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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Datsun 1200 S1

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Models and Features

The Datsun 1200 S1 2-door sedan was an offering in Portugal. The importer, Entreposto, had modified them for sale. They were fully equipped by Entreposto Comercial (part of Grupo Entroposto). They are fitted with Movauto plates.



Datsun of Portugal created and sold the S1 2-dr Sedan.

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The S1 came with upgraded engine, wide wheels and special badges and stripe. Inside it came with a Sport steering wheel and special console.

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Reportedly, at the special request of the owner of Entreposto, a single orange S1 4-door was created. This may have been the prototype of the 1972 #Rally Version 1200.


The S1 included:

* Yazaki gauges: Tachometer, oil pressure and ammeter
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* Center console and Sport driving steering wheel by De Moura
* Black tunnel carpet
* Different front grill, painted black and without the center Datsun badge
* {{Badges#Datsun_1200_S1|'DATSUN' grille badge]] from the Datsun 510
* Cibié Fog Lamps 
  48.JPGAlbum click to view
* S1 badge on grille

25515.jpgAlbum click to view 3670713439_71c1c863ea_o.jpg

* S1 símbolo on rear, fitted to left of the right taillight
  47.JPGAlbum click to view
* 'DATSUN' tape stripe
  46.JPGAlbum click to view
* Modified guards flares (so enlarged wHeels will not hit the body)
* Widened 12" steel wheels and 175/70R12 tyres
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* Two extra leafs in each rear Leaf Spring

restaurodatsun2007012vu1.jpg datsun009iw2.jpg

* A12 engine with Red ignition Coil and 75 HP rating
* Dual valve springs with corresponding spring seats
* Free flow competition exhaust system
* Head work (increased compression)
* single carburetor

Rally Version

Rally was similar to S1. Rally was 1972 only, and came in orange. It commemorated the national championship Datsun rally victory. Like the S1 it had the wide wheels, but they were color-matched to the body color. It used the S1 engine. Cibie Oscar fog lamps were fitted.
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The console was a two-gauge version and used Smith gauges for Water Temperature and Oil Pressure.
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Photo Index

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An S1 in rear of photo taken during the Carnation Revolution of 1974
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