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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Nissan B140

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Category: B140

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Production stopped at the end of 2007 in the Rosslyn factory. As of March 2008, Nissan South Africa was still selling brand new B140 trucks. Previously they sold the Datsun 1200 pickup (B120), but in 1980 started selling a upgraded model with 1400cc engine -- the B140. It still has a carburetor and 12" tires. But now features a 5-speed transmission. In 2002 Februrary it had a minor remodel and then again 2005 January. The last updated features an oval Nissan grille emblem.



die kanniedood kruiwa

Nissan South Africa Web Site

1980 Datsun 1400
1982 Nissan 1400
1985 Raised roof

150.jpgAlbum 150

Total sales in South Africa (including B120 and B140): 275,000 per TopCar.

Model Codes
B140 Nissan Model No. for 1982-2007 1400
B01 1400 Champ
408 1400 Standard

Nissan Champ

The last one ever built - November 2007:
26704.jpgAlbum 26704 15562.jpgAlbum 15562

power assisted front discs...

The replacement model is reported to be a bakkie variant of the Romanian-designed Dacia, a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

Nissan 1400 Bakkie Memories on Facebook
22379.gifAlbum 22379

a bench seat for an extra passenger...


  • Question: since production of the 1400 bakkie has ceased, what does Nissan SA intend doing to ensure it has a strong contender in the half-ton/three-quarter ton segment?
  • Answer: Production ceased on this model due to new homologation regulations that came into effect in January 2008. However, there is sufficient stock to carry us until the replacement model - so if you are part of the many die-hard fans & customers for this legendary rear wheel drive workhorse, you still have a chance to get one...That in itself answered the question: Yes, we will have a replacement for this model and we believe our contender will be competitive. Our competitors are also reading these replies, so enough said for now...
Acceleration 16.22 sec (0-100 km/h)


Max Speed 146 (km/h) 

About 285,000 units had been assembled at the Rosslyn factory (per Sowetan 30 Jan 2008).

Smaller rear window than B120s (see B140_Model_Changes#Roof)
16308.jpgAlbum 16308

Model Codes

408: 1400 STD
B01: 1400 CHAMP

The Nissan LDV Bakkie

400px-Nissan_1400_B140_Bakkie.jpgWIKI click for photo 26694.jpgAlbum 26694

The Bakkie, as the ute or pickup truck is known in South Africa, is the last of the Datsun 1200s. "Bakkie" is a term applied to any brand pickup, although we like to think that the Nissan 1400 LDV is the best of the small bakkies. Sometimes it is called a 'van'. Built in Rosslyn.

In South Africa, June 1971 as the Datsun 1200 pickup launch price was R1295.

vintage photo

Note the white reflectors on the grille of South Africa-built Datsun 1200/Datsun 120Y.

According to the article Nissan's 'Champ of Africa' tops 250 000 units (June 4, 2003) from, the Datsun 1200 Bakkie was first produced in 1971, it changed to the Datsun 1400 bakkie in 1980, and became the Nissan 1400 in 1982.

In late 1985 the cab roof was raised by about 75mm.

How tough are these bakkie? Well, you can put them in a deep lake, winch it out, drain the engine and drive off. Article: Kiss of life for sunken Nissan 1400 bakkie (July 30, 2000)

"It started first time, and ran perfectly. "There's definitely no stopping this engine. You can't even drown it. I want to congratulate Nissan on manufacturing, in my opinion, the best vehicle available in South Africa today," Kruger said.


Chris [Snyders] says that the Datsun 1200 ute (called a 'bakkie' in South Africa) were produced in South Africa from 1971 onwards. The name was changed to 120Y in 1976, and they had a slight facelift in 1982, with the engine being swapped for an A14. reference: Martybug's Web site
See Main Article: 120Y bakkie

Earlier bakkies were A12-powered models.

Little bit of history from SA. the 1200 ute or bakkie like we call them were replaced with the 1400 from 1981 onward - same shape, the cab roof was extended +/- 3 inches from late '85 until now. The 1400 ute/bakkie still uses most of the same parts, Nissan SA changed the interior color a bit -it is grey now and the grill a lot squarer

Notice how the front part is the same as the Datsun 1200 -- same doors,fenders, hood, etc. Mainly the roof is different.
5753.jpgAlbum 5753

Heritage Edition


Out of 2007 production, 150 Champ models were specially fitted for 2008 sales.

* Tinted windows
* Numbered 'heritage edition' side decal replacing normal Champ decal
* Bullbar
* many special options available

174_589c2c7892d25.jpgPost 483812 174_589c2c7ede68c.jpgPost 483812 174_589c2c8493f1e.jpgPost 483812 174_589c2c8a8656e.jpgPost 483812 174_589c2c91e9b6d.jpgPost 483812 174_589c2c99117f1.jpgPost 483812 174_589c2ca2e79c8.jpgPost 483812

What is the heritage?
25900.jpgAlbum 25900
Globally Nissan has a longstanding heritage in the commercial vehicle market that dates back to 1932. The Nissan brand presence in the LCV market has been built over the last seven decades and today Nissan boasts the most comprehensive commercial vehicle line-up in South Africa.

