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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

GX5 Badges

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body

The GX5 emblems were only fitted to 5-speed 1200s (GX-5 model), which were only available in 1972, and only in the Japan market.



The same badges are used by GX5 Sedan and GX5 Coupe.

Sedan | Coupe
26083.jpgAlbum 26083 865.jpgAlbum 865


GX5 boot and grille badges look very similar, but differ on the back side.

  • Grille badges have threaded studs on them, for fastening through the grille
  • Boot badges have two pins, for pushing into the body panel

Grille | Boot
62330-H7225.jpg 25659.jpgAlbum 25659

Grille | Boot
62330-H7225-2.jpg GX5_boot_obverse.jpg


62330-H7225 EMBLEM SET-radiator grille "GX 5 SPEED" COUPE, SEDAN
1536.jpgAlbum 1536 62330-H7225.jpg 62330-H7225-1.jpg 62330-H7225-2.jpg 62330-H7225-3.jpg 2968.jpgAlbum 2968 26761.jpgAlbum 26761

18380.jpgAlbum 18380


84823-H7200 Boot badge has two pins on reverse
25659.jpgAlbum 25659 GX5_boot_obverse.jpg


Sedan - left side trunk lid | Coupe - right side trunk lid
26084.jpgAlbum 26084 J5875_2.jpg

Sticky can be used if the pins are broken off
sumack007-img600x450-1432726829gexnwe5013.jpg sumack007-img600x450-14327268294rswbm5013.jpg sumack007-img600x450-1432726829dz5irv5013.jpg

sayusana0619-img600x450-1433180263ypegm212393.jpg sayusana0619-img600x450-1433180264s9payb12393.jpg sayusana0619-img600x450-1433180263peni9o12393.jpg

Cast marks '84823' and 'XXXX'
26762.jpgAlbum 26762 600x450-2015042100008.jpg


Reproduction (buy at Bprojects). This is a fairly good repro (silver background differs from original). Some are poorly made and have the wrong colors.


NOT 1200: This is early 610 84821-U1200 MARK-trunk lid '5-SPEED'

エンブレム バッジ マーク 

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