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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Cluster Gauge

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Electrical System

The cluster gauge is the combination meter in the dashboard, consisting of the Speedometer, Fuel Gauge, Temperature Gauge and the dash lamps including Turn Signals.



The cluster lid is the facia plate that hold the gauges and switches.

24073.jpgAlbum 24073 8400.jpgAlbum 8400

Technically, the combo meter is the "cluster gauge", but in practice the entire unit including the speedometer is called the "cluster".

21619.jpgAlbum 21619

Cluster gauge has these components:

* Temperature Gauge
* Fuel Gauge
* Cluster Lid Shadow Mask, which has these lamp masks:
  * OIL (red warning)
  * BEAM (blue indicator)
  * CHG (red warning)
  * BRAKE (red warning) [on USA 1200s and newer utes, blank on others]
* 25014-H18000 ASS'Y-PLATE-shadow
  21617.jpgAlbum 21617

Indicators Bulbs are this kind. For more details, see Bulbs
24410.jpgAlbum 24410


The gauge is earthed (grounded) by the large tab at the bottom. This means the gauges won't work properly until bolted in place. For testing, an earth wire can be attached.

26086.jpgAlbum 26086

The cluster is earthed/grounded via a tab


See main article: Instrument Panel Wiring



* Retangular Gauges (Kaku Meter)
* Round Gauges (Maru Meter) 

Kaku vs Maru gauges
25787.jpgAlbum 25787

Old VS New Styles

* Original Style: Labels written next to lamps
* New Style: Labels written on lamps, double-line Temp Gauge



3100.jpgAlbum 3100

Old Style: warning lamps have no labels (labels are on the mask plate):
21615.jpgAlbum 21615

New Style: larger warning lamps, with the labels on the lenses
21614.jpgAlbum 21614

New Style can be ID'd by the doubled temperature lines
26218.jpgAlbum 26218

Original Style with single temperature lines
21618.jpgAlbum 21618


21613.jpgAlbum 21613

  • North American Market: has extra warning lamp marked BRAKE (see details below)
  • non-USA, one lamp shadow is unlabeled
  • 1975-up ute with larger warning lamps

Japan market: no label on the mask for BRAKE
11440.jpgAlbum 11440

Late Ute: New larger warning lamps, with the labels on the lense
21620.jpgAlbum 21620
Also has BRAKE lamp

Non-USA: No BRAKE lamp
15621.jpgAlbum 15621

JDM metric with color-coded Speedometer
26341.jpgAlbum 26341

Red wire clip is for the Clock lamps
26342.jpgAlbum 26342

Sunny Truck cluster round gauge (1978-up). Note speed buzzer on the back.
std.jpg std_.jpg


Facelift gauges use the new font and new plastic anti-glare covers (instead of flat glass).
18701.jpgAlbum 18701 174_5d61ac9d711d0.jpgPost 492370

25012-H3300 COVER ASSY-front (for clock)
25012-H3400 COVER ASST-front (for tachometer)

Clock with Cover

This cover (source unknown) does not fit the tachometer
meter_cover-3.jpg meter_cover-1.jpg meter_cover-2.jpg

Tachometer using flat-plastic cover also fits the cluster lid
26343.jpgAlbum 26343

Gauges have long-reach brackets, and indicator lamps are moved to the Cluster Lid
26344.jpgAlbum 26344

Note high-mounted indicator lamps

Japan GX 180kph speedometer with Speed Buzzer
cluster-a.jpg cluster-b.jpg clusterc.jpg

Brake Lamp

The BRAKE lamp on the dash was used for:

* "Hand Brake is on" reminder (North America and Japan)
* Brake pressure warning switch (North America)

Japan square gauge: a brake lamp was fitted to the cluster lid of Deluxe models.
26046.jpgAlbum 26046

USA: The brake lamp was fitted to all 1970-1973 North America 1200s per US federal law.

Japan Round gauge: A brake "warning" lamp was added October 1975. Prior to this the cluster gauge had a blank spot.
174_4b9cac5a7b3af.jpgUpload click to view

Also see: Brake Wiring

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 11 ... ):

29357.jpg   29362.jpg


If either half of the dual brake system fails, the brake warning light (BRAKE) glows when brakes are applied. You must stop the car immediately and if you can safely operate with two-wheel brakes, move your car at reduced speed to the nearest service station.

This warning light is also used as the parking brake warning light.

Before starting, if the warning light does not glow when the parking brake and ignition switch are on, have the electrical system checked.
Also See:
* Brake pressure warning switch
* "Hand Brake is on" reminder


B110 Datsun 1200/1400
B120 Datsun 1200 Pickup
620 Datsun Truck
Datsun 1200AX Sado
C20 Sunny Cab/Cherry Cab
174_564fda30ba43e.jpgPost 473881
1976-1981 Nissan C340 Caball/Clipper
174_564fa517e204d.jpgPost 473874


Datsun 620 pickup uses a 1200-sourced cluster gauge. It used plastic spacers to set back from the cluster lid as the 620 had a slanted instrument panel.

USA pictured. See

1973(?) - B110 GX Facelift style, blue & red speed switch wires
IMG_1436.jpg IMG_1437.jpg IMG_1440.jpg IMG_1441.jpg

1976(?) - Late style, blue wire speed sensor, no Lamp feed, single IGN feed
IMG_1438.jpg IMG_1439.jpg IMG_1442.jpg IMG_1443.jpg

1978 - Dual-scale mph/kph, no speed sensor, no Lamp feed
IMG_1399.jpg IMG_1398.jpg

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