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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Electrical System

Factory clocks were optional in all 1200 models for either rectangular or round style dashes. It was standard equipment on GL & GX models where the clock was fitted the Console, while other models fitted the clock in the instrument panel to the left of the speedometer.



Clocks were made by Niles, Kanto Seiki (関東精機), Citizen Watch (シチズン) or JECO (ジェコー).

H10 w/o numbers
G10 with numbers
H20 narrow font with bracket
H26 narrow font w/o bracket PB110
H30 wide font long bracket
H34 wide font no bracket
G16 wide font no brackets, no tabs

1974 B120 Owner's Manual (Page 17 ... 17)

th_00%20cover.jpg   th_17.jpg

Comfort and Convenience Features

Turn right to advance hands to the left to retard hands. Several settings may be needed to obtain completely accurate time keeping.

Clock/Tachometer Mask
26062.jpgAlbum 26062


As with the other gauges (Speedometer & Tachometer), later Clock versions use a different font:

Narrow vs Wide font
23448.jpgAlbum 23448


Kaku Rectangular

H10 original clock for STD or DX model
23440.jpgAlbum 23440

G10 genuine Niles clock for STD or DX model. This one is for a 1976-1978 pickup.
18384.jpgAlbum 18384


H20 Maru Round - Green Line original style
23439.jpgAlbum 23439

Narrow Font

Long bottom tab is an identifier

tabs on side are for bolting into floor Console


H26/H27? PB110 Sunny Excellent - Narrow font. Doesn't have the bottom tab-bracket.


H33 1972 Facelift - wide font, long bracket
25964.jpgAlbum 25964

* Extra long-bracket for fitting to hooded dash
* Wider Font and no green lines
* Anti-glare cover (cone-shaped)

H34 CLOCK for console box

??? No picture

23447.jpgAlbum 23447 23446.jpgAlbum 23446 8882.jpgAlbum 8882

JECO-1.jpg JECO-2.jpg JECO-3.jpg

Success stamped K.S. Clock
23444.jpgAlbum 23444

Late Model

G16 1978-1994 style - Wide Font. No green lines.
2024.jpgAlbum 2024 late ute Citizen clock
669.JPGAlbum 669 8520.jpgAlbum 8520 21253.jpgAlbum 21253

174_5a09441da52a3.jpgPost 486725 174_5a09442b34c0c.jpgPost 486725 174_5a0944322c2ef.jpgPost 486725

G16? has no side-brackets for mounting in a console (see discussion)
13419_4e3cb7ab19ac0.jpgUpload click to view 13419_4e3cb7be54d04.jpgUpload click to view 13419_4e3cb7be54d04.jpgUpload click to view

25968.jpgAlbum 25968 25966.jpgAlbum 25966 25967.jpgAlbum 25967


B140 Clock Mask 'NISSAN'
14515.jpgAlbum 14515


2209.jpgAlbum 2209

Custom Face


Dash Fitting

The clock bolts into the dash by using the tabs along the face. Unbolt the mask and bolt in the clock.


The tabs further back on the body are used for mounting in the floor console.


Clock was fitted to the OPTION large console.

See main article: Console for more details

21473.jpg th_lc6.jpg


The clock is powered by a constant-Hot wire. If you wire to IGN, it only runs when the key is on :-)

  1. 12V Power: L or RB
  2. Ground/Earth: B
  3. Lamp: RB or RG

13937.jpgAlbum click to view 13938.jpgAlbum click to view 13939.jpgAlbum click to view 23445.jpgAlbum click to view

Clock: Blue or Red/Black wire
Power feed 12V (Blue) hanging down from the harness. 
Clock: Red/Blue or Red/Green
Lamp feed on instrument panel
Clock: Black wire
Ground/Earth point on instrument panel
(panel frame on rectangular panel)

