAlbum 17847 17861.jpgAlbum 17861


Sunny Truck staring in October 1989 has a disc brake system similar to B11/N12, which fit within 12" wheels. They use a smaller, but thicker rotor compared to the B110 disc brakes.

B110 212mm diameter, 9.5mm thick, twin-piston
B122 208mm diameter, 12 mm thick, single piston
See Main Article: Sunny Truck Disc Brakes


B140 bakkie disc brake rotors are the same as stock Sunny Truck discs. Rotors were used starting from 1985, four years before the Sunny Truck was so equipped.

40206-G1500 disc brake rotor
* 1989-1994 Sunny Truck
* 1985-2008 Nissan 1400 LDV
Outside Diameter: 207.7

However, bakkie uses beefy Girlock calipers and large pads (1988-2008), larger than the Sunny Truck calipers and pads.

Pad Type: D982/D949
* ATE 524
* WVA 21170
* Brembo P 41.003
104 x 61.0 x 15.50 mm
* 1988-2008 Nissan 1400
* 1983-1987 Nissan EXA 1500
* 1983-     Nissan Langley (locally assembled)
* 1983-1987 Nissan Pulsar 1300 S, 1500 GL
* 1997-1999 Nissan Sabre 160i GXi
* 1987-1992 Nissan Sentra (All Models except - 1.6 GXEi, 1.8i 16V)
* 1989-1992 Nissan Sentra 1.6, GXEi, 1.8i 16V
* 1997-2002 Nissan Sentra All Models except 200STi & 200GS

D949.jpg ATE524.jpg 174_5bd6d2d0ed23c.jpgPost click for topic 174_5bd6d2c52efcb.jpgPost click for topic

11889.jpgAlbum 11889 11898.jpgAlbum 11898 12653.jpgAlbum 12653 15280.jpgAlbum 15280 15281.jpgAlbum 15281 15283.jpgAlbum 15283 15284.jpgAlbum 15284 15285.jpgAlbum 15285 11885.jpgAlbum 11885 6566_5bd60ba99e5a3.jpgPost click for topic 6566_5bd60bb291012.jpgPost click for topic

Nissan Competition

Nismo Catalog
for race, rally
41060-H1020 Ass'y pad Front Brake DS11 
41060-H1021 Ass'y pad Front Brake M59
44060-27720 Ass'y-Shoe Rear Fore (B10 op.)
44070-27720 Ass'y-Shoe Rear After AM4 (B10 op.)
44100-H2320 CYL ASSY RR Wheel 5/8"
44060-A1260 SHOE ASSY-Brake Fore for LT20 Drum, Ferode AM4 
44060-A1270 SHOE ASSY-Brake After for LT20 Drum, Ferode AM4 
44100-M7000 CYL ASSY-Wheel 5/8" LT20 Selective Use, N10 standard
44100-M4901 CYL ASSY-Wheel 11/16" LT20 Selective Use
44100-G2800 CYL ASSY-Wheel 1/4" LT20 Selective Use
44100-U9200 CYL ASSY-Wheel 13/16" LT20 Selective Use
1984 Nissan Competition
99996-H7010 1200, F10 & 310/N10 DP11 BRAKE PAD SET
44060-27720 BRAKE SHOE/FORE for 1200 and early B210
44070-27720 BRAKE SHOE AFT for 1200 and early B210
44100-H3320 5/8" WHEEL CYLINDER for 1200 and early B210
44100-H3300 11/16" WHEEL CYLINDER for 1200 and early B210
44100-H3100 13/16" WHEEL CYLINDER for 1200 and early B210

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