The previous Nissan half-ton Bakkie is a living legend. Highly versatile and functional, it proved to be the most hardworking and affordable half-tonner on the market. The Nissan NP200 range picks up where its predecessor left off, and brings a youthful energy to the line-up.

Features of 1400 LDV

Nissan 1400 LDV

* Rubber-ended black bumpers
* Square headlights (1990-)
* raised roof (1986-)
* boosted brakes (1986-)
* Tyres 155SR12  
* Wheels Size/Type 4Jx12/Steel  
* Net Load Capacity 591 kg 
* (Champ) rev counter, bucket seats, spotlights
* optional air conditioning
* Sporty white-spoke wheels
* A14 engine
* Hitachi carburetor
* 5-speed overdrive transmission (FS5W60B)

The base model came with a bench seat - "sport" or "champ" model comes with nice little buckets and a fat little steering wheel

2007 Specs:
Base Price R 74,990.00 (incl VAT) * 
Cyl/capacity 4/1397 cm3 
Maximum Power 47 @ 6000 kW at r/min 
Maximum Torque 97 @ 2500 Nm at r/min 
Power To Mass Ratio 60.88 W/kg 
Gears/drive wheels 5/Rear wheel drive  
Acceleration 16.22 sec (0-100 km/h) 
Max Speed 146 (km/h) 
Tank Capacity 45 litre 
Ground Clearance 160 mm 
LoadBox 1518x1285x415

Champ Rev Counter
174_589e901cb017b.jpgPost 483841

B140 is a South-Africa only model. Why B140? I would be surprised if it was not because of the A14 engine. And to show it's newer than the B120. Car makers are not bound to follow previous tradition when it comes to names ... CCG says his is a 1976 "120Y ute".


The official name is 1400 LDV, for Light Duty Vehicle with 1400cc engine. "LDV" is used for small commercial trucks for all makes (Mazda, Toyota, etc).

Nissan 1400 LDV Champ

The Bakkie is also called the "Botsotso" after the South African Chief's soccer legend "Botsotso" Dladla. A direct translation of Botsotso is 'little short legged one'.


B140 Review from magazine article


What size Is the 1400 Bakkie?

The B140 is exactly the same size as the Datsun 1200, but with an integral pickup bed instead of a back seat (a coupe utility).

Compare it to an XY Ford Falcon:
Andy's Web site
NissanwithB140aBig.jpg NissanwithB140bBig.jpg


* 2008 Bakkie#Options
* B140 Colours
* 2006 Specifications


Eddy RatDat's South Africa Truck restoration
Details on Ratdat's web site
Ratdat B140 article
mta429w.jpg mta429w-1.jpg

Turbo bakkie:
See Main Article: Bones

Blitzen Bakkie - 300 kph
nevz1.jpg nevs2.jpg nevs3.jpg

<clive ccg BigBlue07 1200GXman ruda supervan Nissan1400Bakkie Widget cbr >


See Main Article: B140 style

12708.jpgAlbum 12708


Putting a canopy on the B140 is very popular.

See Main Article: Canopy


More Details



The Auto Mall
1400bakkielarge.jpg Forums

Buy parts new from Nissan South Africa, Ship to USA or AU or NZ. Search by part number.

I've bought 2 shipments of parts through nissan ZA over the internet ... $100 worth of parts cost $200 as the banks charge like nothing else to transfer money, then the government puts a 30% duty on top + 25% GST on top of that ...

Parts discussion: Bakkie crossmember


Part: 32010-G1550
Price: R20297.98 = USD$2,707.95

Picture: 9B4.gif

4-speed B140s and 5-speeds interchange. 4-speed models used the 56a transmission, which uses a different rear crossmember.

Marty's pics
bakkiecab.jpg bakkie.jpg

According to Nissan Global, the B120 was made from Feb 1970 to 1986. The B122 was made from Nov 1986 until 1994.

FS5W60B Transmission Gear Ratios (compare to other 5-speeds)

Still the champion of Africa - newspaper article article at AutoWorld South Africa

In the Bush

Datsun 1400

From 1980 to 1982, the 1400 was labeled as a Datsun.

11688_49e715f6e63b9.jpgPost 251121

verao%20viseu%202005%20014-.jpg verao%20viseu%202005%20014.jpg verao%20viseu%202005%20002.jpg

The B140 can easily haul two full oil barrels
verao%20viseu%202005%20015.jpg verao%20viseu%202005%20018.jpg


Total sales in South Africa (including B120 and B140): 275,000
Nissan South Africa MIDP
Nissan 1400
Productn  Export (mainly to SADC countries)
1995 9411 379
1996 8396 700
1997 4913 256
1998 5767 185
1999 6144 130
2000 7049 285
2001 7333 367
2002 7399 374
2003 8364 441
2004 9274 409
2005 9055 349
2006 9800 297
2007 8494 471
2008 5312 591

Small numbers of exports were made to various countries in Africa, including Kenya.

Photo Index

See B140 Photo Index 

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