Service Bulletin
24401.jpgAlbum click to view

Part Numbers


Kaku メーター 角

27390-H1000 ASS'Y-CLOCK (op.) 3 speed, VDT, B120 -7511
23440.jpgAlbum click to view
27390-G1000 CLOCK ASSY 7512-7803
18384.jpgAlbum click to view 18385.jpgAlbum click to view

Australia - 'D' Mask for clock
2041.jpgAlbum click to view
JAPAN  - 'S' Mask for clock
25005-H1000 MASK-clock 3 speed, VDT
23449.jpgAlbum click to view 23450.jpgAlbum click to view 23451.jpgAlbum click to view 19079.jpgAlbum click to view 
25006-H1000 NUT-fix clock & tachometer (3)


JAPAN maru メーター 丸
25005-H1800 MASK-tachometer ['Sunny' for clock delete]
25006-H1000 NUT-fix clock & tachometer (3) 
27380-H2000 ASS'Y-CLOCK GL,GX
23437.jpgAlbum click to view 23438.jpgAlbum click to view
27380-H2000-1.jpg 27380-H2000-2.jpg [27380-H2000-3.jpg
27390-G1660 CLOCK ASSY 7804-
2024.jpgAlbum click to view 21253.jpgAlbum click to view  
 08540-51612 SCREW
 08964-10510 NUT
 25005-G1660 MASK-CLOCK HOLE 7804-8910
 68460-95W00 MASK-CLOCK HOLE 9810- [no writing]
JAPAN 1972
27380-H3300 CLOCK ASS'Y GL, (op.) Std, DX [Long-bracket type for use with 1972 Dash]
th_27380-H3300-1.jpg th_27380-H3300-2.jpg th_27380-H3300.jpg
25017-H3100 CLAMP-front cover (3)
25012-H3300 COVER ASS'Y-front (for clock) GL, (op.) Std, DX
 [dash blind] has long bracket on top
25012-H3100 COVER ASS'Y-front ['Datsun' for clock delete] 
fixing clock & tachometer
 08964-10510 NUT
 08510-51612 SCREW
 08915-43510 WASHER-plain
27380-H3400 CLOCK ASS'Y (for console box) GX
 08513-41212 SCREW (3) GX
 08915-43410 WASHER-plain GX
74990-H2021 MASK-clock CG,GX [console]
 08513-41212 SCREW (3) GX
 08915-43410 WASHER-plain GX
27380-H2000 ASSY-CLOCK USA
25005-H1810 MASK-TACHOMETER "DATSUN" [delete plate for dash]
Japan [[PB110]
25005-H1800 MASK-TACHOMETER ['Sunny'] [for dash]
25005-H3100 MASK ASS'Y-tachometer DX [for dash]
74990-H2600 MASK ASS'Y-clock [for console]
27380-H2701 CLOCK ASS'Y (for console box) GX (Op.) GL
27380-H2600 CLOCK ASS'Y GL, GX, (op.) DX
27380-H3300 CLOCK ASS'Y GL (Op.) DX


Clock blanking plate (mask)
27181.jpgAlbum 27181

See also: Console#Mask

Dash Mask for clock
26766.jpgAlbum 26766 26062.jpgAlbum 26062

H18 MASK-TACHOMETER "DATSUN" [delete plate for dash]
23442.jpgAlbum 23442 23443.jpgAlbum 23443 7952_545d60fae2e3d.jpgPost 461027

G16 Mask installed
8805_dash.jpg 7952_545d5fcb2e590.jpgPost 461027 7952_545d61afefddc.jpgPost 461027

95W 68460-95W00 MASK-CLOCK HOLE 9810- [no writing]
25965.jpgAlbum 25965


B140 Clock Mask 'NISSAN'
14515.jpgAlbum 14515


27115.jpgAlbum 27115

25005-H1000 MASK-clock 'S' 3 speed, VDT

23449.jpgAlbum 23449 23450.jpgAlbum 23450

27117.jpgAlbum 27117 27116.jpgAlbum 27116


Datsun 620 clock mask may also fit
620_1973.jpg th_Picture024b.jpg

時計 クロック

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