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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

EI Wiring

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Engine Electrical System | Ignition Modifications

Datsun Electronic Ignition distributors have two wires just like a points distributor so they are very easy to wire up.



Connect them as follows:

  • Black/White wire to 12V ignition circuit -- the POSITIVE coil connector for an EI Coil. Or the POSITIVE side of the ballast resistor if you haven't got the EI coil yet. The distributor control unit needs a full 12V
  • Blue wire to NEGATIVE coil connector

With Points Coil

CAUTION: If you are still running the stock 1200 coil, or a Bosch GT40R coil, these are low-energy 12V coils. But the EI distributor needs a full 12V -- so get the appropriate Nissan coil that matches your ignition system.

So connect to the POSITIVE side of the resistor, not to the COIL POS, which won't see 12V during normal operation. If you engine will start, catch for a moment but die when you release the starter, this is likely your problem.

Stock wiring harness. Connect the dizzy wires as shown.
23408.jpgAlbum 23408

With EI Coil

If you have fitted the Datsun 12V EI Coil (high-energy coil), add a jumper wire as shown in red:
23409.jpgAlbum 23409

With an EI Coil, you may eliminate the resistor for a cleaner install. Connect all the wires together at the coil POS terminal.
23998.jpgAlbum 23998

Wire Color Notes

The A-series wiring colours mentioned are from a 1980 Sunny:

  • W: The original white wire which connects from the negative side of the coil to the points is not used and can be removed
  • The black wire from the tab on the vacuum diaphragm can also be left off. An optional condensor connects here to reduce radio interference.
  • The same applies to the black wire from the positive side of the coil to the body via a capacitor (condensor).

Most EI distributors use a BW (black with white stripe) wire and L (blue) wire. If you can, get the coil wiring with the coil. 

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