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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Suspension Modifications | Lowering

Lowering the car makes it handle. And it looks cool. One way to lower the rear is to add another spring to your rear leaf spring pack and reverse one onto the top of the pack, while flipping it. This should lower and stiffen the rear end slightly.

Main: Lowering


Flipping the middle leaf makes the stiffer spring pack and lessens the spring camber so the vehicle sits lower.

Flipped vs Normal
6437.jpgAlbum 6437 12482.jpgAlbum 12482

Result is thus (see POST post)
6438.jpgAlbum 6438


A vice or G-clamps (C-Clamps) does a good job. Use a rod through the bolt hole of all the leaves to make sure they stay straight and you can get the bolt back through when your done.

We accept no responsibility for damage to your self, others personally or property. YOU take the risk of working on your car and should follow all safe and accepted work practices.

Flipped Overload -- using the short leaf of a wagon or ute -- is not the normal procedure, but has been used before. Usually the 2nd (long leaf) is flipped.
10020.jpgAlbum 10020


To flip the rear leaf springs:

  1. up the car, take off the wheels
    18673.jpgAlbum 18673
    Make sure you use axle stands on the rear chasis and another pair on the rear axle assembly so it doesnt drop to the ground.
  2. Unbolt the U bolts from the rear axle, spring pack and then un bolt the front 3 mounts for the leaves. Unbolt the rear bolts and remove the spring pack
    18674.jpgAlbum 18674
  3. Now using G clamps, compress the spring pack and unbolt the center locating bolt. Then slowly undo G clamps releasing the spring pack to individual leaves
    18675.jpgAlbum 18675
  4. Bend the leaf-retainers out of the way, just enough to clear the leaves. These hold the leafs from moving side to side.
  5. Flip the 2nd bottom spring onto the top of the pack and added another longer 2nd bottom leaf. In a ute pack flip the 2nd longest one on the top should lower it a bit over one inch. If using sedan leaves just flip middle one on the top.
    18676.jpgAlbum 18676
  6. Using a long screw driver through the center locating holes, loosely repacking them then doing them up tight and slowly with the G clamps again till completely compressed. USe the screw driver tho keep the leaves aligned. Once compressed, re insert the center securing bolt and tighten.
    18677.jpgAlbum 18677
  7. Using a hard plastic mallet, smack the side-retainers back into place.
  8. Re-installation is reverse procedure of removal
    18678.jpgAlbum 18678 

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